Types of people: Make-up products

Foundation: Everyone’s go-to friend. Wants everything to be perfect. Cares a lot. Always there for others. Fades into the background but is never forgotten.

Blush: Flower crowns. Homemade jam. Walking barefoot in the sand. Soft laughs. Gentle touches. Knowing what’s wrong with one look. Very sensitive.

Contour: Bold. Knows what they want to do. Doesn’t care about anyone’s opinions. Very confident. Doesn’t make friends easily but very popular.

Lipliner: Keeps their friends in check. Always the designated driver. Takes responsibility. Very controlled. Bit of a perfectionist. Rarely talks. Looks mean but is actually very nice.

Lipstick: Constantly striving to be better. Talks confidently. Wants to conquer the world. Grew up too fast. Powerful strides. Self-assured movements. Hard working.

Lipgloss: Falls in love easily. Thinks the best of everyone. Wants to stay young forever. Talks too much. Laughs loudly. Warm smiles and loving touches. Cares a lot.

Eyeshadow: Very fashionable. Keeps up with trends. Likes to wear a lot of different colours. Stands out in a crowd. Makes friends easily. Helps everyone they can.

Mascara: Rolls their eyes constantly. Very sarcastic. Wears all black. Creates a difference in a subtle way. Doesn’t show it but actually cares a lot. Tired all the time.