lips allow

Neil watched as Andrew’s head tipped back, lips parting to allow a thin trail of smoke to dribble out. He gave it a few moments before he blew it away with a sharp puff.

“Can you do the thing where you blow it out of your mouth and breathe it back in through your nose?” Neil asked him.

Andrew looked at the cigarette curiously before taking another drag and trying as Neil suggested. His face scrunched up when the hot smoke burned his nostrils. He rubbed at them and scowled, while Neil watched and chuckled.

They were sitting on the roof of Nicky and Erik’s apartment complex in Berlin, invited there for the wedding which would be taking place in just a handful of days. Aaron, whom Nicky had chosen for best man, and the groom in question, were out with Erik’s mother flower shopping, while Erik was at work. Neil and Andrew had, mostly politely, declined the offer to tag along.

It was strange being back in Berlin, it having been so many years since he and his mother had stopped there in their globe trotting escape. It was familiar, and at the same time unsettlingly alien.

“Who do you think’s gonna cry when Nicky walks down the aisle?” Neil asked, after a time.

Nicky, a stickler for tradition despite his non-traditional leanings, had insisted that someone was going to walk down the aisle to the wedding music. Ms Klose had offered to stand in in place of his absent mother, and Nicky had been close to tears at the mere thought of such a gesture.

“Erik first, probably. He’s gonna take one look at him and start crying, which will set Nicky off. They’ll exchange their vows with snot running down their faces,” Andrew replied.

Neil chortled at the imagery. “You’re probably right, actually.”

There was another drawn out silence. Andrew occupied it with finishing his cigarette and lighting another, while Neil watched on. He stared with open fascination at the tattoos on Andrew’s hands, the only part of his finished sleeve visible around the arm bands and leather jacket, worn to ward of the cold autumn night. He found himself smiling as he read the words on Andrew’s knuckles. чёрт. So fitting.

“What are you wearing to the wedding?” Neil asked after a time.

“Not a fucking suit, that’s for sure.”

Neil snorted. “What, does it kill your vibe? Not punk enough for you?”

“Shut your whore mouth Josten or you can examine my knuckles more closely.”

Neil smirked, unoffended by the veiled accusation that he had again been staring. He’d come to realise it didn’t bother Andrew nearly so much as he implied. “So what, leather jacket?”

Andrew turned to level a look at him, cigarette dangling from his lips. “Works well enough for most occasions.”

“But it’s a wedding.”


Neil shook his head, smiling, exasperated.

“The fuck’s your problem, Abram?”

Neil’s smile turned into a chuckle, which grew steadily into a laugh the more Andrew glared at him.

Eventually the nonsensical giggling grew annoying enough that Andrew threw away his half finished cigarette and moved abruptly closer, reaching out to crook a finger under Neil’s chin. Neil smelt tobacco on the breath that ghosted across his cheeks, glimpsed a hint of warmth in the dark hazel eyes that stared unflinchingly at him. His giggling stopped but the smile remained firmly on his face, impossible to remove with Andrew like this.

“Something funny?” Andrew asked, his voice pitched low and quiet, almost a whisper. It was startlingly intimate; given they were alone.

“You’re a fashion snob. It’s hilarious.”

Andrew’s fingers gripped his chin, pulling him closer. “Says the man who wore the same three shirts for five years.”

Neil’s grin softened. “I guess we balance each other out, then.”

Andrew frowned at the cheesiness of the line, or maybe the sincerity of it, but didn’t pull away. 

His other hand moved to Neil’s crooked thigh, resting there lightly until Neil inched closer, demanding more. They were nearly nose to nose now, the air between them charged with something indescribable. Maybe want, maybe need. Neil ached to close the distance.

Andrew’s gaze dropped from his eyes, staring at his lips instead. Neil licked them, almost subconsciously. Andrew’s grip tightened.

“How about I convince Nicky to let you wear the jacket, if you wear the queer pin.”

Andrew rolled his eyes, and the heady tension diffused. “You’re a fucking idiot, Abram.”

“I think it’s fair! You get to be supportive and punk, best of both worlds.”


“That’s not-”

Andrew silenced him with his lips, closing the hairsbreadth distance. Neil’s complaints turned to enthusiastic compliance, and he opened his mouth under Andrew’s touch, welcoming the other inside. Andrew cradled his face, the grip tight, a tattooed hand holding him steady as his lips seared and claimed and drove Neil insane. Neil’s own hands didn’t know where to go, so he settled for the lapels of Andrew’s leather jacket, and used them to pull him closer.

No matter how many times they did this, no matter how many years had passed, Neil was always shocked by the intensity that Andrew kissed him with, the unconcealed passion and need that manifested in those lips against his; biting, sucking, licking, skilfully taking Neil apart till he could do nothing but clutch him tighter, kiss him harder.

This was the world, and the world was this.

(Later, when Andrew showed up to the wedding- a small gathering in a beautiful garden- wearing his nicest leather jacket, Nicky was too busy sobbing into his now-husbands’ shoulder to notice. Though if he had seen the small rainbow with the words ‘Here and QUEER’ underneath pinned to his shoulder, maybe he wouldn’t have minded.)

fight me || park jimin

summary: park jimin has become infatuated with his patient. 

based off this

nurse!jimin, stupidcollegestudentwhoistoostressedtoeatandisalsoeverysingleoneofusreadersoutthere!reader

fight me? 

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{Reaction} Being unusually cute around EXO

Maybe EXO reacting to you acting cute when it’s not what you normally do? And would it be ok for all of the twelve members? Cause it will always be ot12 in my heart and good luck with college, coming from a fellow college student

Note: Ah~ I wish you the best of luck in your studies, I’m rooting for you! (It will always be OT12 in my heart too heh) Here is your reaction, I hope you enjoy it! Fighting~

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used.

Main Masterlist - EXO Masterlist

Park Chanyeol

Originally posted by mylordae

Chanyeol would be stunned for a moment, wondering if your aegyo had been accidental or done purposely as it’s never something you really do. He’d find himself speechless for once, before finally allowing his lips to tug at a smirk and start teasing you and begging you to do it again.

Chanyeol: “Ah Jagi that was adorable, again, please!”

Do Kyungsoo/ D.O.

Originally posted by lotexohsehun

Kyungsoo would double take at you as you winked and threw a finger heart at him, almost in disbelief in what had just seen with his eyes. For a moment he’d hesitate, then he’d smile, and laugh at the way your cheeks reddened with embarrassment.

Kyungsoo: “You said you weren’t cute when you did aegyo, liar.” *Laughing as he pulls you into a hug.*

Byun Baekhyun

Originally posted by the-a-team-baekhyun

Oh boy. You’ve acted cute once, don’t think he’s ever going to let you live it down. As a person that is very cute and animated, Baekhyun would find it heart fluttering when he sees you acting cutely.

Baekhyun: *Secretly takes a photo for future reference.*

Oh Sehun

Originally posted by sebaeked

Sehun poured himself a drink the kitchen before turning to lean his back against the counter to look at you, sitting at the dining table with text books lay out around you as you vigorously took notes. He smiled to himself, you looked so cute learning Korean as your tongue poked out the corner of your mouth in concentration between muttering random sounds and words in Korean and your own language.

Sehun: “Aish, how did I get so lucky?” *wraps his arms around you from behind*

Zhang Yixing/ Lay

Originally posted by ethereal-baek

Yixing bit his lip to stop himself from smiling as the sweetest, cutest noise escaped your lips as he pressed his fingers against your sides to tickle you. As the angelic sound came from your lips, he stopped, looking at you with amused, joyful eyes.

{y/n}: “Why are you looking at me like that?”

Lay: “You’re too cute baobei.”

Kim Jongdae/ Chen

Originally posted by glorious-soobooty

If there’s anything that Chen finds cute, it’s when you’re blushing. In that moment, he was grinning at you after you’d performed forced aegyo after an unfortunate dare by Chanyeol. All of the boys were laughing, all teasing you for cuteness but Chen was charmed the most.

Jongdae: “You should do aegyo more often.”

Kim Minseok/ Xiumin

Originally posted by xiuboyfruits

Minseok bit the inside of his lip as he watched you perform the gwiyomi dance. You were never this ‘cute’ unless you were drunk, which was the state you were in now. He couldn’t refrain from grinning as he watched you burst into a fit off giggles after finishing the song.

Minseok: “Ah jagi, you’re going to regret that tomorrow, especially when you find out Chanyeol got it all on video.”

Huang Zitao/ Tao

Originally posted by ztaohs

Our panda Tao is the visual of cuteness, which is completely contradictory to you, which means he will jump at any chance to see you being cute, even when you are poorly.

You were sitting on the sofa wrapped like a cocoon within all of the blankets, and Tao couldn’t help but form heart eyes as he watched you sneeze adorably with pink cheeks.

Tao: “I wish you didn’t look so cute when you’re poorly baobei.”

{y/n}: “Shut your mouth before I give you my cold on purpose.”

Tao: “worth it.”

Kim Junmyeon/ Suho

Originally posted by sehunlays

Junmyeon cracked a smile as a wide blush spread across your cheeks as you shook the hand of Kim Taehyung of BTS. Suho knew you admired BTS a lot, and so planned for you to meet the members, what he didn’t account for was for you to react so cutely, which was something he wasn’t used to seeing on you at all.

Suho: “You should be honoured, she doesn’t even blush that much with me.”

Taehyung: “Ah, how cute, are you shy?”

{y/n}: “Aish, I’m not cute.”

Suho: “Liar” *winks*

Lu Han

Originally posted by yoonterlude

You’re not the overly romantic type, so as you stand before Luhan with matching necklaces he can’t help but let the biggest smile take over his face and pull you into a hug.

Luhan: “I’m so happy, Jagi. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Kim Jongin/ Kai

Originally posted by intokai

Kai rose an eyebrow as your voice changed to one that was sweet and high pitched. You were knelt on the floor, stroking his dogs and talking to them in that high, animal tone that humans always do when they see animals or babies. He found himself grinning as he pulled out his phone to capture it for future reference.

Wu Yifan/ Kris

Originally posted by i-growl-growl-growl

As Kris isn’t the overly ‘cute’ member of EXO himself, he is suited rather well to you as you both have the ‘cooler’ representation. He never really thought about you being cute until he actually experienced it, and no, he simply can’t get enough.

Kris: “Baobei, do aegyo again.”

{y/n}: “Keep dreaming.” 

Oh, yes! Thank you, thank you, anon!! Hope you like it! 


  • He won’t press a kiss without a soft blush across his cheeks.
  • Yoosung gently brings both of his hands to caress the sides of your face, stroking his thumbs lightly against your skin.
  • He’ll tilt his own face slightly to deepen the kiss becoming a little less shy as he continues forth.
  • Yoosung will then begin running his fingers through your hair, to the point where he’s gently massaging your scalp.
  • Everything about Yoosung is light, gentle and sweet, especially his kisses.


  • His hands grasp your waist and abruptly pull you against his body, bringing you close and not giving you a second to even process what’s going on until it’s already happening.
  • He moves his lips against you in fervor, running his hands along the sides of your body and really anywhere he can touch.
  • Zen will allow his lips to leave yours only to whisper sweet, little things into your ear that will certainly make you blush.
  • It’s rather easy for things to get heated, the steady rhythm of lips turning into more of a frenzy.
  • If you let him, Zen’s kisses can turn into something much more.


  • It isn’t very often that Jaehee would initiate a kiss, but when she does she doesn’t seem to know what to do with her hands at first.
  • Jaehee will press a kiss on your lips, allowing her hands to hover at your waist until you finally grasp Jaehee’s hands to fully place them on your hips.
  • Jaehee will gently thumb the fabric there, running along your hipbones, releasing a breathy sigh while doing so.
  • Of course at this, a deep blush spreads across Jaehee’s face at the noises she’s made.
  • The kiss turns to all smiles as you tell Jaehee that she’s absolutely adorable.


  • His kisses are open-mouthed, deep and entirely sensual.
  • His preference is having you pressed heavily into the mattress of the bed, his body bringing as much pressure upon your own as possible.
  • Jumin really loves to watch. He’ll look at you with eyes open, half-lidded in lust as your tongues continue in their dance.
  • He’ll do his best to get you gasping for air at the end of his kisses.
  • Your panting and soft moans are what Jumin lives for and will most likely pull you into at least 50 more kisses by the end of the night.

Seven (Warning: Slight NSFW):

  • Seven’s favorite way to kiss you is to sneak up from behind, wrapping one of his arms lightly around your waist pulling you close.
  • He uses his other hand in grasping your jaw and carefully twisting your face around to meet his lips.
  • There is no hesitance as he swiftly pushes his tongue into your mouth, while simultaneously tightening the grip that he has amongst your waist.
  • He favors giving you little love bites on your bottom lip, having the hand holding your face fall and wrap around your waist, so that both arms now have a tight hold of you.
  • That’s when he’ll have your body flush amongst his own, rolling his hips heavily against you, earning deep sighs from the both of you.

                                              Spoiler boys under cut

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Give Me Love
  • Give Me Love
  • Ed Sheeran
  • +

Give me love | Ed Sheeran

Give me love like never before,
‘Cause lately I’ve been craving more,
And it’s been a while but I still feel the same,
Maybe I should let you go..

Give a little time to me or burn this out,
We’ll play hide and seek to turn this around,
All I want is the taste that your lips allow,
My, my, my, my, oh give me love.


kc mates · All I want is the taste that your lips allow
-“Mother used to told us that, when you finally find your mate is like, the time stops. Something deep inside tells you, the one you where waiting just appear. It can happens anywhere, at store, at cinema, at school, walking around; with anyone, a long time friend, someone new, your neighbor down the street. Somehow have met each other in a previous life. Is like your soul recognize the other one. You feel that pull between of you,  just need to look at their eyes and, then, you don’t want ever look at other thing for the rest of your life. Is like discover that part of you didn’t know you where missing and you don’t ever want to lose again. Is have a partner for the rest of you mortal life, someone who, in the better of the case, will love you, protect you and cherish every moment. In your mind will be only Mine, mine, mine” Something of this sound familiar, Niklaus?
-Bloody hell

cvtgrant  asked:

hehe gonna make u do it (cat/kara hs!au): "i'm not into girls, okay?"

In the heat of the moment, Kara pushes Cat into the locker, harder than she intends to. The collision produces a loud bang that echoes throughout the empty locker room.

“Oh, my God, are you okay? I –”

“Shut up,” Cat demands, cutting Kara off before she can apologize further. “Kiss me.”

Kara has no intention of disobeying, especially when Cat’s mouth is so close to hers, she can feel the blonde’s hot, labored breath against her skin before their lips even meet. Now keenly aware of her super-strength and what being, erm, worked up, can do to her, Kara is delicate in her next movements. A palm resting softly on Cat’s burning cheek. A gentle grip on her small waist. A excited but carefully controlled kiss placed on those perfect plump lips.

Allowing herself to be consumed by the moment, Kara begins to tug delicately at the fabric of Cat’s cheerleading uniform, pulling it over her head and tossing it aside. Cat returns the favor, her nimble fingers finding the zipper of Kara’s skirt, which promptly hits the floor with a soft thud

After all this time, their romping has become an intricate dance of sorts; they have become well attuned to one another’s wants and needs.



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  • "They say she's in the class A Team"
  • "The worst things in life come free to us"
  • "It's too cold outside for angels to fly"
  • "It's too cold outside for angles to die"
  • "I wanna be drunk when I wake up on the right side of the wrong bed"
  • "You have your mother's eyes"
  • "My 3 words have 2 meanings"
  • "Out of all these things I've done, I think I love you better now"
  • "Give me love"
  • "Maybe tonight I'll call ya after my blood turns into alcohol"
  • "I just wanna hold ya"
  • "All I want is the taste that your lips allow"
  • "Give me love like never before"
  • "It's been awhile but I still feel the same"
  • "Maybe I should let you go"
  • "I'll never leave again"
  • "You are the only one"
  • "Promise me you'll always be a friend"
  • "I wanna feel your love"
  • "For tonight, I wanna fall in love"
  • "I'm a mess a right now"
  • "I messed up this time"
  • "Don't fuck with my love"
  • "I'm not really looking for another mistake"
  • "You didn't need to take him to bed"
  • "I never saw him as a threat until you disappeared with him to have sex"
  • "I thought you were different"
  • "It's a bit too late if I'm honest"
  • "You should go 'cause I ain't ever coming home"
  • "I swear it will get easier"
  • "You won't ever be alone"
  • "I won't ever let you go"
  • "Wait for me to come home"
  • "You can fit me inside the necklace you got when you were 16, next to your heartbeat where I should be"
  • "I will remember how you kissed me under the lamppost back on sixth street"
  • "We are surrounded by all of these lies and people that talk too much"
  • "All that you are is all that I'll ever need"
  • "I wanna runaway with you"
  • "I don't want to hate you"
  • "He's not the right guy for you"
  • "It was never fine to lose you"
  • "I won't be changing the subject, I love it"
  • "I'll make your little secret public"
  • "I'm just disgusted with the skeletons you sleep within your closet to get back at me"
  • "Fact is you're mad at me because I backtracked so casually"
  • "You're practically my family"
  • "Tragically our love just lost the will to live"
  • "I don't love you"
  • "I don't need you"
  • "I don't want you"
  • "I don't wanna love you"
  • "Good things are over fast"
  • "Success is nothing if there's no one left to share with you"
  • "I still love you"
  • "I will be loving you 'til we're 70"
  • "My heart could still fall as hard at 23"
  • "People fall in love in mysterious ways"
  • "I fall in love with you every single day"
  • "Maybe we found love right where we are"
  • "You're a soul who could never grow old"
  • "Darling hold me in your arms the way you did last night"
  • "I could look into your eyes until the sun comes up"
  • "With your body next to mine, our hearts will beat as one"
  • "Kiss me like you wanna be loved"
  • "We're falling in love"


this are new colors of my old lips from Kylie Matte Lipsticks, suggested by @sammsz;

- 12 colors

-based on kylie jenner lips

- recolor allowed but do not include the ´mesh

- mark me on your creations :)

- have fun!



kylie lipkit v.2 will be released soon and will include the latest released colors dirty peach, love bite and sugar brown!

hope you likei it!

||❥ out of the woods (m)

j u n ! s c e n a r i o

v a m p i r e ! a u

words: 5k

genre: ye old smut, some fluff, the usual lol

synopsis: jun has been restricted from the pure taste of blood for too long, and decides that on halloween night should he actually do something about it. also in memory of the vamp!jun series i never finished,, r.i.p

It was during the time of Halloween that a certain perilous vampire would turn his fangs of white ice upon the town streets, fingers curling unbridledly in his pockets and eyes so smoulderingly black they could be a blanket for the stars. He would untuck himself from whereabouts never revealed and slick back his soft ashy hair, parted lips allowing his tongue to taste the fresh dew that was lathered everywhere.

He could let his fangs unsheathe and gingerly poke into his mouth, he could languidly step behind a clump of children and let his irises cloud a frosty white. They thought he was just taking interest in the eventful night, like he was dressing up to resemble some ancient book character, when really this vampire wasn’t made from silvery contacts or plastic teeth, he was more than real and his desire for blood had struck like a bolt of lightning.

The only reason the vampire could walk around on a night like Halloween and not want to sink his jagged pearls into someone’s flesh was due to the fact he’d already gotten his fix. He’d consumed enough liquid copper to last up to a week, a week where he could be among human life and not want to lacerate into their delicate tissue. Yet a certain incident left the boy in a state of complete opposition. His desire for blood was skyrocketing, and it was a challenging task to keep his solid pace and not lash out at the little folk around him.

Usually Halloween was one of the only days in a year that he let himself walk fully exposed up and down the streets, nobody would suspect him, nobody would try to stab a stake of wood through his chest. He got a lot of crooned compliments whenever he hovered in one corner of town for too long, leaning against a thick oak trunk while fluttering his glittery stare toward the moon.

Your fangs look so real! Are they really plastic?

Jesus, those contacts look like they’re your actual eyes.

That’s a pretty simple yet convincing costume you got there.

And the vampire would just grin toothily and wind his way through the conversation with nothing but the wholehearted truth. Of course not a single soul would ever believe the words rolling off his tongue, not when his lips quirked into that deceitful smirk after their faces momentarily grew stiff. It was Halloween, people liked to dress up as things that didn’t exist, and according to them, he was as much as a real vampire as that one girl down the street was a fluffy purple unicorn.

Yet there happened to be one individual in town that this darkened boy was well aquatinted with, and they knew perfectly well what he was, and what he so often craved.

“I’m sorry, I turned off all my lights cause I don’t have any candy-”

A pause, the process, and then the reaction.

“Jun? What are you doing here- and holy shit why are you walking around with your fangs out and eyes all glowey?”

You couldn’t be more appalled as to why this hunk of shadows was letting every man, woman, and child be coveted to his appearance, and more importantly why his leader was letting him frolic around as such. But Jun, not to your complete surprise, just stifled a yawn that pressed up from his throat and let himself into your house, the distant squeals of mirthful children now becoming mute as the door kicked shut. You could have cloaked him in your sighs and questions that always traveled like a spool of thread, yet you decided to let him wander.

Jun rarely approached you unless he wanted something.

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“I just love looking at you.”

Pairing: Luke and You

Word Count: 1000+

Warning: sfw

Just a fluffy lil blurb bc the idea of boyfriend!luke keeps me up at night.

Masterlist | Feedback

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makeoutinkorean  asked:

radio dj!yoongi + 7

Originally posted by queen-of-suburbiaa

#7 - Midnight Caller

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Rating: PG

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: None

Words: 691

A/N: Sorry this took so long, omg.

Until you take my call

Now what’s this spell that you’ve been under


“Love,” was pronounced against the microphone: the tip of his tongue patted the palate to end with a gentle touch of teeth to his lower lip. Yoongi paused, allowing the simple yet intimate word to linger transiently before proceeding with his answer for the corresponding question.

“Is the foundation of all things. It nurtures us—embraces and guides us through life. We cannot survive without it, and in a way, it cannot survive without us. But, don’t believe that love has to be an exclusive thing. Love your friends and your family. Most of all, love yourself,” he shrugged, looking at the atelier’s clock and cleared his throat. “That’s what I think, anyway.”


Midnight was introduced with a charming transition, “Midnight Caller with DJ Yoongi” as the appropriate designation where “the caller can have a small heart-to-heart” is simply put by the disc jockey. Pealing notes of the studio’s telephone reverberates within the room whilst Yoongi scrolls through live comments on his tablet, smiling as he waited. Yet, he would find himself drifting off into a reverie and wonder what you would be doing at the moment. Perhaps you were tangled in their bedsheets, sleeping, and unable to stay up for him to return home. Or could you be— “Hello?”

Yoongi perked up at the greeting which travelled from the speakers, yet his eyes slightly narrowed at the voice’s familiarity. Even so, “Thank you for being our midnight caller,” was said as he shifted in his seat to be more comfortable and added, “My ears are open to anything you have to say.” Silence. At first, Yoongi mused over the possibility that the line must have dropped which would be truly a shame. He waited for a few seconds, parting his lips in ready to see if the person was still there until a small giggle was heard.

Wait a min—

“Sorry! I wasn’t expecting to get through so I am a bit flustered,” replied the voice, modulated in every way in which he could not help but smile. “You were discussing love earlier, right? Well… I have a boyfriend who I love that is impossible to describe with words. However, he is away most of the time due to his job and I wanted to discuss ways that I could show my love, no matter where he is.”

Leaning back in the chair, Yoongi glanced up at the ceiling whilst he contemplated, brushing away mint tresses with a forefinger. Soon, he answered: “If you know his schedule, I doubt he wouldn’t mind you calling him whenever he has time to spare,”—of course—“Maybe send him a few texts. To show him that you are alive and well, I mean,”—most definitely—“A few pictures wouldn’t hurt. By the sound of your voice, I bet you are gorgeous and he wouldn’t mind seeing your face every time he turns on his phone.”

Fatigue was rubbed from his eyes after he removed his glasses and listened as you said, “Call, text and send pictures. Great points, but that all seems simple. How about if I surprise him? Would that work?” Yoongi hummed, rolling his head against the seat’s headrest and playfully clicked his tongue.

“Depends on the surprise, though I’m sure he would love any surprise that you would give him. Especially if he loves you just as much as you do,” he responded. “Taking the time to come up with a plan to catch him off guard, well, that would show him how much you care about him.”

Upon figuring out the caller moments ago, Yoongi was tempted to put the game to a rest but he held his tongue and rested his chin in the palm of his hand whilst he smiled once more. “I’m surprising him right now,” you said and he knew that there was a smile on your face as well, enjoying every moment. “Though, I’m worried he’s not liking it. What do you think?”

Yoongi chuckled. “I’m positive that he loves it.”

Closer //D.H.//

Originally posted by trevanterhodes


Pairing(s): Derek x Reader

Requested?: Yep

Request: alright so like derek x reader where they’re in the car and the reader is like super bubbly and happy and turning up the radio and singing and derek is being derek but starts to cave and finally starts singing with her - Anon

A/N: Y/R = Your Race


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