Matahari Bagi Dividen Rp 358 Miliar

Matahari Bagi Dividen Rp 358 Miliar

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PT Matahari Putra Prima Tbk (MPPA), perusahaan ritel yang dikendalikan Lippo Group membagikan dividen tunai sebesar Rp 193,3 miliar atau setara Rp 36 per saham. Jumlah ini setara 35 persen dari laba bersih sepanjang 2014 sebesar Rp 554 miliar.

“Sisa laba sebesar Rp 358 miliar akan dibukukan sebagai laba ditahan. Kami akan menyampaikan info selanjutnya tentang jadwal pembayaran,” kata…

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Lippo Group Rambah Myanmar dan Kamboja Kembangkan Bisnis Rumah Sakit

Lippo Group Rambah Myanmar dan Kamboja Kembangkan Bisnis Rumah Sakit Lippo Group semakin mengembangkan sayapnya bisnisnya keluar negeri terutama Negara ASEAN yang dianggap potensial.

Di Myanmar, Lippo Groupberencana untuk membuka 12 rumah sakit (RS). Investasi yang disiapkan untuk ekspansi bisnis tersebut mencapai US$ 400 juta hingga US$ 500 juta, atau hingga Rp 6,5 triliun dengan perhitungan biaya untuk membuka 1 rumah sakit rata-rata US$ 50…

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Gebrakan Grup Lippo di Bisnis Bioskop

Posted on December 18, 2014 by Gustyanita Pratiwi

Raksasa bisnis Grup Lippo masuk ke bisnis bioskop secara besar-besaran lewat Cinemaxx. Ambisinya adalah menjadi Raja Bioskop di Indonesia. Dengan jaringan mal yang dikuasainya di berbagai sudut kota, mudah saja bagi Lippo untuk mendirikan Cinemaxx di lokasi strategis. Apa saja langkah yang ditempuh Grup Lippo dalam merambah bisnis bioskop? Brian Riady, CEO PT Cinemaxx Global Pasific menjawabnya.

Setamat dari Studi Komunikasi Politik dan Ekonomi, Universitas Texas, Amerika, Brian Riady memulai kariernya sebagai Analis Investasi Perbankan di Credit Suisse, New York. Saat kembali ke Tanah Air, pehobi badminton ini lantas didapuk sebagai Vice President divisi strategi di Lippo Group.

Sejak Desember 2013, ia kemudian mendirikan perusahaan cinema di bawah Lippo Group, Cinemaxx, dan diserahi tanggung jawab sebagai CEO. Di sinilah, dirinya bertanggung jawab untuk memformulasikan dan membangun strategi demi mengimplementasikan misi Cinemaxx untuk menjadi bioskop nomor wahid di Indonesia. Lantas apa saja langkah-langkah ekspansinya? Berikut penuturannya kepada Gustyanita Pratiwi dari SWA Online.

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Healthcare new Lippo growth focus


Indonesian conglomerate Lippo Group is looking to invest up to US$5 billion (RM 15.9 billion) in healthcare, food retailing and telecoms mainly in the Philippines, Vietnam and Myanmar over the next three to five years, its top executive said.

“Partly, it’s diversification, but partly also new growth markets,” James Riady, chief executive of one of the biggest conglomerates in the country, said in an interview.

“In Asean, outside of Indonesia, we could be investing US$3-5 billion over the next three-five years. Healthcare is a big part of it and retailing, primarily food retailing,” Riady said on the sidelines of a regional conference in Singapore.

He identified Vietnam, the Philippines and Myanmar as the main markets for Lippo’s expansion strategy.

The Riady family’s listed companies include Indonesia’s biggest private hospital operator, PT Siloam International Hospitals Tbk, the biggest property developer, PT Lippo Karawaci Tbk, and Matahari Department Store.

“Indonesia is the biggest market but these countries [the Philippines, Myanmar and Vietnam] are showing good potential and many Indonesian retailers have expressed interest in entering these markets,” said Matthew Wibowo, retail analyst at Mandiri Sekuritas.

Fitch Ratings said last month that regulatory barriers will remain one of the key challenges for expansion plans for mini-markets, convenience stores and hypermarkets in Indonesia.

Lippo has targeted healthcare as one of the key industries for the group’s expansion because of rising affluence among the middle class and a lack of hospital capacity in Indonesia.

“Indonesia is large but once you start building this business, you want scale and reach,” said Riady, adding that his group is aiming for a first-mover advantage in tapping other growing Southeast Asian markets.

Financing for the regional expansion would come from internal funds and capital markets.

Siloam, which listed in Jakarta last year, plans to have 40 hospitals by the end of 2017, up from 17 as of June 30.

Riady said over seven years Lippo is looking to build 30 hospitals in the Philippines, and 15 each in Vietnam and Myanmar.

“When you bring in the idea of modern healthcare, you bring in technology, you bring in systems and you are in there for the next 10-20 years. You can really build a business,” he said.

This year, the group made its first investment in a hospital in Myanmar this year with a local partner.

Emerging economies are seeing growing demand for high-quality healthcare services but some markets such as Philippines are ripe for consolidation, Riady said.

“There are just too many players and the quality still has room for large improvement,” Riady said.

“We are looking to serve the broad-based market. The challenge would be to have a breakthrough in providing quality healthcare at very affordable and even more competitive pricing than what is available right now.”

The Lippo Group towers (also known as The Koala Towers or The Koala Tree).

This pair of two towers is located in Hong Kong. The buildings first opened in 1987 and are nicknamed “The Koala Tree” because they resemble koalas clutching a tree. The height of the taller tower is 186m.

Designed by American architect Paul Rudolph.

Indonesia's Lippo continues e-commerce push with payment service

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Indonesia’s Lippo continues e-commerce push with payment service

Indonesian conglomerate Lippo Group plans to launch payment, chat and other online services early next year as it continues expanding in the nascent e-commerce industry of the world’s fourth-most populous country, a senior executive told Reuters.

Lippo has already earmarked $500 million for a new online department store, and investment in services planned for the first quarter of 2016 will be on top of that, director John Riady said in an interview late on Wednesday.

Indonesia has one of Asia’s biggest untapped e-commerce markets which is only recently drawing major investors in search of the next Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. Japan’s SoftBank Corp late last year led a $100 million investment in Indonesian online marketplace Tokopedia.

Lippo owns the infrastructure that makes e-commerce possible, such as fiber optic cables, satellites, data centers and fourth-generation mobile network base stations, and will be focusing on “what goes through those pipes”, Riady said.

“It’s all about the flow of money, data and merchandise,” Riady said. “We are beginning with which addresses the flow of merchandise, but we are also looking at the flow of money and data.”

Lippo will make a “significant” investment in a payment service similar to U.S. offering PayPal but with localized features, while data services could include chat and news functions, Riady said. The conglomerate is also open to partnerships to quicken its e-commerce push, he said.

Investors have been pouring money into firms that they hope could be the next e-commerce giant or social networking site like Facebook Inc, spurring concern of lofty valuations.

In January, SoftBank, Alibaba and others invested about $600 million in Chinese taxi app operator Travice. SoftBank also put $627 million into Indian online marketplace Snapdeal last year.

Riady said some investment in the sector reflects “pockets of euphoria” rather than a technology bubble.

“Today, it’s not just about how many eyeballs you have, which was the case in the 2000 dotcom era” when many technology firms went bankrupt, Riady said. “Today, companies have real revenue and there is underlying economic activity.”

“Whether that justifies the high valuations, I don’t know. But at least you know there is really underlying stuff, it’s not all just fluff.”

Lippo Group, founded by Riady’s grandfather, includes PT Matahari Department Store Tbk, PT Siloam International Hospitals Tbk, PT First Media Tbk and property developer PT Lippo Karawaci Tbk.

The group is planning an initial public offering this year for its satellite television company, through which it could raise “a lot more” than $100 million, Riady said.

Source: Reuters