“I was waiting for the sun to chase me,” he breathes, drawing me to his chest. In one swift movement, my lips are on his. The world is spinning. He kisses me like this is the moment he’s envisioned all his life. Like this is heaven on Earth.
For me, it is. A blissful moment before something that could be the end. The rush before the fear. He whispers, “I fucking love you.”
I smile, my lips tingling. “Guess what?”
“I love you more than chocolate cake.”


On this day in music history: July 26, 1986 - “Sledgehammer” by Peter Gabriel hits #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 1 week. Written by Peter Gabriel, it is the biggest hit for the British singer and songwriter. Influenced by 60’s soul music, especially the Memphis soul sound pioneered by Stax Records, Gabriel will hire the Memphis Horns to play on the track, as well as feature former Ikette P.P. Arnold as well as Dee Lewis and Coral Gordon on background vocals. The songs’ highly innovative and award winning music video directed by Stephen R. Johnson (“Pee Wee’s Playhouse”) also features contributions from the Aardman Animation Studio (“Wallace & Gromit”) and the Brothers Quay. Filmed using a stop motion technique in which Gabriel’s movements and lip synch are filmed one frame at at a time while lying under a sheet of plate glass for up to sixteen hours a day for eight days. The process is painstaking and slow, and the clip will take over a month to complete. Released as the first single from Gabriel’s fifth studio album “So”, “Sledgehammer” will become an immediate hit. Entering the Hot 100 at #89 on May 10, 1986, it will climb to the top of the chart eleven weeks later. The video for “Sledgehammer” will win an unprecedented nine MTV VMA awards (still the record holder for the most wins in a single year), and by 2011 will become the most played clip in the history of the channel.

Silver-Studded Lips

Nathan heard Hayden say Rachel has a silver tongue, but as he watches her talk to people, he has to disagree.

Rachel doesn’t have a silver tongue; her words are empty and meaningless. All she has are silver-studded lips, their movement sensual and mesmerizing.

She speaks and people listen to her hollow words, fooled by the flash and sparkle she coats them with.

She lies and manipulates, smiling silver, until the studs fall from her lips like teeth and scatter across the dance floor.

Nathan helps her keep her feet, blithely makes a jab about her having too much to drink, and escorts her out to the car waiting at the back of the lot.

“Nathan,” Rachel slurs, clutching at his jacket, and Nathan imagines the places where the studs used to sit weeping blood. “I think I was drugged.”

He smiles thinly, and shoves her into the back seat.

30 Day Naruto Challenge

Day 08: Favorite Fight.

(I could not pick one.)

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*The animation in the Team 10 vs. Team Zombie fight is some of the best animation I have ever seen from the show. There is a odd fluid way to how they move, and everyone appears rubbery. Much like an american style of animation. Even the small breaks in this episode, the lip syncing movements were a bit more then open/closed and seems a lot of money went into these episodes. Kakuzu also moves pretty fluidly.

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And you can just tell their personalities by how they move. Really solid animation.

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Konan’s fight with Madara is also one of my personal favorites because we can finally see Konan acting on her own, without being burdened by guilt or her past anymore. I like it for Konan’s character development, and the CGI is actually integrated pretty well here. An sea of papers? 600 billion paper bombs. I love this woman. <3

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My favorite fight in the old series… It had to be Hinata fighting Neji, and then Naruto kicking his sorry ass later. I even do like the PeinHinata fight, for how brief and short it is. Hinata’s tenacity to face her foes head on, knowing she will die every second is a trait I admire about her. And it’s not like after her fight with Neji she remained useless. She spent time developing her own techniques. And it’s the fact that Neji nearly killed Hinata out of this fight and the vow that Naruto makes to kick his ass on Hinata’s blood.  A lot of the Chunnin Exams and the prelims were amazing fights but out of them all, I probably like this one the best in terms of character building. 

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(Animation wise..Chunnin exam saga.. definately Garra and lee’s fight.)

Day 01: Favorite Male Character
Day 02: Favorite Female Character
Day 03: Favorite Team
Day 04: Favorite Hokage
Day 05: Favorite Sensei
Day 06: Favorite Chunnin Exam Proctor
Day 07: Favorite Jinchuuriki
Day 08: Favorite Fight

Day 09: Favorite Ninja Technique
Day 10: Annoying Male Character
Day 11: Annoying Female Character
Day 12: Favorite Akatsuki Member
Day 13: Leas Favorite Akatsuki Member
Day 14: Favorite Quote
Day 15: Favorite Opening
Day 16: Favorite Ending
Day 17: Favorite Kage
Day 18: Least Favourite Kage
Day 19: Favorite Villain
Day 20: Least Favorite Villain
Day 21: Underrated Character
Day 22: Overrated Character

Day 23: Favorite Summoning Animal
Day 24: Least Favorite Summoning Animal
Day 25: Favorite Bijuu
Day 26: Least Favorite Bijuu
Day 27: Scene That Made You Cry
Day 28: Scene That Made You Laugh
Day 29: Character You Want to Cosplay
Day 30: Character You Want to See Until The End

Once A Princess Now A Pirate||Loki&Azalea

She whimpered against his lips as the slightest movements stirred up her insides, and when he slowly started thrusting she could feel her legs turning to jelly. She moaned and trembled beneath him, eyes fluttering shut as she let herself be consumed by the feeling of him.

She could feel the entire shape of him inside of her, she could feel the strong muscles twitch and throb as he moved. Every rock of his hips sent a tingling sensation through her spine that flowered and spread throughout her body. There was no longer any pain, but this was all still very overwhelming and new, and the wet sounds that were coming from where they were connected made her cheeks burn out of embarrassment.

“Hmmm… Hmmm… Hmmm…” Her breaths came in slow pants through her nose, breathing in time with his thrusts while their lips and tongues lingered together, “MMMM-AAAH!” She tore away from the kiss with a loud moan as he thrusted a little harder. The thrust caused him to brush up against a particularly sensitive spot and she felt an electric bolt of pleasure shoot through her body. It made her hips keen against him and nails claw into him while her inner walls clenched down on him.

Her breath caught in her throat and her back arched when she felt his cock shudder inside of her, “Ahhhh-!” Giving another moan, she leaned close and kissed at his chest and neck, “Are-are you…? You are so… so hot inside of me… It is making my head spin…” She wondered what it would feel like if he released his seed inside of her. Would it feel good? Should she let him release inside her the first time?

Her mind wandered to the topic of children, remembering how eager and open he was to the idea of having children with her. But she wasn’t entirely sure if she was ready to have children just yet. Of course, her BODY was ready to have children, but she wasn’t sure if she was mentally ready to mother a child, she didn’t even know what it was to be a mother.


virahnfenharel asked:

✾ (*mun's evil laughter in the background*)

Put ✾ and I will generate a number to find out how your muse will find mine - NSFW/SEXUAL SPECIAL. 

2 - My muse making out with a stranger

Darcia couldn’t remember how many of the small glasses she had consumed on this night, but she knew she felt warm and fuzzy, a pleasant buzz in her mind. What she didn’t know, however, was how she ended up on this elf’s lap, and more importantly why her lips were pressed to his in such an odd gesture. She didn’t mind though, it felt nice. 

She was trying her best to copy the other’s lip movements, only slightly distracted by his wandering hands, when there was a small commotion behind her. She, of course, ignored it all but was stopped from resuming her lip lock as the elf she was straddled upon looked quite terrified.

Darcia frowned at the scared elf before turning her head to see what exactly the problem was, and her face lit up and she slurred in excitement. 


Vidalia sighed as she dragged her fingers through her hair, eyes falling shut as she took a drag off the cigarette in her free hand. Her eyes opened at the sound of movement, lips turning up in a grin as she eyed the source of sound.

“Ey, Lapis, how’s my gal?”

redin-falcor asked:

Five time kissed(marvel)

1. Falcor still didn’t trust him, but he nodded when the god asked, and so he smirked, pressing his lips gently to Falcor’s, oh so gently. Thats what this was about after all. Trust.

2. Lust. It fueled every movement, from the desperate, heated kiss to the pale hands gripping the mage’s backside. The kiss was no where near empty and no where near loving, confused feelings, lust.

3. Questioning. Was this what he wanted, who he wanted, Falcor’s lips and movements told Loki that raced through his head. The murderous god, of all people. Loki’s hands found their way into the mage’s hair as Falcor’s wound around his neck. Loki would show him, yes.

4. All that love and fire, all those wishes and hopes and dreams, every night Loki had to leave and Falcor wanted more, every day Loki wanted to be there but couldn’t. Every “this is stupid” from Falcor’s new family, every time they fought, every time they ran, every time they made love, all in this. Loki took Falcor very far away from it all, so far away. His brother had come to stop them, but he had his own mortal whom he rejected all to be with. He could not very well stop his brother being happy. So very far away, a house all their own, an eternity to themselves.

5. He…should have expected this. Falcor had lived far longer than any other mortal Loki had ever known, and had then been preserved further by Loki’s own magic, but he could not cheat death. Falcor was…content. He had his life, his happiness, children, grandchildren, everything he had ever wanted. Loki…just wanted more time. He leaned down and kissed the elderly mortal gently, smiling sadly down on him. “Do not leave me…”


It was a lie.

          ❛ must you stare? it does make one very uncomfortable. ❜ 

the query was offered with a lilting graciousness that was nearly omnipresent
in the woman’s speech, && with a soft, tender smile present on thin, pale lips.
every moment, every movement, she is graceful. in her eyes, however, there
is something incompatible with her very existence, but only the very intuitive
eye could descry what exactly it was. something about her was off.. and that
was never good.