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Your Everything

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Summary: Dean and the Reader finally voice their feelings for one another. 

Word Count: 2k-ish

Warnings: Fluff, Suggestive Content, Slight Cursing

Author’s Note: Heyy guys! This is my entry for @impalaimagining‘s “Taylor ‘s 1K Followers Celebration”. I got the song “"Be Your Everything” by Boys like Girls and I got assigned the gif below. I hope you guys like it! Feedback is always welcomed!!

I wasn’t your typical girly-girl.

I didn’t swoon at the movies when the guy would sweep the girl off of her feet. I wouldn’t sing along to those cheesy love songs on the radio whenever I was inside a car. Hell, I never even joined the cheerleading squad when I was in high school.

So when this song came on one night while I was washing the dishes at the Bunker in nothing but shorts and a white tank top, I couldn’t help but close my eyes and start to sway in time with the music.

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One Wish, One Night- An Ivar Imagine

So our lovely sister wife @splendor-e sent me the following prompt:

Ok, so there goes the prompt! In the celebrations in England (we will pretend that nothing happened with Sigurd), the shieldmaidens proposes a small competition between them. Each would choose one of Ragnar’s sons to represent, as well as the Kings and Earls. They must approve that they represent them, because if they win the competition, they win a wish that cant be denied. There will be three modes: archery, sword fighting and target shooting with the ax. (1) there’s more. Only those who win two of them win the wish. What happens? *—-*~

I tweaked it a little bit, but I hope you still like it dear! It was fun to write, thanks for sending it to me!

TW: very very mild sexual content


Of course it was Ingrid who suggested the competition. The girl was calculated and cunning and always looking to improve her status in the eyes of their leaders. She had called out her idea during a lull in the post battle celebrations, as they were all drinking and toasting to their victory against the Saxons.

“Let us shieldmadiens have a competition, to celebrate,” she had said. “Each one of us chooses one of our leaders to represent. Then we compete against each other in a battle of skills. The last two women standing are allowed to ask a wish that must be granted from the man they have chosen. What say you, my princes?”

The Ragnarssons had all welcomed the idea enthusiastically, as well as King Harald Finehair. The maidens who wished to compete began assembling themselves. You shrugged and decided to join them. You had become bored with the feasting and were looking for a little more excitement.

In the end, six of you stood ready, one for each leader. Ingrid, being the one who came up with the idea, got to choose first.

“I will represent Bjorn Ironside,” she said, and Bjorn raised his drinking horn in acknowledgment.

“I will represent King Harald Finehair,” said a tall blonde woman whose name you did not know. She must be a shieldmaiden from his own forces, you thought, as the King nodded at her with a grin.

You were next in line. You looked at the remaining four choices, and your dark eyes were immediately drawn to the youngest Ragnarsson. You had always found him very handsome, but had never spoken to him. You were the daughter of a fisherman and very much below his rank. You longed to run your fingers through that thick, glorious hair, to know what those lovely scowling lips would feel like against your own. His blue eyes were mesmerizing, and you wanted to cut your tongue on the sharp angle of his jaw so badly you could sometimes taste the coppery tang of his luscious, Viking blood.

Not only was he good looking, he was also the smartest and most cunning of all his brothers. He had drawn up the very plans that had helped win the recent battle. You were very, very attracted to him and not being able to do anything about it was very frustrating.

But as the crowd waited for your choice, you suddenly knew this was your chance to change all that. If you won, your wish had to be granted. And you knew exactly what you wanted to wish for.

“I will represent Ivar the Boneless,” you said, and you saw his eyebrows shoot up. But he said nothing, just nodded at you in acceptance. You smiled to yourself, and ran a hand over the fine sword on your belt. It was time to get to work.

Once the other maidens had picked their men, the competition began. It was divided into three parts: archery, sword fighting, and axe throwing. You were pretty good in all of those areas, so you felt confident you would be able to be one of the final two.

Archery was first. You did very well in it, you scored the second highest score out of all six. You caught a glimpse of Ivar’s face after the scores had been announced; he looked mildly impressed. You noticed he sat up straighter in his chair and leaned forward, as if to examine you more closely. You felt heat creep up your neck, but faced his gaze with a haughty one of your own. His lips quirked up in the barest of smiles, and from that moment on his eyes never left you.

Of course, that made it extremely difficult to concentrate during the next two rounds. You could feel the burning of his blue eyes into your skin, watching your every move closely. You had to suppress many a shiver that threatened to dance along your spine. He was finally noticing you, and it was scary and thrilling all at the same time.

Despite the distraction, you also did well in both the sword fighting and the axe throwing. You were pretty sure you were one of the top two shieldmaidens, but until the scores were calculated you wouldn’t know. While your friend Brunhild and another shieldmaiden added everything up, you chanced another glance at Ivar. You had to bite your lip to keep from gasping. Apparently your performance on the field had intrigued him greatly, as he was now giving you an extremely appraising look, and judging by his flared nostrils and wide eyes, he definitely liked what he saw. Oh yes, the youngest Ragnarsson was aroused by your work with weapons. You felt the hot molten heat of desire stir in your belly.

“We have our two champions,” Brunhild annouced. You couldn’t help but send a quick prayer up to the gods. Please let her say your name, please let her say your name!

“Ingrid and Y/N, representing Bjorn Itonside and Ivar the Boneless respectively!”

You let out the breath you hadn’t known you were holding. Ingrid came over and patted you on the back, beaming. But your eyes were on the blue eyed prince, who was now wearing a troubled frown. You wondered if he was wondering what you would ask of him. He probably thinks I’ll ask for land or money, you thought. Little does he know….

“What is your wish, Ingrid Torstiensdottir?” Bjorn addressed your comrade.

“Land and a title in this new world we have conquered,” Ingrid said without hesitation, and you had to admire her nerve. That was an awful lot to ask. But the wish had to be fulfilled, so Bjorn raised his horn of mead in salute. “Done.”

“And what of you, shieldmaiden?” Ivar called out to you, and your heart sank a little at the fact that he didn’t even know your name. But you forced yourself not to look disappointed, and took a deep breath. Well, you thought, here goes nothing.

“I wish to spend one night with you, my prince.”

Ivar’s eyes widened in surprise. A deadly silent hush followed your words as everyone present stared directly at you. The other Ragnarssons mouths had dropped in shock.

“You what?” Ivar sounded like he had been hit over the head with something.

You ignored the butterflies fluttering nervously in your belly. “I said I wish to spend one night with you, Ivar the Boneless. Honour my wish, or are you not a man of your word?”

They were bold words, and risky. But they appeared to be the right ones, as Ivar’s lovely blue eyes darkened, and the tip of his tongue poked out to wet his bottom lip. Your whole body tingled at the sight.

“I am a man of my word,” he said, his voice dripping confident and sin. “I shall see you in my room at sundown, shieldmaiden.”

Your legs felt weak, your heartbeat raced like a Valkyrie rushing back to Valhalla. You were finally going to get what you had wanted for so long now.

Hours later, when your hands were finally buried in that glorious hair and your body felt like it was on fire, the thought came to you.

“Orin’s beard,” you cursed with a gasp, “I should have wished for more than one night.”

Ivar looked up at you from between your shaking thighs, were he had buried his face what seemed like ages ago (to your intense satisfaction and delight). He grinned wickedly at you, teeth shining in the low candlelight.

“I think I can be persuaded to change the conditions of your request,” he said, voice heavy with lust. “If you are a good girl and do exactly what I tell you all night. Can you do that, Y/N?”

You nodded feverishly, squirming as his hands squeezes your thighs. “I can do or be whatever you damn well please, Ivar.”

His grin turned positively animalistic. “Good. Now shut up and let me continue enjoying you. Battle leaves a man with a hearty appetite, you know.”

You smiled to yourself as he settled himself back to work. You could have wished for anything else-land, money, the best pick of the plunder-but you are exceedingly glad you didn’t. One wish, one night, hopefully turned into many.

And one very, very satisfied shieldmaiden.

Have a good day or night, sister wives!!❤️❤️

Catch me if you can (900 followers celebration)


Part 1: Teach me how to dance with you (800 followers celebration)

Pairing: Steve x reader

Warnings: Fluff!

Word count: 3.309

Summary: Flashback to when you met Steve for the very first time. You and Bucky discuss your pregnancy and Steve is overjoyed because he’s going to be a Dad soon.


A/N without the caps: This is part two to a very random series of mine. It’s based on the song “Catch me if you can” by Walking On Cars.

Disclaimer: I do not own this pic, credit where credit is due.

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What's "Lila" like? This is how Valeria Bilello describes her experience playing her.

(Again, translated from Italian by the awesome @thank-god-for-gravity. You’re a gem, dear. Thank you @fyeahmaxriemelt for the source material)

How’s the Valeria lurking in the background like? A whimsical child, apparently with a killer instinct, and very, very sexy.

“It was quite interesting trying to be Lila; I’ve been around in this girl’s body, with a lovely bust, a great-looking ass, and luscious lips: all things that I’ve always done my best not to show, where possible, or at least not to show them all at once.“

(Photo on the left edited by: @fyeahmaxriemelt. I hope you don’t mind me using it 😊)

Truth or Dare (Part 2)
  • Words:  1.907
  • Pairing: Thor Odinson x Reader
  • Warnings: Heavy smut, some heavy swearing, fluff.
  • Author notes: (Y/N) is your name, (Y/H/C) is your hair color. Part 1 can be found here 

Originally posted by hollygossip

Thor walked you out of the common room in which you all were playing (well, not exactly playing, some of them were unbearably drunk), and took you to the elevator. He offered you a piggy back ride in the elevator, considering your tipsiness, but after what he said, of you being queen of Asgard, there was no sign of alcohol in your mind.

“Is there a problem, (Y/N)?” He asked, when the doors drew back to present the empty space.
“No” You hesitated, shaking your head. One of his hands rested dangerously low on your back “Thor, I think your hand…”
“Oh, you don’t like it?” He teased, pulling you closer to his chest and placing kisses on your cheeks but none on your lips.
“I do…” You said, surrendering under the feeling of his lips on your neck. His hands held your waist tightly, yet not roughly. You felt it moving down to your floor and when the doors opened, you pushed him away “So… will you still walk me to my bedroom?”
“If necessary, I will sing you to sleep”
“I don’t feel like sleeping” You muttered, staring deep into his ocean blue eyes.
“Good, because I don’t remember any lullaby…” He pecked your lips quickly.
You two got into your bedroom; it still had some clothes spread all over the bed. You muttered an apology to Thor for the mess and he said something about you seeing his own chamber. You laughed with him and then, sat on the beddings.
“Will you stay there, standing up?” You asked with a smirk.
“I will take that as an invitation” He smiled at you and sat.
His big hand caressed yours, as his eyes stared at you. Your feelings blossomed like the flowers of a cherry tree; biting your lower lip was the only way to keep those feelings inside… But you weren’t the only one with a wave of feelings inside their heart. Thor’s eyes wanted to confess his deep love for you, they wanted to tell you how much he wanted to be yours and how bad he wanted you to be his.
You hopped closer to him and leaned your head on the curve of his neck, and Thor held you tightly to his body. You slowly threw your head back to reach his skin and there, you started kissing. You grabbed the collar of his blazer and pulled his body closer to you; there was something magnetic, addictive and hypnotizing about him that you couldn’t quite figure out, but you didn’t want to do it either.
You pulled away his blazer, leaving him with a white shirt and he tried to pull you upper on the bed to get a taste of your lips. His tongue invaded your mouth as you tried hard not to surrender under his lustful and expert touch. The couch scene was repeated both in your mind and in your bedroom. You wanted to feel him closer to you.
One of his professional hands parted from your hip and roamed all the way down to the back of your thigh, lifting it closer to his own body.
“You know” He breathed against your lips “I have always found you amusing.” He said pulling your pelvis closer to his, making you sigh at the sudden contact “But tonight…” Thor looked for the sweet spot of your neck that would make you loosen up “I want to see what else I can think about you” He found it. The portion of skin that made you lose control. He found it and he pressed his teeth against it.
“Ohh, Thor…” You moaned.
You freed yourself from his grip and stood in front of the bed again. You pulled away your t-shirt and shorts and looked at you seductively, biting your lower lip occasionally. He made a beckoning motion to you and you shook your head, taking special attention to flip your hair. Thor impatiently stood up and unbuttoned the first buttons of his shirt. You reached out your hands to pull him closer to you. You pulled up the blessed shirt and threw it away; then, Thor took full control of the night.
“You’re mine” He said when he pulled you up from your thighs “You’re only mine, my love”
“I love you” Your brain betrayed you; he was attacking your neck and with a free hand, he easily unclasped your bra.
He led you to the bed and placed you there, and then, he crawled on top of you parting your legs with his hands. He tickled your inner thighs with his beard and removed your panties. He took a luscious look at your throbbing pussy and blew some warm air, making you curse out loud; you begged him to do it again but he had some other plans in mind.
Thor softly picked your clit between his lips and you instinctively pushed his face closer to your wet core. He took it as a response that you liked what he did, and oh boy, you liked it. But the idea of just kissing it didn’t suite him at all; with his hands, he took both of your legs and placed them over his shoulders, and somehow, in a very weird position you couldn’t just figure out, his palm stared working your clit again while he licked your folds in an up and down motion. You felt his thick tongue at your entrance and you let out a loud moan. He was tongue-fucking you and it felt great.
But you wanted more. You needed more.
You begged Thor to fuck you, but he intentionally misunderstood your plead but introducing one of his fingers inside of you. You cried out his name and some curses and he smiled at your reaction, pumping in and out two fingers now.
You still wanted more. You still needed more.
Thor felt his fingers being tightly hugged by your walls as your scream-announced orgasm made its appearance. Your back was impossibly arched and you violently threw your head back onto the mattress. Your body shook uncontrollably and sometimes, his face hit your moist core, making you whimper and moan.
His sweaty hands traveled all the way up to your breasts and he buried himself in the, also sweaty, space between them. He kissed your skin, feeling the salty drops that carelessly rested on your chest, his mouth moved to the right, pecking and nibbling your hard nipple in it. You grabbed yourself to the bedding with one hand, and with the other, you made it run through your hair pushing aside some locks you had in your face.
“Thor, I want you…” You breathed, trying to cup his face to make him look at you.
He said that you were a queen, and that you should be treated like one, so he picked you up, bridal style and gently placed you on the floor, then he laid on the bed and waited for you. You crawled to him, but stopped at his erect shaft, you wanted to thank him for the overwhelming orgasm he gave you, but his idea was another one.
“No, come all the way up” He teased and you continued your way. Your hips stopped at his pelvis “It’ll be enough for now”
His hands caressed the spot of your skin that would be bruised the next morning and he muttered an apology for it. You told him it was fine that you’d cover it with make up if necessary. You lifted your hips and he searched your throbbing entrance with his dick.
“Fuck…” He groaned at your tightness.
You tried to relax as much as possible, taking deep breaths as you slowly adapted to him and slid down to make him reach a place you thought it didn’t exist inside your body.
“Don’t move” You said “Wait a minute…” You lifted your hips again and sighed at the feeling of not having him anymore.
“Does this hurt?” Thor took a more sitting position and cupped your face in his hands; you nodded, with your eyes starting to fill with some tears. It wasn’t because of the pain, but you had so many feelings inside of your head that you couldn’t get to relax. You were so incurably in love with him “(Y/N), please tell me if I did something to wrong you” You shook your head, and curled your lips into a smile. The next thing you know is that your head is resting on his shoulder as he pets your back, softly kissing your (Y/H/C) hair “(Y/N)?”
“I love you, Thor…” You whispered, feeling your voice a little cracked.
“Look at me (Y/N)” He pushed you a few centimeters away and cupped your face again, to look straight into your eyes. His voice was so deep that it made you shiver “I love you too, but if this is hurting you I will stop and let you have some rest, ok?” You bit your lip “I don’t want to hurt you”
“You’re not” You leaned forward to lock your lips against his.
You were ready.
Going up on your knees once more, and feeling Thor’s member playing with your clit and entrance was all it took to get you all aroused again. He looked at you in silence; there was no need to make the obvious question, and so you just nodded and slid down again. His shaft felt much better now in between your walls. Yes, you were being stretched out, but he kept whispering sweet, comforting words to your ear, and kissing your lips occasionally and the sum of that made you feel a lot better this time.
You held on for dear life to his shoulders, digging your nails on his skin; action that made him moan as you bounced on his pelvis. You held back your whining by kissing his salty and sweaty neck until the feeling of another orgasm came again. The fire building on your core extended throughout your body and it came out as a loud yell that filled the heavy air of your bedroom.
But it didn’t end there.
Thor still couldn’t get there, so he stayed inside of you, holding your butt and making you go up and down until he released inside of you with a loud and deep sound coming from his throat.
You felt his chest rising up with each breath under yours, which was in the same condition. Your head rested again on his shoulder and he went back to his sweetness from before; petting your hair and whispering sweet nothings in your ear. You felt your eyes tearing up again, and you couldn’t avoid the first sob. Thor felt the tears on his skin and he decided to rest his back on the bed again, and to keep you on your chest.
“My love…” He whispered, knowing that you didn’t want to face him “My love, is everything alright?”
“Yeah” You nodded “It’s just that…” You giggled “I don’t know what to say…”
“It’s ok, do you want to sleep instead?”
“I’d love to… but stay here with me…” You begged.
“I would stay with you my whole life if you allow me” He cupped your face to wipe your tears with his thumbs “Be mine (Y/N)”
“I am” You bit your lower lips “I’m yours Thor” You crept up his body to reach hips lips.

Cold-Hearted Bitch - Audrey Jensen

Request: The reader and Audrey both look like they dislike each other. One night, at a party, they get upset with each other again, reader storms off to be by herself but angry Audrey follows and they just keep yelling at each other until one of them kisses the other. and then they make out or something.
Warning: swearing.
3 years had passed and you’ve finally returned to Lakewood. You weren’t that excited knowing that your hometown, the town where you grew up and made the most amazing memories in was losing its people to serial killers. But you had no choice, one way or another, this was your life.
As you walked into your old high school, your old friends were the first people you noticed.
They went by The Lakewood 6 (5 now since one had died).
“(Y/N)!!”, Brooke ran up to you and hugged you. “I missed you”.
“I missed you too”, you smiled but your heart was breaking knowing her recent tragic event.
Arm in arm, she walked you to the group.
“I gotta go”, the dark haired girl walked away with anger.
You had a past with her and it looked like she was still mad.
“She’s still like that”, Noah laughed and hugged you as well as Emma and Kieran.
Your day went well, except English class because you were with Audrey and she kept on throwing shady comments and let everyone see how much she disliked you.
Some people asked you why you two “hated” each other but you kept on ignoring them all. You had enough of Audrey and you couldn’t wait to go home.
“Hey (Y/N), can you drop me off please.”, Brooke came by your car.
“Yeah, sure”, you smiled and unlocked the door.
She got into the passenger seat, “this was just an excuse to catch up”, she laughed.
“I know”, you laughed too as you began driving.
“So, since you’re back and all. I wanted to throw a little party for you”, Brooke was the party girl and you just were glad that she was trying her best to be positive.
“Oh Brooke you don’t have to do that”.
“I know but I want to. Come on it’s gonna be fun.”
“I don’t know”, you hesitated.
“If this is because of Aud…”
“No, no it has nothing to do with her”.
“I know you two dislike each other so I won’t invite her if that’s what you want”, she was so sweet.
“No it’s fine, I can handle her”, you laughed.
“Okay good, how about next Friday?”.
“Sounds good to me”.
You were now parked outside her house.
“Hey Brooke, thank you”, you hugged her.
“You’re welcome”, she blew an air kiss and left.
Friday after school, you got home, ate a bit, did your homework and started getting ready for the party.
You decided to wear a casual dress but ended up wearing a jean jacket and boots with it.
Brooke’s house was only 5 minute walk from yours so you didn’t take your car because you also knew you’d be drinking.
You arrived and everyone from school was there.
“This is amazing”, you hugged your friends.
It was super fun, the music was playing, everyone was dancing and enjoying their time.
You missed this. You really did.
As you walked to the drinks table, you saw Audrey standing there looking at you.
You didn’t want her to ruin tonight so you just rolled your eyes, got your bottle of beer and just as you were about to leave, she grabbed your arm.
“What are you doing here?”.
“Last time I checked, this party was dedicated to me. Question is, what are YOU doing here if you despise my guts?”.
“No (Y/N), what are you doing here, in Lakewood?”.
“Why do you care Audrey. Honestly will you ever stop this?”, you now were very upset so you immediately stormed off to be by yourself.
“How can I?”,  angry Audrey followed you outside.
“I apologized 50 million times, Audrey”, you yelled.
“What the hell do you want me to do huh?”, throwing your hands in the air, you turned to face her.
“I was confused okay. I didn’t know how to control my emotions. I didn’t know anything”.
“I never left your side. I would’ve done anything for you (Y/N). You didn’t let me help. You… You broke my heart”, you’ve never seen Audrey this angry and hurt before. Maybe you have but you never realized it until now.
“I fucking know that. I hate myself for the things I’ve done to you. Everyday that I was away, I never stopped thinking about you. I never stopped imagining what we’d be like if I hadn’t been such a cold hearted bitch”, you started to tear up.
Audrey just stood there, face straight, watching you break down the same way you’ve watched her break down 3 years ago when she kissed and admitted to liking you.
“You finally realized that?”, her tone was breaking you even more.
“But it’s too fucking late now”.
“No it’s not”, you cut her sentence by grabbing her face and pushing your lips into hers.
They were so soft and tasteful, just like how you remembered them.
She pulled back fast and looked at you with a very confused expression.
“I love you, Audrey. And I wish I had stopped lying to myself and denying this love, a long time ago.”  
You felt her body relax when you said these words.
Her green eyes shining bright and her bangs falling into her beautiful face, she smiled at you.
“And this should’ve happened a long time ago”, she pushed you against the wall, her hands grabbing into your hips and her luscious lips onto yours.
This is what you’ve been dreaming of.
You tugged into her short hair as your tongues were swirling around each other’s, making the butterflies in your stomach go crazy.
Her hands slowly found their way up your dress as she bit your lower lip and you let out a moan.
“O-Oh, looks like you’ll be a little loud. Let’s take this somewhere more private”, Audrey smirked.
“Please”, you giggled.

Beautiful Life With You

dedicated to @bradleyy since she killed me with this idea :))

I wake up and catch the sun peeking through the curtain. I feel the warmth it exudes and smile. Looking up, I see that Brad’s still asleep. He is so beautiful. My smile widens.

I watch him a bit, admiring this wonderful sight. I tangle my fingers into his soft curls. My fingers tingle as I touch him. Amazing.

Suddenly, something in my stomach errupts. I run as fast as I can to the washroom. I throw up in the toilet, feeling the acid burn my throat.

“Hey! Are you okay?” Brad asks, barging in. He hurries over to me and holds my hair back. 

I wipe my mouth as the last of it comes out. I put the lid down and flush the toilet. “You shouldn’t have seen me like that”, I mumble, ashamed.

He lifts my chin up and says, “Through ‘sickness and in health’, remember love?” He’s right. I smile at him. "Did you eat something that’s gone bad?“

I take a second to think back. "Nothing that I can recall in particu-" 

"What is it?”

Of course. “I’m late.”

“Late for what?”

“Brad, my period is late.”

“I–umm..” He looks at me confused. 

“I, I’m pregnant.”

His eyes widen and a smile spreads across his face. “I’m going to be a father.”


Today’s the day that we get to find out the gender of our little baby. I’m both excited and nervous. It would be great to get either since Brad and I picked out a name for each. 

 I look down as the gel is spread onto my stomach which gets bigger and bigger each week. Who knew my stomach could stretch like this

The lady applies a bit of pressure and an image pops on the screen. We can hear our baby’s heart beat.

“Are you ready?” she asks us. 

Brad holds my hand. I squeeze his hand tight. “Yes”, I answer. 

“It’s a–oh my!" 

"What, is something wrong?” I panic. 

“No, no. Everything is fine! You’re going to have baby girls." 

Girls. Plural. Oh my God. 

"Twins”, Brad says, speechless. 

I look at him with adoration. 


I lay in bed, making myself as comfortable as possible. Thank goodness I still find our bed comfy. My eyes start to close until I feel something wet. Uh oh. I move the blanket and see that the bed is soaked. 

“Brad!” I call out. 

He runs into the room, “Yes, what is it?" 

"I think my water just broke." 

We get to the hospital and before I knew it, I could give birth at any second. I can feel everything all at once. I look around the room and see the nurse, the doctor, my mom and Brad. My attention now focuses on Brad, just him

"You can do this love, I’m right here”, he says as he holds my hand. 

The doctor guides me and I cringe at the indescribable pain. I have never squeezed Brad’s hand so tight before. 

“They’re almost here! You’re doing great”, he motivates. 

I push harder and feel a sudden relief. The pain subsides. 

The nurse hands me our first born baby girl. 

“Belle”, I coo. Belle meaning ‘beautiful’ in French, the word Brad uses to describe me. 

The nurse takes her back and it’s baby number two’s turn. 

“Rose”, I say. Rose for the first bouquet of flowers Brad ever gave to me. I hold her for a few seconds then she gets wrapped up. 

The nurse hands me both of our babies and tears fill my eyes and happiness fills my heart. In this very moment, my world revolves around them. 

I look at Brad and he’s crying. “My girls, ahh, so beautiful”, he says. 


It’s Belle’s and Rose’s 1st birthday today. Oh how the time has flown by. I can remember the milestones they achieved like it was yesterday. From crawling, walking, to talking, they always had Brad and I amazed. 

As they grew up right before our eyes, we could see what parts of us each of them have. From Brad, they have his thick luscious curls, his twinkly brown eyes, the same curves of his lips and the lines that appear when he smiles, and of course, the infamous beaming smile that never fails to melt my heart. 

The features that they inherited from him make it seemingly impossible for them to be more beautiful than their father. I can’t believe that it’s possible.  

They have so much of him that it becomes difficult for me to find myself in them. But I think back to the time when Brad pointed out my places within our girls.

“They have the little dimple that appears when you smile. The same dark chocolate brown colors their hair perfectly. The long, mesmerizing lashes that look as though they bat slowly. The adorable button nose. The full lips that leave me breathless. The same chin that fits just right into my hands. The warm, light golden-brown tint that glows throughout your body, which I love so much." 

I blush at the array of compliments he showers me with. 

"The exact rosy shade that fills your cheeks”, he adds. 

But what blows my mind are the mix of features they have from us both. Soft, imperfect, smooth skin. Dazzling, breathtaking smile. Aside from the physical, both Belle and Rose have such big, compassionate hearts. Genuinely caring and loving towards everyone. Kind and gentle, even to each other.

“Our girls are what completes this beautiful life that we’ve built together”, Brad says, bringing me back to the present.

Partners in Crime

A Cherik'ing of the following, as requested by Kageillusionz:


i got paired with a super hot guy for a project in my criminal justice class and he just came up to me and said “oh my god you know what we are? we’re partners in crime! get it?” and then we both changed each others contact in our phone to “partner in crime” and now i kinda wanna marry him

Criminal Justice 101 was a very important class for Erik. Whatever form his fight for mutant rights eventually took, he knew he would need a very thorough grounding in criminal law, if only so he’d know how to break the rules without getting caught. So having That Boy in his class was actually very irritating – no, beyond irritating, a threat to his goals and dreams, that’s what it was, having That Boy just… sitting over there scrubbing his hands through luscious chocolate-colored hair, chewing mercilessly at his own lips and frowning at his notes with a tiny worry-line between brilliant caribbean-blue eyes. He was distracting and Erik couldn’t afford that.

He started every class resolved not to look That Boy’s way at all, not even once to see if he were there or not. Once or twice he even managed it, until something would happen like – like the clatter of a pen falling and That Boy coming half out of his seat, rear in the air, trying to catch it as it rolled away, standing up to flush pink as the class laughed but taking it with a flourishing bow. Or the teacher calling on him and that rich accented voice filling the room with passionate, articulate, deeply-considered ideas miles above what anyone else had to say, even if he was wrong wrong so laughably naive and wrong. Or the one time a girl in the back row had a seizure and That Boy was the first to notice and the only one to keep his head, snapping orders to clear the furniture away from her, ripping off his cardigan to put between her skull and the hard floor, walking her to the campus clinic afterward.

A constant distraction, that’s what he was, and Erik didn’t need that, no matter how jaw-droppingly hot he was while tearing off a cardigan and barking orders. Erik was here for a purpose.

So when the professor announced that their next project would be 30% of their grade, Erik was so intent on taking meticulous notes of the requirements that he almost missed the name of his project partner being called.

“Erik Lehnsherr and Charles Xavier.”

Charles Xavier, who was that? Erik looked around, struggling not to let his attention snag on That Boy who was out of his seat and walking… toward him…

“Well, Erik, looks like we’re to be partners in crime,” That Boy said, delicious voice lilting with delight, and yes, he actually sounded extremely proud of that pun. Erik stared, stomach dropping out his shoes. “B-because it’s criminal justice class, see,” That Boy – Charles – added, faltering a bit at Erik’s expression.

“Yeah, I get it.” A half-smile snuck onto Erik’s face without his permission as Charles brightened again, plucked Erik’s phone off his desk and started putting his number in as Partner In Crime.

He’d been robbed, Erik realized. His heart had been stolen right out from under his nose. The only recourse now was revenge – stealing Charles’s as a replacement. It would be a heist for the ages, and he couldn’t wait to get started.

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Karasuno, Oikawa, Kuroo, and Bokuto with what they look for in a girlfriend, appearance wise? (Loving this blog so much~)

(rmbr kids, looks aren’t everything)

Hinata: Someone with really bright eyes. He didn’t really care for much, but she needed to have bright, expressive eyes that exuded life. 

Kageyama loved straight long hair. He thought it looked elegant and beautiful on a girl. 

Tsukishima wants someone with an unusual hair colour. Perhaps a pink or a green; something unique. 

Yamaguchi, on the contrary, prefers something simple- he doesn’t like people staring at his girlfriend- like brown or black. He thinks she’d look sweet that way. 

Sugawara wants someone who always smiles. He didn’t really care too much for the actual physical appearance of his girlfriend, but he wanted a smile to always grace their face. 

Daichi likes a girl with short hair. Something cute and feisty is sure to capture his heart. 

Asahi loves a girl with a tan. Something about it entices him and he’d be very happy to accompany his girlfriend to the beach for her to keep up her tan. 

Nishinoya goes by one rule. His girlfriend must be shorter than him. That is all. 

Tanaka likes a girl who paints her nails. He likes it when he sees a flash of yellow or pink pr blue when her hands come up to touch his face. 

Oikawa is after the classic pretty girl, with pink lips, luscious hair and soft eyes. He feels a need to be the most attractive couple on the street. 

Kuroo doesn’t really care what she looks like, as long as she’s got a great figure. He loves curves. 

Bokuto likes a girl who’s curvy. He loves running his hands along the sides of her body, relishing her curves. 

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"Do I know you from somewhere?" OQ au. Please :)

Set in the parent-teacher verse. The second time Robin and Regina meet.

“Do I know you from somewhere?”


He looks up from the order list he’d been making with the upcoming heat-wave in mind (not a common occurrence when it comes to typical English weather, nearing summer time or not), endless barrels for the local rugby team who seem to favour his pub on a Monday evening after practice, sweating and cursing good naturedly, pouches upon pouches of red, rosé and wine white ready for the extra female trade they tend to get with the warmer weather, the beach just a couple of streets over from where he is situated and of course the cartons and cartons of the juices for the children for when the families roll in for the summer holidays (he does sometimes open up the kitchen for food orders when the place is busy enough and his pal John is able to pull a couple of shifts for him) and so he’s almost certain he may just have it right this time, that he’s been able to guesstimate around about what he’s going to need when a voice steals his attention away.

His mouth almost drops open at the sight of her, her dark hair styled into soft waves that frame her face beautifully, the evening light streaming in through the windows giving her something of an ethereal backlight and if he’d already thought her heavenly, she is a damn angel tonight. She’s waiting patiently for his answer, her dark eyes still searching his face, still attempting to place him and of course she wouldn’t remember him, they’d only met the one time, Roland insisting after his first day that he was big enough to walk into school on his own and who was Robin to rob his son of his absolutely adorable pride? She must meet tons of idiots just like himself every day, men drooling over her as they drop their children off to school but something in him has him wishing that she could remember him more than any other…it’s foolish and juvenile to feel this way but it’s in the privacy of his own mind so foolishness be damned!

He pulls himself together after a long moment, chivalry returning to him as he stands and lifts his arm, extending his hand out to her as he tells her “Robin,” and she squints just a little as she tentatively shakes his hand before releasing it, the name possibly ringing one or two bells and he could make her wait, could leave her standing awkwardly before him as she attempts to recognise where it is she’s seen him before but then, he’s not that kind of man, never has been and so he tells her “you may remember the little monkey clinging to my leg a couple of weeks ago.”

It clicks then, he watches as her eyes light up, as her posture seems to straighten out with the comfort of putting a name to a face, a boy to a father. “You’re Roland’s father,” and she laughs because of course he is, the only people she really gets to see are either the children she teaches or their parents and, on the odd occasion, her roommate Emma if their paths should ever cross with the blonde pulling night shifts.

He returns the smile she gives him, a quick nod of his head as he asks “It’s Miss Mills, right?”

“Oh no please,” she raises her arms, palms facing out as she tells him “I think you’ve far surpassed the age group that are required to call me such a thing,” he laughs with her at that and remembers her name before she even tells him, “Regina,” and yes, it’s just as lovely as he had recalled, so befitting a creature such as he.

He’s about to tell her just how lovely he thinks her name is but, well, he doesn’t want to come off as though he is flirting, doesn’t know what kind of boundaries she has about parent-teacher relationships (and yes, he is thinking of such things because it’s his damn mind and she is possibly the most beautiful woman he has ever come across.) so he settles for small talk instead. “So, what brings you here?” he indicates the general area of the pub to which she glances around with a small shrug of her shoulders.

“I’ve always passed it on my way home,” she begins, looking up at the ancient wooden beams lining the ceiling before looking to him again, “I thought it looked quite charming and wanted to have a closer look.”

He smiles at that, grins somewhat proudly as he tells her, “thank you very much,” laughing lightly when her expression moves from confusion to mild surprise as she asks “you work here?” and he tells her “yes, of sorts” before adding “it’s my pub.”

Her lips part softly, and what full, luscious things they are as she takes another glance around, appraising as she compliments “it’s really something.”

He looks around too, looks over the certain kitsch quality to the decorations he’d procured over the years from family and employees alike who’d loved the place almost as much as he. He looks to the two behind the bar, laughing as they each fill orders, so in sync as Ruby tosses over a cocktail shaker to a grinning Will, keeping themselves and customers amused. He can tell that she feels what he does, the homeliness of the place, the safety and warmth of it. He can’t help but ask “does this mean I’ll be seeing more of you Regina?”

And he swears her smile will be the death of him as she replies with a coy “maybe,” and almost kills him with the raise of an eyebrow as she adds “anything is possible.”

#333: 'Boys. And The Things About Them'

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What I've been waiting for.

Today was the day.  The day that I meet my idol, Jack Johnson.  I’ve been waiting for this day for years.  As I wait in the meet and greet line I fiddle with my fingers, tug at the bottom of my shorts, twirl my hair, anything to keep me from crying.  While I keep walking forward, with my head facing the floor, I decide to glance up and see how many girls are in front of me.  Just as I glance up I make eye contact with him.  I look away as my heart rate picks up and my body tenses up.

He must think I am ugly.

That girl he was with was absolutely stunning.

I am dirt compared to everyone here.

Why I am even here?

My thoughts are interrupted as a security guard taps my shoulder.

“Miss?  Miss!  You’re up."  He sighs impatiently.  My heart pounds louder and faster, I squeeze my eyes shut as I feel tears build up.  I raise my head, with both of my hands having a tight grip on my sweater.  I open my teary irritated eyes to meet his mysterious blue ones.  Everyone’s voice’s get louder, the room feels like it’s getting smaller and my breaths get swallower.

"I-I am sorry."  I whisper with my weak voice.  I turn around quickly to run away.  

"Come back!” He shouts after me.

I brush shoulders with strangers as I push against the current to get out of the building.  When I reach the exit I burst through the doors and collapse against the brick building.  I bury my head into my knees as tears trickle down my cheeks.

“I am such an idiot."  I mutter aloud to myself.

"No you’re not."  I familiar voice comments, a voice you had fallen in love with years ago.  I chuckle as I wipe away my tears.

"The stereotypical way to meet Jack Johnson I  guess." 

He gives me a chuckle as he sits beside me.

"I saw you glance at me earlier but, you looked away."  He says in a questioning tone.

"I just got nervous.  Jack I’m going to be honest with you."  I sigh looking him start in his eyes, like we were good friends.  He nods as I take a deep breath.

"You made me smile until my cheeks hurt when nobody else could.  My life hasn’t been picture perfect but, I am thankful for what I have.  I remember when I felt like a burden to everyone, I thought I was a mistake.  But then I stumbled across Jack and Jack on vine."  A smile spreads across my face with my last sentence.

"The both of you brightened up my days even if they were downright shitty, I could always count on you two to crack a smile on my face.  I don’t know how I would be if I didn’t find you two on vine. So thank you very much Jack Edward Johnson, I’ll never forget what you’ve done for me and what you’ll continue to do for me."  I smile as feel all this weight on my shoulders disappear. 

"I don’t even know your name and I think I already like you, like a lot."  Jack smirks intertwining our fingers.

"Y/N, is the name."  I blush looking at our hands.

"Well Y/N you never got your kiss."  He cheekily winks.

"Don’t you mean stage kiss?"  I chuckle raising one of my eyebrows.

"Are you saying you don’t want these luscious lips?"  He retorts with sass.

"I’d never say no to those luscious lips." 

"Of course you wouldn’t."  Jack bites his lip while he leans in to seal the kiss I have been waiting for years for.

this is shit but what ever.

Nurse me back to Health - Stydia one-shot (sorry if it bad)

When Lydia walked into Stiles’s room…. She prepared for the worst. When she got to his door, she heard a soft, quiet, weak sounding voice say “come in” . When she entered the room she gasped, shocked of what her eyes were seeing. He was shirtless and in his plaid pj shorts on. She saw his toned torso was basically five claw marks from his left shoulder to his right hip. She saw a head wound that was seeping with blood. He had bruises plastered all over his chest, almost as if someone had coloured him with black and purple pencils. There was even a swipe mark on his shin, that was again five claw marks. But the worst part of this whole dilemma, was the look on Stiles’s face. Lydia could see the pain in his eyes, the fear, the shock even that his eyes had shown. She was marvelled at why he was in this condition.

“Stiles, what the hell happened?” Lydia said soothingly.

“Well… Scott, Isaac and I were ambushed on our way back to Scott’s, and I’m guessing, being the human out of all of them, was immediately swiped at a couple of times and thrown at a very large tree.” Stiles said and carried on,“ While Scott and Isaac were fighting, I snuck away as best as I could, coming straight home… By straight home I mean it took me like an hour to get back here. Then I called you,” he said the last bit with a smile that was quickly replaced with pain.

“Stiles’s I need to call the ambulance, this could be serio-”

“NO! Please don’t just call someone, please no hospitals, they’ll call dad, and he’ll get off work, and ask questions… So please don’t.”

“Stiles… Not that your plan isn’t brilliant, but you do realise that your healing is not fast like a werewolves, which means he will find out eventually, may as well tell him now.” Lydia said as she began to ring the ambulance.

“No!! Please Lydia stop, please don’t ring them please..” Stiles said trying the puppy eyes but failing.

“Stiles… What’s the real reason you don’t want to go..?” Lydia questioned. Stiles hesitated for a moment but began speaking again.

“It’s going to sound so stupid though..” Lydia looked at him with a ‘no it’s not’ look. So Stiles started again. “I hate hospitals… It was where… Umm… My mum died.. I was there with her at her last moments.. Ever since I’ve hated it there…. I know it’s stupid isn’t it…”
Stiles, even know pain was running through his veins sat up and placed his now tear filled eyes into the palms of his hands. He was now full on crying, 40% of the tears were for the pain and the left over 60% was for his mother. He hadn’t thought about the night she died for a long time, especially with all this werewolves and banshee stuff that’s been happening. Of course he would think of his mother day and night, but never that night.
Lydia walked towards Stiles, and wrapped her arms around him not caring that her new woollen sweater was probably getting soaked in the blood of Stiles.

“I’m sorry Stiles, I didn’t know…. Do you want me to just get a first aid kit and try at least cleaning up the wounds?” She asked. He nodded and looked down.

“Do you want anything else before I go?” Lydia asked sweetly.

“Glass of water and some strong pain killers thanks,” Stiles said.

Lydia was quick getting the first aid kit, water and pain killers.
“Stiles, take these,” She gave him the water and pain killers. He gladly took them and immediately put the two capsules in mouth and flushed them down with a mouthful of water. Lydia grabbed the first aid kit and dug her hand through the objects inside the bag. Moments later she found all the items she needed to help her.

After 15 minutes of Lydia cleaning the wounds around his body Lydia began talking about random subjects to keep Stiles’s mind away from the pain. Surprisingly Lydia ran out of questions to ask him, even know the life they live in is full of questions. Stiles had one question that he wanted answered though, and had always wanted to ask her.

“Lydia?” Stiles asked, she nodded allowing him too continue. “Will I ever a chance with you?” Stiles said in a nervous, quiet voice.

Lydia looked up from Stiles chest. “Stiles… Maybe… I mean I do like you, but I just can’t…”

“Can’t what?” Stiles said

“I can’t… I just can’t do it to you. I know deep down that I’m going to hurt you. I would rather be friends with you for the rest of my life then be with you and break your heart. Sometimes I believe taking the chance and being with you for 10 minutes would be worth every moment, but I just can’t do that too you…. I just can’t lose you… I just can’t” Lydia had tears forming in her eyes, tears that were going to run down her face any second, but she wiped them away, and began putting bandages around Stiles’s chest.

“Lydia… You know that no matter what you do, I’ll never leave you, you can always try but I’ll just keep re-appearing into your life… Jesus Lyds you ignored me for most of my life and I still cared about. I even asked for Peter to kill me instead of you. That’s how much I care about you… I’ll never leave your side no matter the circumstances, no matter the time, no matter the place, not even if I’m angry at you, I’ll still be there… I promise you…” Stiles looked her, the tears she was trying to stop from falling down her face, were flowing down her cheeks. She knew she liked him… But did she love him? Did she love the sarcasm? Did she love the that dimple popping smile? Yes. Yes she did.

After Stiles gave his speech, it was incredibly quiet. Talk only began when Lydia had completed cleaning the wounds and wrapping them up bandages. Undeniably Stiles looked like a mummy.

“Stiles are you still in any pain?” She asked while he was sitting up on his bed and she was in his desk chair, putting all the items from the first aid kit back into the bag.

“Yeah a little…” Stiles answered. Lydia nodded and got up off the chair she was sitting on and grabbed the first aid kit and the now empty glass that used to contain water.

“I’ll be right back, k Stiles,” Stiles nodded and lay back down on his bed. Picking up his phone texting Scott who had texted him earlier asking if he was hurt. Stiles answered with 'claw marks, bruises and cuts, I’m fine though Lydia’s cleaned the cuts up and wrapped me up like a mummy :)’..

Lydia was in the kitchen, putting away the first aid kit and grabbed some orange juice from the fridge and filled Stiles’s glass. She then grabbed some pain killers from the counter. Before she began walking up the stairs, she stood there for a moment, remembering everything he said to her… She didn’t know Stiles risked his life for her. She was feeling almost guilty as she replayed what he said. She felt guilty for ignoring the sweetest guy in the world for so long.

When Lydia walked through the door Stiles was standing up for some unknown reason.
“Stiles you looked a little drowsy so I grabbed you a glass of orange juice, because you lost a good amount of blood, that could be a course of your drowsiness, so yeah.. Here you go” she gave him the glass and the pain killers.

“Stiles I’m sorry..” Lydia said after few minutes of silence.

“For what?” Stiles asked innocently.

“For not noticing you for all those years, the more I think about it, the more guilty I feel… I’m sorry..” She looked down but somehow Stiles was instantly standing in front of her. He lifted her chin, and gazed into her green eyes.

“Don’t be sorry, I’m just glad that now you’re in my life,” he said leaning in and placing his soft lips on her lips. It was delicate and sweet and slow. Lydia melted into his arms that were now placed on her waist. Once they pulled away from each other needing air, Lydia said
“What about if we break up… I don’t want to lose you….”

“Lydia trust me… You’re never going to lose me, your basically stuck with me for the rest of your life,” he began smiling after completing his sentence. She giggled along with him, then lent up to kiss him again. This time the kiss was more forceful and Stiles ended up being pushed on his bed seductively.

“Ow, Lydia as much as this is turning me on, I still have some injures..” He said pointing to his chest “And do not want to have to wait longer for them too heal”

“Oh my god… I’m sorry, it’s your fault though… You and your adorable brown eyes, luscious lips and the fact that I have been staring at your chest, which even know is torn up with claw marks, is extremely hot… So your fault.” Lydia said smiling and starting to giggle a little. She never thought she’d be saying that to Stiles Stilinski. Stiles smiled, even giggled a bit.

“I love you Stiles…” Stiles looked at Lydia shocked, Lydia immediately regretted what she said and started moving towards the door.

“Lydia… Why are you going?” Stiles looked puzzled.

“Because it’s really awkward and I suddenly feel very regretful after saying… And I’m gonna go..” She began walking again and almost exited the room completely before Stiles said,“ I love you too… Lydia it’s kind of hard not to be surprised… The girl I have had a crush on for 10 years finally said she loves me… Like seriously how else am I meant to act….. don’t go.. Stay with me tonight… Please?”

Lydia looked at him for a moment and smiled and walked up to him and placed a kiss on his cheek. And then grabbed his hand and gently (this time) and pulled him onto the bed with her.

That night they laid there, holding each other in their arms, never planning on letting each other go. Sheriff Stilinski came back from his shift and checked on Stiles, and was very surprised when he saw Stiles holding Lydia, under the covers. He was also surprised by bandages and the bloody clothes on the floor. Even know John was curious, he let it be and said to himself that he’ll ask him in the morning.

The End.