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Hi!, for the little Drabble game you're doing, how about a #29 with Suga

#29: “I think I’m in love with you, and I’m terrified.”

“You’ve been avoiding me.”

Clenching your eyes shut as you hear a gruff voice behind you, you inhale sharply through your nose as you reach up to put a book back on the shelf, your lips pursing as you glance over at the boy.

“No I haven’t,” you reply curtly, and Yoongi scoffs.

“Bullshit!” Your eyes widen when he’s stepping closer to you, the proximity of him making your throat feel like it’s closing up as you feel the body heat radiating off of him.

He’s looking at you with harsh eyes, lips curled into a snarl as he glares at you. Even when he’s trying his best to look intimidating you feel your heart race, just one look at him and you’re ready to explode and tell him what he means to you – or rather, how much he means to you.

“We’re in a library, Yoongi,” you mutter, grabbing another book off of your cart. “Lower your voice.”

“No,” he says defiantly, his hand grabbing your wrist as he pulls you towards him to make you fully look at his face. “I want to know why you’re being like this!”

His angry facade falters then and you watch as his face contorts into something that makes you almost break down – he’s hurt.

“Did I do something wrong? Did I offend you in some way? Please, (Y/N), help me out here – I just want to know why you’ve decided to cut me off just like that. After everything we’ve been through…”

Deep brown eyes are filled with worry and sadness, his lips now turned downwards into a frown. He looks defeated, the tough guy exterior cracking and breaking down as he shows you what he’s truly feeling.


His name is whispered as it falls from your lips, your gaze locked on him as you try to calm yourself down. What was he going to think when you tell him? When you admit that it’s not because of something he did – hell, he didn’t even do anything! It’s because of the pure, unadulterated fear that sits in the back of your mind. The fear of getting hurt just like you had gotten hurt the last time you opened your heart up to someone. You wanted to take the risk, you wanted to tell him, but the nagging conscience of your brain tells you not to.

“I– I just…” You’re fumbling with your words, your eyes darting as they look at anything but Yoongi’s face, and you can feel your mouth go dry as nerves wrack your body.

“Are you sick of me?” He asks, and immediately your head shakes from side to side as you protest.

“No! It’s not that!”

“Than what is it?!” His voice is desperate now, brown eyes basically pleading you to tell him what it was that was making you like this. “(Y/N), please –”

“I’m scared okay!” You finally shout, and you can see people from the table next to the bookcase shoot the two of you a dirty look as your face flushes. Yoongi frowns, eyebrows furrowing in confusion as he tilts his head.

“Scared?” He repeats. “Of what?”

It’s now or never…

“Yoongi –” you whisper, your gaze dropping to the floor as you kick at the rug. “I think I’m in love with you… And I’m terrified…”

Shock crosses Yoongi’s features as your words register in his head, a wave of relief washing over him and you watch as he steps closer to you. Grabbing your hand, he pulls you close to him and shakes his head.

“Sweetheart,” he drawls quietly. “You know I would never hurt you the way he did, right?”

You nod and Yoongi gives you a small smile.

“I love you – and that’s a fact. I don’t think it, I know it. I love you enough to give you space if you need time to wrap your head around your feelings. I don’t want to make you feel forced or uncomfortable –”

Yoongi stops talking when you pull him in towards you, your arms looping around his neck as you hug him tightly.

“Thank you,” you murmur, and Yoongi smiles, leaning in to press his lips to the crown of your head.

“Anytime, sweetheart.”


absolutely bonkers. billy idol. “live.” 1984. …with no microphone.  i love her outfit. and his crazy lip.

A preview for a very imaginable Serial Killer!Hoseok AU

A gurgling noise emitted from the man’s throat as it slowly splintered into a crushed mess under Hoseok’s grip. Though he’d been through this process on several occasions, his heartbeat pounded in his ears, leaving his skin burning with his running pulse.

He could feel the thyroid cartilage crack under his steel grip, his thumb pressing into the blood vessels right under the stranger’s jaw; he could feel the exertion of his victim’s energy, struggling to survive. This was what Hoseok loved the most.

No, his favourite part had to be watching their face, seeing the veins bulge in their eyes and the bloated nature of their face, lips curled in a snarl as they tried to fight his strength. Sometimes their flailing hands would catch onto his arm, scratching at fabric and - if they were lucky enough - onto a sliver of exposed skin (spoiler: they were never lucky).

The laugh would bubble up his chest before he knew it was there, the humor overtaking him, threatening to loosen his hold on his victim. If oxygen flowed to their brains, they may have wondered how such a cheery smile could erupt from such a horrid creature. How could his laugh stir hope as he took that very thing away?

Hoseok doubled his efforts, his amusement building his strength until the energy was spent, their body falling limp in his hand. He’d smile, heaving an exhalation as he chortled in complete ecstasy as if this was his first kill.

Letting his hand unclench from the lifeless body, he furled and splayed his fingers, giddily smiling  at the satisfaction coursing through his bones. Another body to drag along.

The bruises were already blooming, purple and blue lines jagged around the stranger’s throat, the odd concavity under the chin making Hoseok smirk. There, a good line to mark where to chop off the head. But that wasn’t his job.

He left the mutilation to you.

I sing hymns to the ugly parts of myself
to the cracks in my lips
the snarl in my teeth
I offer my praise to my own fearsome flaws
the scabs on my knuckles and the bruises on my ribs
I worship my grotesquerie, my futility, my impurity
For I am hideous
                                            and I am divine.

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Go to page seven of your current WIP, go down to the seventh line, and copy seven sentences.

“I must admit, in his current state our dear Anthony is quite malleable. He’s always like that after a nasty break-up, though. Always so needy for affection. So desperate to believe that someone wants him –“ Stone’s upper lip curled in a snarl, “-even if it is only because he’s cheaper than paying a whore-”

Steve’s control didn’t snap. He didn’t see red. He knew exactly what he was doing when he closed his fist around Tiberius Stone’s throat and slammed his head into the wall.


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Into The Woods

I am a wolf
But not in sheep’s clothing
Tear me down and
I will eat you up
Shred your skin with
My tooth and nail
Your life becoming mine
But treat me fine and well
And loyal to you I shall be
I’ll make you my pack
My blood and flesh
Protect you as my own
I’ll teach you my ways
Show you how to howl
To the silver moon
Even in the darkest of nights
Do not be afraid
When you see my
Yellow eyes spying on
You in the night
I am a wolf
Carnivorous beast
And prey to none
Be prey or be predator
I will not bow down
But face you with
Snarling lips
Return the favor
And we may run
Across these snowy peaks
And into the woods
Where our packs grow

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by intensedreams

Regina will take these moments, fleeting and few but so intoxicating she can’t stop herself. It’s wrong. They are both committed to others, in steady relationships and she cannot condone cheating, adultery. In the back of her mind her morals are shouting at her, clenched fists and snarling lips, but as her lips meet Emma Swans again and again…
She can’t stop herself and she doesn’t really want to.

Words: 1721, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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