ANCIENT MODS UPDATE, 1/6/12 - One Bad Ass M*F*er (13-15th century, Mesoamerica) 

It doesn’t matter what century you’re in - you see someone walking down the street with a solid gold serpent busting out of their chin you know it means “Bow the hell down!”

…Pardon my English.

Lip Plug in the Form of a Serpent

Culture - Mixtec
Date -1350-1521 CE
Period - Pre-Columbian
Region - Mesoamerica
Materials - Gold
Dimensions - 6.6 x 6.3cm
Repository - American Museum of Natural History, New York, New York
Website -


5/8" (16mm) Quartz Labret with mystery inclusions for a customer in Austria

Loving this piece too much!


Petrified Wood is one of my favorite materials on the planet, so many different varieties, so many colors, patterns, textures and unique formations, There’s just something so special about it for me that I can’t quite put my finger on

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Tiny galaxies in this 5/8" Montana Agate Labret

½" (13mm) oval delrin labret plug with internal 14g (1.6mm) thread made by Lucas at Pirate Piercing adorned with a Toltec screw-on from BVLA in yellow gold with a pearl and champagne swarovski gems (which can also be ordered through Pirate Piercing). A piece like this gives you the oportunity to change the look of your labret plug by simply screwing on different standard size screw-ons! Gold, titanium discs, stone cabochons , the possibilities are endless!

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