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More than friends

This one goes out to @buckyshattergirl. ik hoop dat het helpt :) 

You didn’t get to see your best friends all that often. With their busy filming schedules, they hardly ever had time to spare for you. Understanding as you were, you always just settled with facetime-ing and messaging a lot. Little did you know, that they had planned a surprise visit, determined to mess up any plans you made for a week, and make you hang out with them.

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A Single Touch of Jealousy

rating: T

The responsibilities of a Paladin of Voltron were, surprisingly, few by the contrast of the Princess of Altea. Simple matters of diplomatic involvement, enforcing peace and fighting the injustice and tyrannies of Zarkon’s forces, the more one thought of it–they were no more than glorified space bodyguards.

Had Lance not mentioned this one day after a particularly exhausting diplomatic meeting with the leaders of a triad planetary system, Shiro would’ve never given it much thought.

It didn’t bother him, though, Shiro thought. A responsibility was just that, be it unwillingly taken or divinely given (as far as divine intervention goes). It didn’t bother him…

It shouldn’t bother him.

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Cupid's Chokehold (cupid! jeongguk x reader)

So I wrote this as a Valentine’s day present for the lovely @versigny and she kindly asked me to post it, and even volunteered to read through and edit my dumb grammar mistakes, she also titled it! Hope whoever reads it enjoys it *nervous laughter*

Genres/Warnings: Angst, Fluff, Two Alternate Endings, Break-ups, Lil Clueless Jeongguk


He stood still in the streets,
bow and arrow in arm.
He made strangers fall in love,
patching up broken hearts
while breaking them more.

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The Pizza Man

Request: Can you do one where Reid starts flirting with an intern and readers gets all sad jealous and then admits her feelings to Reid

 A/N: I quite like how this one turned out, which means you’ll probably hate it haha

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EXID reaction to a heated makeout session with you

Originally posted by levators

Hani’s lips were so perfectly swollen after you’d continuously kissed, sucked and bit on them. You couldn’t put a word to what you were feeling when you looked at them. You just knew that you wanted more.
“What are you staring at?” Hani asked, concerned. “Is there something on my face?”
You chuckled and stroked her cheek, pressing a soft kiss on her forehead.
“You’re just beautiful,” you said, making her blush. Hani smiled and with a quick glance at your lips she pressed a soft kiss on them. You couldn’t stop yourself from smiling at the feeling. Your smile quickly faded though, when Hani added tongue to the kiss. She felt your lips, your teeth, she felt everything she possibly could. Your breaths grew heavy and your hands were looking for something to hold onto as she nearly made you fall over with the kiss. Eventually Hani slowed down, leaving gentle pecks on the corners of your mouth. She pulled away, looking at everything but you with her cheeks flushed red.
“So beautiful,” you choked out, forcing her to look at you and kissed her one more time.

Originally posted by ahyeahi

LE tried to keep her hands to herself, but just one look at you as you walked out of your bedroom, your make up on point and the dress you’d picked hugging you from just the right places and she couldn’t be stopped. The lipstick you’d so carefully applied was all over your face now and your hair was a complete mess.
“And how do you expect me to go out if I look like this?” you asked her, a smile on your face. LE shrugged goofily.
“We could always order takeout?” she offered, wincing the look you gave her. “It’s not like all your effort will go to waste. You still look hot as hell and, well, we could always take some pictures if you want it to last.” 
You had to think about that. Photos don’t sound like a bad idea at all.
“Pictures, huh?” you said, your voice dropping to a lower tone. LE gulped when you let one of the shoulder straps of your dress fall down.
“Just what kind of pictures are you talking about?”

Originally posted by solj2

Solji had been very clear on what you were and were not allowed to touch when you wanted to kiss her in public places. First off, her hair was off limits. Secondly, so were her lips if she had lipstick on. Third, you were absolutely not to leave any kinds of marks on her. Ever. So when you defied all three of her rules, in a public bathroom of all places, you thought she’d be furious. Instead, she’d just moaned louder when you left a love bite the size of your palm on her neck.
“You’re going to pay for this later,” Solji said, her words turning into a groan when you grabbed her breast beneath her shirt.
“I know,” you hummed.
“Possibly painfully.”
“I hope so,” you said, chuckling when Solji let out a whimper. She stopped threatening you when you threw her shirt over her shoulders and into the sink, followed by her bra.
“You think we should move into a stall?” Solji said, her voice husky with desire.

Originally posted by levators

Hyerin loved the feeling of your lips on hers. She loved it almost more than anything else and she would easily waste all day kissing you if she could. She enjoyed the small pecks, the french kisses, she loved it all to bits. It really didn’t come as a surprise that it had in fact been two hours since you’d sat down on the couch just to watch tv, but had ended up being cuddling, which had then turned into kissing, which had then turned into groping.
“We missed both of the shows we were supposed to watch,” Hyerin said, glancing at the clock on her phone.
“Really?” you said as your head shot up. “Has it been that long?” 
Hyerin nodded, her fingers going up and down your sides. 
“Do you mind?” Hyerin asked, her hands sliding lower and lower until she could reach the hem of your skirt so she could hike it up, exposing your underwear-free ass.
“Not really.”

Originally posted by g-odfriend

Junghwa was sitting in your lap, gasping for breath. Her eyes were closed and her forehead was pressed against yours. She bit her lower lip gently, looking up at you with darkened eyes.
“Why do you have to be such a good kisser?” she asked you, poking your nose. 
“I learn from the best,” you replied. Junghwa snorted and pushed her hips harder down on you.
“You bet you do,” she said, slipping her hands under your shirt. She unhooked your bra and lifted the shirt so she could kiss your breasts all over, purposely avoiding your nipples. You arched your back into her, forcing her to stop making a hickey and remove her mouth from your chest for a second because she couldn’t stop herself from grinning.
“Say the magic word,” she mumbled, pressing a kiss right next to the sensitive nub.
“Please,” you groaned. Junghwa ran her tongue all the way from under your breast to the top of it, effectively getting a loud moan out of you.
“That’s more like it.”

Of Course I Did ~ Barry Allen

Request: Part 2 of “I Know What You Did Last Summer” 

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1742

Author’s Note: There were so many requests for a part 2 and I’m so glad that you liked it. This ended super fluffy because the last part ended so sad and angsty. 

You felt as if the color was drained out of your world when Barry broke up with you. You were trapped in white noise and no one could pull you out. You have felt this way even since the night Barry vanished from his own lab. 

You returned that night to your apartment to discover all of Barry’s things were gone. His drawers were empty, his toothbrush was gone, and even his S.T.A.R. Labs sweatshirt you always stole. 

You knew that Barry wasn’t going to come back, and there was nothing you could do to change that. 

You were a mess, to say the least. You barely bothered with makeup because you didn’t have any that wasn’t waterproof, and there was no one to look good for. 

You hadn’t slept in weeks because you weren’t used to sleeping alone anymore. The bed was too empty and too cold for you to get comfortable. You longed for Barry’s warm arms to wrap around you.

You didn’t leave your house unless it was to go to work or something else mandatory. Every place you went, you went with him. You didn’t want to chance running into Barry, it would be too hard.

 Although you couldn’t avoid the moments when you saw a red streak pass you on you walk home. You didn’t know if it was intentional or not, but it still made your heart ache. 

Your heart was broken and you didn’t know if it was ever going to mend. 

Barry wasn’t much better off. He moved in with Joe after the break up. Barry was glad that neither Joe nor the others asked many questions. Although it didn’t take much for them to figure it out. 

Anyone who looked at Barry could tell that he wasn’t okay. His eyes were red rimmed and bloodshot, he was paler than usual, and that little spark in his eyes was dulled. Yet, Barry kept insisting he was fine. 

He threw himself into his work, both at the CCPD and as the Flash. If he wasn’t analyzing DNA, he was putting away bad guys. He did this on a loop until he was too tired to continue, because he didn’t know how to sleep alone either. 

Tonight was just like any night. Your plan was to walk home from work, and then binge watch an entire season of whatever interested you. There wasn’t much else to do. 

Losing Barry also meant losing the friends that you made because of him. You had been in a relationship with Barry for two years, and it was hard not to grow close with Iris, Caitlin, and Cisco.

If you had broken up under different terms, you were certain you all would have stayed friends. That wasn’t the case. You broke Barry’s heart, so you didn’t deserve their friendship.

You understood, they had to stand by Barry. Not that Barry would ever want them to pick sides. He wasn’t like that, which just made him more perfect, and you more of a bitch.

The few other friends that you had, you dropped because of what happened that night. They let you get plastered and walk away with that guy without a second look. Not that you were blaming them, you were the one that made the decision. 

You just wanted to surround yourself with people who wanted better for you. Still, no friends, meant no plans to get Barry off of your mind. So you quickly befriended Netflix. 

You took this route home dozens of times. The only different variable is that you were walking alone and you had stayed late. Usually Barry would have picked you up and ran you home. 

That might have resulted in your top being burned off, but hey, talk about killing two birds with one stone. 

Tonight you came face to face with Leonard Snart’s cold gun. “Come with me willingly and I won’t have to use this on you.” Snart says, pulling you along the street. 

Barry was constantly at war with himself for breaking up with you. He constantly scolded himself for the way he left things with you. Barry made a promise to himself when you first got together, that if you broke up, it would be amicably. The way it happened was far from it. 

He never saw you at Jitters or any of you other hangouts which had him very concerned. Like it or not, he couldn’t just not love you. So, he would never admit to this, but he checked on you to see if you were okay. 

It was nothing much, just passing you by on the street once. Seeing your face made his chest feel heavy, and the one time thing turned into a daily occurrence. 

Now his battle was not smashing his lips against yours every time he saw you. 

Barry decided that he couldn’t stand not being with you any longer. There was too much history and too much possibility of a future together to let one mistake ruin everything. 

So, Barry decided to go to your place, state his case, and kiss the life out of you. He got there and readied his ‘I want to get back together’ speech, but you never answered the door. 

Barry’s cell lit up with your contact photo on it. “Y/N, hey.” Barry greets, relief in his voice. “Not exactly.” Snart says, amusement in his own. 

Barry’s face immediately turns from one of his big smiles to an expression of pure rage. “What did you do with her?” Barry asks, his empty hand clenched into a fist. 

“Nothing yet, Flash. But that might change if you don’t hurry up. Give me the fight that I want and no harm will come to her. I’m sure you have the resources to track this phone.” Snart states confidently. “If you hurt her I swear-” Barry starts, but is cut off by Snart. 

“You’ll what? We all know you don’t have the guts to kill anyone.” Snart says. “That might change.” Barry replies, venom laced in every word. 

“You have one hour before it won’t be just you giving your girlfriend the cold shoulder.” Snart threatens, and hangs up the phone. 

You look up at him from the chair that you are tied to. “You do realize I’m the last person he would come here for, right?” You question.

“And why would you think that?” Snart asks. “Maybe you haven’t gotten the memo, but the Flash is back on the market. Free to date all of the female vigilantes and damsels in distress that he desires. I’m a thing of the past. He doesn’t care about me.” You answer, with a wicked smile. 

“We’ll just have to see about that.” Snart replies. 

After 20 minutes of waiting, there is still no sign of Barry. Not that you expected there to be. The waiting was killing you more than the cold gun ever would, well that wasn’t entirely true, but you liked phrasing things on the dramatic side. 

20 minutes turned into 60 and with the exception of you an Snart, no one was there. You expected as much. “He’s not here, so either let me go, or kill me.” You say. 

“I have to say, I expected more from our Scarlet Speedster. I guess he wasn’t as chivalrous as we thought. But I am a man of my word, and I have to go through with my threats. I truly am sorry that I have to kill you.” Snart says. 

“Just get it over with.” You reply. “Since you asked so nicely.” Snart responds, raising his cold gun. You snap you eyes shut tight and wait for it to be overtaken by the cold. 

Instead of feeling body numbing coldness, you feel a small gust a wind. I then hear a bang and open my eyes. The noise was Snart’s cold gun hitting the ground, along with an unconscious Snart. 

Stand above him is a man clad in red leather with a lighting symbol on his chest. He is shaking his hand out like he hurt it from punching Snart so hard. “You came for me.” You say. “Of course I did.” Barry replies, taking off his mask. 

He unties the ropes around your wrists. He pulls you into one of his warm hugs. “Sorry that I’m a little late.” Barry says. “I would expect nothing less from you.” You state, reluctantly pulling away from his embrace. 

“The real reason I was late was because I needed him distracted.” Barry explains. “So, the best distraction was trying to shoot me in the face? Okay, I’ll think about that next time.” You joke. 

“Next time?” Barry asks. “Oh sorry. All it took was one hug to fall back into old habits. I just assumed, but this was a one time thing.” You say, disappointment apparent in your voice.

“No! Nothing like that at all. I want there to be a next time. I want there to be a million next times. Y/N, I still love you. I don’t think I ever stopped.” Barry confesses. “I love you too.” You reply. 

You pull Barry down by the neck into a long awaited kiss. Its a hungry kiss that proves how much you really missed each other. Lips collide, teeth clash, and everything is perfect, until you hear a groan. 

This groan is neither your nor Barry’s, it’s Snart’s because he’s waking up. You now remember that you’re in a warehouse and not in the comfort of your own home. 

“I should take care of him.” Barry whispers, against your lips. “You better come back this time.” You reply. Barry just winks at you and disappears. You don’t end up waiting for long. 

Soon you are swept up off your feet and brought back home. “Thanks for saving my life today.” You say. “If I didn’t, who else would I cuddle?” Barry jokes. 

You roll your eyes at him. “Speaking of cuddles, I’m in desperate need of some. I might die without them. Please save me, Flash.” You exaggerate, pretending to faint. 

Barry just chuckles and picks you up in his arms. He speeds you to the bed and covers you both in blankets. Barry then wraps his arms around you and puts his head in the crook of your neck. 

After a few minutes of laying peacefully, Barry’s eyes get heavy. “I missed this.” Barry says, but you had already fallen asleep. 

In a Land of Broken Stars

For goldcaught, whose been not so subtly asking for this for months. Hope you like it.

He found her in his garden.

In a thousand years, New Orleans had felt the most like home. A city that entombed it’s dead, with its salt water smell and the touch of magic and religion. He’d known death - carried its weight, the iron teeth and power of it in his bones. Death was his keeper, the old and true friend who stood in his shadow. He’d walked with her through the catacombs of Paris, witnessed the horrors of Rome, laughed in the face of the English wars.

Death which had broken his cursed bonds to the mortal wheel, who gave him a monster’s choice. Greedy for life, he took it. A king was a king, regardless of a kingdom. So he carved his subjects from the damned, shaped a shadow world against the hot blade of modern religion, the slow grind if the faithless and watched the stories in the stars.

But Klaus loved her.

This golden goddess, with her tumbling curls and defiant eyes. The creature he longed for through all his endless days, those nameless years he walked in this new flesh, the taste of old blood on his tongue. Here she stood, in the garden he’d built for her - the memory of another shared garden at the beginning of his world hot beneath his feet.

Her face had changed - the slope of her nose and the sharpness of her cheekbones, the curve of her mouth. But her eyes… the blue was the same, but more importantly was the expression, the defiance and demand. Klaus was unable to move, feet planted like one of her trees. He was rooted, frozen under the blue of the sky and the shadowed waters of the seas.

“So it is you.” Her words were jagged, for all her hardness, there was wildness bleeding into her gaze. Klaus knew that look. Had seen it before, when her tongue tasted of pomegranates and later, when she demanded her crown as his equal. This child of sunshine and spring, in his land of death and shades.

“Yes,” Klaus breathed, finally moving his feet of lead. She shifted back, the move so small another would’ve miss it. He ignored it, hands and lips desperate for her. “I’ve spent a millennium hunting for any echo of your soul and here you stand.”

She lifted her palm, staring at him with feral eyes. “A millennium? And where have you been, husband, that you only know a thousand years?”

“Bound to the wheel,” Klaus told her, gaze narrowed. “I suffered through lifetimes of morality, or did you fall unknowing of the gift our kin left me?”

Darkness crawled across the shining vestige of her face, blackened the eyes he knew - the punch of old power, weak but lingering as she bared the sharp points of her fangs. His lungs stilled, arousal a hot fist in his gut.

“Do not speak to me of sacrifice,” she snarled before turning on her heel, striding away from him on shapely legs he longed to trace, to learn. Catalogue all the little differences the shade of mortality had carved along her flesh. “You left me.”

“When did you fall?” Klaus demanded, following her further from the house, the stares he could feel from the family he’d carved into being. The survivors of their mother’s insanity, their father’s cruelty.

“I did not fall,” was the cold response. “I stood in our river, watched our kingdom empty of souls and took the promise offered me. I have walked this world for time beyond counting, until the stars themselves have changed and I have looked. I took death’s malady for a single hope and now…”

It took three strides to catch her shoulders beneath his palm, to sear the feel of her against the bone and muscles. Clumsy mortality might be, but stubborn. She snarled as he spun her, hair wild around her defiant face.

“Now what?” Klaus demanded.

“It appears you did not need me so much after all.”

Klaus laughed, hands tightening with bruising force. She struggled, but he would not let her go. His little Queen, his Spring Goddess. “I stole you from beneath the nose of your kin, forced a compromise between gods to keep you and you think a thousand years, a change of flesh would do more than make things interesting? You are mine.”

She bared sharp teeth and he matched her with his monster, the double gift of wolf and death. That startled her, the gold in his eyes. His smile widened. “Death is a possessive mistress, an ageless friend. Do you think she forgot your sacrifice, the love of her subjects? Do you imagine that she would let something like the folly of the gods interfere with her plans?”

Slowly, brows bunched in a familiar yet new expression, she touched the curve of his lips. Traced the double edge of his fangs. “What are you?”

“Hybrid,” Klaus said softly, unwilling to startle her out of this softening. “A nightmare.”

She snorted, darkness fading from her eyes. “Whose?”

He brought one cool palm to his lips, breathed in the scent of her skin. “Not yours.”

Her eyes shuttered, but he tightened his grip. “Will you give me a name?”

Her lips purse, lashes flickering, “Caroline.”

“I’m Klaus.”

“I know,” she murmured. She stared up at him, bottom lip sliding between her teeth. Everything he wanted. Here. It was clear that this wouldn’t be an easy reunion, but when had they slotted smoothly? They were gods reborn as monsters, the old power lingering in her in a way it never would for him - he who was stripped of his divinity, bound to mortality as a sacrifice.

His Queen had chosen him. Abandoned her kin, walked the earth alone. She carried the same seeds of malady in her veins and chosen solitude. He knew there had been no others who carried death in the world, he would have felt them when he awoke. King of the Damned, he knew each of his subjects, felt the coldness of their souls.

But not hers.

“You hid.”

“I hide from nothing,” Caroline rejected, voice layering in frost. “Especially from you.”

“Then kiss me.”

Blue eyes flashed to his, met the challenge there. “Why?”

“I built this garden for you,” Klaus told her. He let go of her palm, cupped her newly beloved face. “In each of my homes, a garden blooms for you - but this is my favorite. Do you remember the shape of it, the way it cut through my loneliness each season you left my world barren? Those little sparks of power you left me in my cold kingdom?”

Her eyes shimmered, mouth softening. “Yes.”

“Kiss me.”

Her lips trembled, breath catching in her throat. But Caroline was correct, she’d never hid. So, hands cool against his beard, eyes and chin stubborn, she slid her lips lightly across his.

The world shifted under his feet - a thousand years of waiting burning through his blood. Hands sliding down her throat, he leaned in and demanded more. Her lips parted, tongue a slick slid against his - she tasted golden, the long lost burn of ambrosia on his tongue. A moan, his or hers, it didn’t matter. Klaus was lost, tugged her close and tight, desperate.

Hands in his hair, Caroline trembled as they both went to the rich earth, hands and bodies desperate. He gave and gave, desperate for everything she’d offer. Her mouth was greedy and desperate and when she broke apart in his arms, he kissed away the pale streaks of tears.

“I want revenge.”

Klaus lifted his head from her naked breast, looked at Caroline with her red lips and flushed cheeks, war behind her eyes. “Love?”

Her hands cupped his face. “They took you from me.”

“They erased you from the stars.”

She laughed, the sound low and husky, body relaxing into the earth. He wondered if she knew how closely the earth still followed her, trees and flowers, bending towards her. “I abandoned them. What star could possibly hold more than you?”

He closed his eyes, bent his head, body trembling. She stroked his cheeks, thumbs a soft temptation. “Did you think I would not choose you?”

“I could not find you,” Klaus ground out. He lifted his gaze, met hers. Let the bloody truth of what he’d become sharpen his face. “A thousand years, Caroline. No prayer, no shrine, no bloody carnage left me a clue.”

“I will not apologize,” Caroline told him imperiously, but then her teeth caught her lip and she swallowed. “I had not heard of you, the rumors of your monsters until recently.”

“I was not subtle.”

“I preferred solitude.”

“You’ll show me, these places in the world you call ours,” Klaus said firmly.

“They are mine and I will consider it,” Caroline returned but she smiled, a brilliant thing of sunshine and laughter.

Voices carried from the house and Caroline stilled, gaze flickering over his shoulder. Not from shyness at their nakedness, but from possessiveness.

His cock twitched, body burning for this slight girl and her golden tongue. Caroline carried a possessive soul, a defiant and burning mind, softened only by her sunshine heart. He would never let her go. Had known it the minute their gaze had caught eons before.

“They are related through my human flesh,” Klaus told her, kissing the soft skin of her shoulder. “The first to share death’s malady with me. I did not have a pomegranate to carry me into eternity, my love.”

“You care for them?” Caroline asked, voice curious.

“They are considerably less trying than the last set of siblings I was forced to share the world with.”

Those eyes of war met his again. “I will not forget, what they did to us.”

Klaus lips curled, dimples bracketing sin. “Neither have I. Nor will I. Lady Death has not abandoned her kingdom, love. She’s simply changed the rules to suit her. This time, I will not share you.”

Caroline blinked, expression thoughtful. “Death is less forgiving than even I.”

“The gods sleep. For now.”

Caroline smiled, a slow terrible thing that had once left a kingdom trembling, a world silent in fear. Beloved was his Queen, but her name was feared. “I would like to meet this family, these generals.”

“Who am I to deny you?”

A slanting look filled with decadence and want. “Then I just want you.”

Klaus stood, pulled her with him. “You’ve always had me.”

“Do not leave me again.” A hard, biting command, the faintest vulnerability behind her eyes. Young no longer, his Queen.

“Not if I have to burn all the stars from the sky.” His words were a promise, given from a soul born near the beginning of time. From which life had been created and kept safe. No more.

“It may come to that,” Caroline whispered, eyes glancing to the heavens. “They will not take kindly to our bargains when the world broke.”

“Death comes to all. Her price will be high, when the old things in the world decide to stir.”

“They will.”

He kissed her palm. “Not today.”

“No, not today.” Caroline agreed. The she gifted him with another smile. “Show me our home.”


“Don’t flirt with me…  you never know what I’ll do.”

iceicebradley  asked:

8 - Top 5 Colin's physical features (I wanted to say body parts but it sounded wrong xD)

ooohhh, thats hard. Colin is just perfect as a total person and it pretty hard to decide what I like about him most… But I’ll try:

1- His eyes! - just look…. 

2- His smile! - my god…

3- His ears! - how can you not like his ears? 

4- His legs! - I mean… *faints*

5- And of course: His cheekbones! - how are they even possible?


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