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I'm the clarinet/trombone player and the thing about the trombone is lip and slide movements like I used to have to practice with a trumpet mouth piece because to get a certain sound at times you have to tighten your lips and meanwhile your flinging your arm forward and back while with a clarinet you only have finger movements but honestly I think if I had a better music teacher I would have liked it better. Also nice pun!

Yo!! This is super interesting to me!!!! Whoa!!!!!!! That makes you sound like a superhero!!

First man to hear people before they speak

“I told my daughter her living room TV was out of sync. Then I noticed the kitchen telly was also dubbed badly. Suddenly I noticed that her voice was out of sync too. It wasn’t the TV, it was me.”

Ever watched an old movie, only for the sound to go out of sync with the action? Now imagine every voice you hear sounds similarly off-kilter – even your own. That’s the world PH lives in. Soon after surgery for a heart problem, he began to notice that something wasn’t quite right.

“I was staying with my daughter and they like to have the television on in their house. I turned to my daughter and said ‘you ought to get a decent telly, one where the sound and programme are synchronised’. I gave a little chuckle. But they said 'there’s nothing wrong with the TV’.”

Puzzled, he went to the kitchen to make a cup of tea. “They’ve got another telly up on the wall and it was the same. I went into the lounge and I said to her 'hey you’ve got two TVs that need sorting!’.”

That was when he started to notice that his daughter’s speech was out of time with her lip movements too. “It wasn’t the TV, it was me. It was happening in real life.”

PH is the first confirmed case of someone who hears people speak before registering the movement of their lips. His situation is giving unique insights into how our brains unify what we hear and see.

It’s unclear why PH’s problem started when it did – but it may have had something to do with having acute pericarditis, inflammation of the sac around the heart, or the surgery he had to treat it.

Brain scans after the timing problems appeared showed two lesions in areas thought to play a role in hearing, timing and movement. “Where these came from is anyone’s guess,” says PH. “They may have been there all my life or as a result of being in intensive care.”

Disconcerting delay

Several weeks later, PH realised that it wasn’t just other people who were out of sync: when he spoke, he registered his words before he felt his jaw make the movement. “It felt like a significant delay, it sort of snuck up on me. It was very disconcerting. At the time I didn’t know whether the delay was going to get bigger, but it seems to have stuck at about a quarter of a second.”

Light and sound travel at different speeds, so when someone speaks, visual and auditory inputs arrive at our eyes and ears at different times. The signals are then processed at different rates in the brain. Despite this, we normally perceive the events as happening simultaneously – but how the brain achieves this is unclear.

To investigate PH’s situation, Elliot Freeman at City University London and colleagues performed a temporal order judgement test. PH was shown clips of people talking and was asked whether the voice came before or after the lip movements. Sure enough, he said it came before, and to perceive them as synchronous the team had to play the voice about 200 milliseconds later than the lip movements.

The team then carried out a second, more objective test based on the McGurk illusion. This involves listening to one syllable while watching someone mouth another; the combination makes you perceive a third syllable.

Since PH hears people speaking before he sees their lips move, the team expected the illusion to work when they delayed the voice. So they were surprised to get the opposite result: presenting the voice 200 ms earlier than the lip movements triggered the illusion, suggesting that his brain was processing the sight before the sound in this particular task.

And it wasn’t only PH who gave these results. When 37 others were tested on both tasks, many showed a similar pattern, though none of the mismatches were noticeable in everyday life.

Many clocks

Freeman says this implies that the same event in the outside world is perceived by different parts of your brain as happening at different times. This suggests that, rather than one unified “now”, there are many clocks in the brain – two of which showed up in the tasks – and that all the clocks measure their individual “nows” relative to their average.

In PH’s case, one or more of these clocks has been significantly slowed – shifting his average – possibly as a result of the lesions. Freeman thinks PH’s timing discrepancies may be too large and have happened too suddenly for him to ignore or adapt to, resulting in him being aware of the asynchrony in everyday life. He may perceive just one of his clocks because it is the only one he has conscious access to, says Freeman.

PH says that in general he has learned to live with the sensory mismatch but admits he has trouble in noisy places or at large meetings. Since he hears himself speak before he feels his mouth move, does he ever feel like he’s not in control of his own voice? “No, I’m definitely sure it’s me that’s speaking,” he says, “it’s just a strange sensation.”

Help may be at hand: Freeman is looking for a way to slow down PH’s hearing so it matches what he is seeing. PH says he would be happy to trial a treatment, but he’s actually not that anxious to fix the problem. “It’s not life-threatening,” he says. “You learn to live with these things as you get older. I don’t expect my body to work perfectly.”

Kol threw the lifeless body to the ground, after draining it off its blood. He had just woken up, just came back from the slumber and he was famish. And the blood bags weren’t enough anymore. Also, what was the point on sticking to them? On trying to be better, when he had no reason to do it anymore? Davina was gone, he had nothing left. He let a groan escape his lips when he heard movement behind him. “Leave. Or I’ll have to kill you as well.”


On this day in music history: July 26, 1986 - “Sledgehammer” by Peter Gabriel hits #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 1 week. Written by Peter Gabriel, it is the biggest hit for the British singer and songwriter. Influenced by 60’s soul music, especially the Memphis soul sound pioneered by Stax Records, Gabriel hires the Memphis Horns (Andrew Love and Wayne Jackson) to play on the track, as well as features former Ikette P.P. Arnold, Dee Lewis and Coral Gordon on background vocals. Other musicians including Tony Levin (bass), Manu Katche (drums), and David Rhodes (guitar) also play on the track. The songs highly innovative and award winning music video directed by Stephen R. Johnson (“Pee Wee’s Playhouse”) also features contributions from the Aardman Animation Studio (“Wallace & Gromit”) and the Brothers Quay. Filmed using a stop motion technique in which Gabriel’s movements and lip synch are filmed one frame at at a time while lying on his back, under a sheet of plate glass for up to sixteen hours a day for eight days. The process is painstaking and slow, and the clip takes over a month to complete. Released as the first single from Gabriel’s fifth studio album “So” in April of 1986, “Sledgehammer” becomes an immediate hit. Entering the Hot 100 at #89 on May 10, 1986, it climbs to the top of the chart eleven weeks later. The video for “Sledgehammer” wins an unprecedented nine MTV VMA awards (still the record holder for the most wins in a single year), and by 2011 becomes the most played clip in the history of the channel.

A Bit More x Luke Hemmings

Word Count: 1707 Requested: Yes Warnings: None really, just done references Much love…

It wasn’t how you’d intended to spend your night, bouncing between his drunken mates, trying to win over their attention, yet it’s exactly what you were doing.

Sitting down in the raven haired boys lap, he slurred about how beautiful you were, his lips slowly trailing down your exposed neck. He was nothing to compare to Luke, the raven boys lips made chaste movements, already seeming swollen from the minor bit of contact they’d make with yours.

This sadly hadn’t been your first time in this position, it was a recurring feat with Luke’s friends, the guilt always sinking in just a bit too late.

“Mm, so good,” he groaned, pulling you closer so you were straddling him. His brown eyes, glassy and bloodshot locked with your own, “Kiss me.”

You did, but there was nothing.

No spark, no emotion, only his lips against yours.

But you still continued taking in the scent and taste of the whiskey, the way his hands gripped at your waist. His eyes closed, his thick curls laying just above them but your eyes stayed wide.

His tongue slipped into your mouth, you never denying him entrance. He wasn’t a bad kisser though, that’s why it was worse yet you couldn’t enjoy yourself, especially as you caught look’s figure walk toward the adjacent kitchen.

You quickly pulled away from his best mate who whined at the loss of contact, begging you to return, “Calum thank you but..”

“Shit,” he paused, “What did-”

“It’s not your fault Cal,” you admitted place a quick kiss on his forehead, “I’m sorry I led you on.”

You then turned on your heels only to sway away, the taste of Calum’s tongue still lingered. Making your own way to the kitchen you had all intentions to wash it away with yet another shot. As the liquid slipped down your throat the sting was soothing unlike the ocean blue eyes you were forced to face.

“It takes a bit more (Y/N),” he muttered grabbing the glass only to fill it once again.

You sighed as he downed the potent liquor like it was water, “It’s not what it looked like,” the typical ploy you’d given him slipped from your lips again.

“You’re a liar,” he mumbled, his frame leaning over the sink, his back turned to you.

“But so are you, Luke.”

That’s all your relationship had been based on, drunken decisions and lies.

“(Y/N),” he threatened, turning to face you in the midst of the people only in line for another cup.

“Don’t act like you haven’t fucked nearly everyone here,” you groaned, his hand grabbing onto your upper arm.

“But not your best friend, why don’t you go run off with the rest of the boys, maybe Mike,” he scoffed, “Or Ashton, you’ve always had a thing for older guys.”

“It was just a kiss,” you shrugged, “I’d rather it would’ve been on your lips though.”

“I hate you (Y/N),” he persisted, yet he’s the one who always came crawling back for just a bit more.

“You just hate what I do,” you replied, “I hate it too.”

“Then why the fuck do you do it?”

“Luke, I don’t know,” was your only reply.

“Whatever,” he scoffed, twisting off the cap of another beer, “It’s not like it’s anything new.”

His movements suggested he was done yet the small smirk on his lips suggested something else as he began to storm out the doorway.

“You can’t stay out here the rest of the night,” he muttered turning back to your frame that was leant against the wall.

“Luke, no one wants me, you certainly.”

He chuckled, the glimmer in his eyes catching your own, “It takes a bit more than that for me to not want you.”

That was the complete truth, you were the boy’s weakness, but it wasn’t love and it never would be. You felt as if you were simply an easy snag, he could have you on your knees in a matter of seconds yet again, it didn’t stop you from taking his hand.

“Wanna dance,” he questioned, it honestly being the last thing you’d expected. His movements were a bit looser at this point as he dragged you out to the center of the party.

On the way there you’d stepped over countless red cups, cans and a pile of glass. Luke’s hands gripped at your hips almost as Calum’s had yet Luke brought your body directly against his.

You remained stiff under his touch, but you allowed him to control all of your movements, “Why him,” he asked referring to the Maori boy still resting on the couch, another needy girl in his lap.

“Luke, I ju-”

“I would’ve given you what you wanted,” he growled.

“I never got what I wanted,” you whined looking up at toward his disheveled fringe.

“Mm, what was that?”


“Meet me in the back hall,” he smirked, his hands leaving your body, “I gotta find my keys.”

That’s where you’d end up, fucking in the back of his car, you always did. Shuffling through the countless bodies in the room you were stopped by Michael who smirked, “Kiss me next time, you know I know what I’m doing.”

You groaned at Michael who muttered a shallow, “I’m just playing,” but you were pulled away as Ashton stepped in, “I have Luke’s keys, I didn’t want him to drive home,” he smiled placing them in your hand, “I don’t understand you two but here.”

“Thank you Ashton,” you forces a smile, walking away because you didn’t understand your relationship with Luke either.

Luke was standing in the back, his head resting on the wall, “I have them Hemmings, let’s go.”

“Good,” he turned around yanking you out the door, unlocking his beat up car, the all too familiar one.

He crawled into the backseat, opting to pull you on top of him, “This is better,” he mumbled crashing his lips onto yours.

That’s when you felt it, the familiar spark as he lips molded to yours. It was as if all of Luke’s anger was channeled into this single kiss that left you gasping for air.

Your hands curled up toward his shoulders, the two of you getting even closer. His hands gripped softly at the hem of your shirt, one of them tugging lightly at the nape of your neck. He pulled away, only for a second to run his tongue across his bottom lip.

He looked back at you, resting his forehead on your own softly whispering, “How was that?”

“Luke, I need more,” you smirked, “Just a bit.”

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About your dancing Symmetra picture, you'd be absolutely right about her being a Bharatanatyam dancer! A lot of her gestures are heavily influenced and I recognized them immediately. While Blizz hecked up on her goddess skins, they did great with her dancing gestures.

I personally hc her as a Bharathanatyam dancer for a selfish reason- I have learnt it for 9 years and would love Symmetra dancing the same dance :P But it’s also likely that she might be a Kuchipudi dancer since it is quite similar to Bharathanatyam and because Kuchipudi is a dance from Andhra Pradesh which is Satya’s homestate. 

The only legit reason she might be a Bharathanatyam dancer is that she doesn’t move her lips while dancing which is characteristic of Bharathanatyam. In Kuchipudi, the dancer will give lip movements according to the song they are dancing for.

I am glad people like her dance moves. They’re so fluid and graceful *___* <3 (it’s sad that a lot of younger Indians usually mock the classical dances, favouring western ones so I am really glad Satya is a classical dancer)

Her goddess skins are really beautiful, no matter what people may say. Personally I am really happy we have an Indian woman who is born and brought up in the underbelly of one of India’s big cities, who has accomplished so much, despite everything. She also has dark skin which is THE BEST because there is so much stigma in India about skin colour and having a dark-skinned kickass woman is so exhilarating. I have too many emotions about Satya Vaswani ;A; <3 I love her so much ╰(✧∇✧╰)

Okay now I’m wondering though how “clods” is translated in French. The most literal translation would be “grumeaux” but since that’s two syllables instead of one it wouldn’t fit the lip movements. Anyone know?


I’LL FUCKING DIGEST YOU // a fanmix for abigail cameron and catherine goode, two superspies chasing each other across the world in united we spy

“You know,” Abby takes another careful sip of her drink, keeping her eyes trained on the woman next to her, all red red lips, red red hair and black black eyes. “I never really understood what Edward saw in you.”

Catherine laughs sharply, lips twisted in a humorless smile as she leans closer. She’s so close, just then, the neon lights of the bar flickering across the angled plains of her face, and Abby is tempted to reach out for her even though she has a feeling that the other woman is merely an illusion, like a cloud of smoke. 

“Abigail,” Catherine’s eyes briefly flick from her eyes to her lips, a movement Abby doesn’t miss. Her leg brushes up against hers as she leans in to whisper in her ear. “Why don’t you come and find out?”

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I see Renee posted a peace symbol while Naomi posts she's going to be at a vigil for the victims of the Pulse shooting. Renee will always give lip service to movements but will never back it up.