Yaaayyy I did my make up finally for the first time in weeks and I am very happy about it! Even if I feel super icky inside and achy and stuff it makes me feel soooo much better to put on some make up! Even if I don’t get to go anywhere, but I do get to go see my little brother play a show tonight!! (Gypsy jazz style stuff like think Django Reinhardt) 


Mineral Fusion Perfecting BB Cream -

Daytime Magic Foundation by Ella Rose Minerals -

Finishing Powder by Ella Rose Minerals -


Volumizing Mascara by Mineral Fusion -

Bubblegum Shimmer by Ella Rose Minerals -


I do a lip scrub I make myself using sugar, honey and coconut oil, it’s like MAGIC. Then I tend to use a wet washcloth to remove anymore skin that the scrub didn’t. I just looked up online how to make the lip scrub, it was incredibly easy!

I’m still searching for the perfect lip balm, I’m thinking it’ll be the one by Lippy Girl since their lipsticks have worked out so amazing for me but for now I just use a tiny bit of castor oil to moisturize them before putting on my lipstick which leads me to…..!!!

Lipstick: Ski Bunny by Lippy Girl Cosmetics -

Seriously I can’t stop talking about my new favorite lipstick line though which is made by Lippy Girl cosmetics. I’ve been searching for years and years for an organic, natural, WELL PIGMENTED lipstick with actual staying power! And I finally stumbled upon it. So far I have two colors, Ski Bunny and P-Bomb (which I’ll take pics of later). This lipstick not only looks amazing, it almost acts like a lip balm! It’s super moisturizing, feels so nice and looks just so rad. There are quite a few other beautiful colors that I can’t wait to try too! It also happens to be vegan for all my wonderful vegan friends out there! 

                                         ARE YOU A LIPPYGIRL?

What do you do during a mid-life crises? While most buy crazy cars, travel, or go for a new look, that was not the case for Darcy Diehl who started a makeup line! I recently had the oppurtunity to interview the fun and creative CEO of Lippygirl Cosmetics. Lippygirl Makeup is a 100% USDA Organic line. Read on see how Darcy became a Lippygirl.

What made you start Lippygirl?

 Darcey: “Well, I was pregnant with my second child and I was in search of organic products to use. But anytime I would go shopping, I would find a product that was nothing short of being wrapped in brown paper bag with twigs. I wanted great and good for you products but not with sacrificing style.  I wanted to bring fashion to the world of animal and environmentally friendly cosmetics.”

What is a LIppygirl?

 Darecy: “A Lippygirl is a makeup lover and fashionista. She loves to have fun with her cosmetics and alter her looks to fit her mood. Beyond that she is a lover of animals, who respect the environment.”

How do Lippygirl products compare to other cosmetic lines?

Darcey: ” We kick bum! Really our products have all the excellent qualities you want in makeup, without compromising their natural formulas. Our listicks are creamy, smooth and very pigmented. Our blushes are talc free,have jojoba oil and natrual clays tomake them pigmented.”

What’s next from Lippygirl?

Darcey: ” Lippygirl is working towards expanding their line. In the next few months we will be introducing a Lip Love,Lip Conditioning Stick, and Lip Gloss. All 100% organic. We also have plans for lip pencils and mascara.”

I just want to take the moment to personally thank Darcey for taking time out of her busy day to answer these questions. Go check her out on youtube (vidoe link will be posted in my blog) Please go and check out and try her amazing products.


Lippy Girl Promotion

Lippy Girl Promotion

Bubba’s ready to see what is being shared. :)

I discovered Lippy Girl online and decided to try a lipstick from them, since it’s handmade from natural ingredients and I’d read good reviews online. I ordered myself a red lipstick that can be worn daily if I wanted to! Boss Lady, it’s a nice brick red that is matte, and does not dry out lips like most lipsticks do. It costs CAD $23.00 and shipping…

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