Agent: So, Katie, there’s a role you might be interested in….

Katie:  Is she tragic? Is she suffering? Is she pining? Is she gay? Could she be gayer? Does she need a huge hug? Does she deserve the world but no one seems to be giving it to her? Is she a little shady? Does she have a dark side? Is she too fabulous despite all of that? Does she die? Bitch sign me up. When’s the audition? (x


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Katie McGrath’s Characters: Dedicated to @lena-lipbite-luthor and Inspired by her Character Analyses (linked here: x, x, x,) 

I’m going to finally share the headcanon that @lena-lipbite-luthor and I came up with after Exodus aired. Enjoy. 

It started as Kara stopping by with lunch for the CEO. Soon it turned into going out for lunch breaks; after the third time of Kara suggesting to get Chinese, Lena was like ‘We should try new places when we go out together.’ And now they go back and forth in picking different places and foods. Which also means Lena knows how big Kara’s appetite is. 

Lena loves Kara’s large appetite and always wonders where Kara puts all of it. She gets that Kara loves her pot stickers, but it is time to try something new. Eventually she suggests that they try out different places and every time she chooses, it’s her treat and she picks a place that she knows Kara would love and has no problem spoiling her and encouraging her to eat as much as she wants.

Whenever it’s Kara’s turn to find places, she tries to reach outside of her comfort zone in choosing. She’s picked up on what kind of food Lena is interested in and tends to drift towards that since Lena does the same for her. Kara doesn’t feel embarrassed about how much she eats because of how kind Lena has been to her about it. Normally, she would be able to finish her food in a matter of minutes. But she wants to be able to savor each new flavor and the time spent with the CEO.

And then eventually they branch out even more when Lena admits to Kara that she actually loves to cook but hardly does because she would never cook just for herself. Kara gets really excited when Lena mentions some of her favorite dishes to make and says that Lena can feel free to cook for her anytime. So, they start getting together for dinner and movie nights and Lena finally gets to make use of the gourmet kitchen she has in her penthouse and she blushes every time Kara tells her how amazing the food is!

It wouldn’t make sense for Lena to cook a meal for just herself. But when she’s cooking with Kara, she has prepare a whole meal because she knows it’ll be gone before the night ends. During one of the nights, Kara tells her how she’s never really cooked in her kitchen per say. (Heat vision) So, the next time they get together Lena has her kitchen set up to teach Kara how to prepare a meal, starting with how to make pot stickers. Kara is in awe that Lena would do this for her, no one has ever really taken the time to actually teach her. But here she was, standing in the kitchen of someone who cared about her. They spend the rest of the evening laughing and flirting! While preparing the food their hands constantly brushed burning her cheeks red. That’s when it finally clicked for Kara.