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i could see you there, in the city lights. fourteenth flour, pale blue eyes. i could breathe in you. two shadows standing by the bedroom know i could not want you more than i did right then, as our heads leaned in. 

p e r c a b e t h - [a r t - e d i t - s o n g]

well, i’m not sure what this is gonna be. but with my eyes closed all i see is the skyline through the windows. the moon above you and the streets below. hold my breathe as you’re moving in. taste your lips and feel your skin. when the time comes, baby don’t run. just kiss me slowly.

(step up for) the cool cats; a hella rad backing mix for all of leo & piper’s fun times at wilderness school, camp half-blood, and the argo ii (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

“Piper glanced over, and Leo was struck by how much she’d changed. Not just physically. Her presence was stronger. She seemed more… h e r e. At Wilderness School she’d spent the semester trying not to be seen, hiding out in the back row of the classroom, the back of the bus, the corner of the lunchroom as far as possible from the loud kids. Now she would be impossible to miss.
       It didn’t matter what she was wearing - you’d h a v e to look at her.”

i. young folks - peter bjorn and john | ii. ses monuments - sea wolf | iii. my buddy (alvino rey orchestra) - arcade fire | iv. tennis court - lorde | v. pull me down - mikky ekko | vi. rather be ft. jess glynne - clean bandit | vii. big jet plane - angus & julia stone | viii. i want you back - the jackson 5 | ix. the chased - raleigh ritchie | x. i melt with you - modern english | xi. jackie and wilson - hozier | xii. boom clap - charli xcx

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meet me beneath the christmas tree

pairings: valgrace and a pipabeth mention

rating: T

words: 7k+

summary: It’s Christmas day, and Leo is spending it exactly opposite of where he pictured himself to be - serving food to grumps in an old folk’s home. This year, things seem pretty bleak, but he still finds joy in a few things - namely his friend Piper and his not-so-subtle crush and coworker, Jason Grace. Oh, and the fact that Drew Tanaka had to kiss an old guy under some mistletoe.

notes: i finished this at 12:00 am guys and im so proud because i thought this was going to be 4k words but then i came up with an actual plot for once and now it’s 7k which is?? amazing????? and to top it off, i wrote it in 2 nights!!! i’d like to thank all the friends who encouraged me as i wrote this (namely kim @1ooo-w0rds and charlie @lukekywalker) i love u guys as much as leo obviously loves jason ;)

it’s too long for me to post on tumblr because then i’d have to redo formatting manually and i love myself so!! ^u^ click the links if u want to read it!!

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