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Release the lip licking gifs please






He had us under attack from early on.

I have lost a year off of my life watching this.



That’s some twink witchcraft right there.

How does he look pure???? Doing this???? I??

oh OH YES.



Spoken Word

This piece ✒️✒️📇📜 is entitled 🔠🔡🔤 ‘the same parts’ 🍆=🍆

People 🚻🚻at the party👀🍷🎶📣🎉 and I’m wanting 🔜🔜 to dance👯🎤📛 other ugly 💀👿 ass bitches 👩❌ ain’t standin 🚶 no chance 👎🚫 dudes lookin 👀👬 at me like they wanna get in 🔃 my pants 👖💦 hoes getting mad 💢😡🙍 come on bitch 🔪 see me with them hands 💅👊 see me with them hands ✊👏

First man 🏃🚶 up 🔝🔝 his hands 👐 on his hips 👉👖👈 I drop it 🚮🚮 like its hot 🔥💥 he’s lickin’ 👅💦 his lips 👄💧his back on the wall 🏢my ass 🍑 on his hhHHHG 🍆💦 grindin’ for a second 🕛🕐 his stuff’s 👖🍆 getting thick 🔛👅 he doesn’t know it ❌🙇 but I’m getting firm 🍆💪 too

Fellas 🚶🚶🚶 really need to know 🙉✔️ Before calling 📲📯 me boo 👻💝 because what you see 👀👀 isn’t always ❌ the truth ✔️ Say it with me 📣📣 what you see 👀👀 isn’t always ❌❌ the truth ✔️✔️

Because baby 👶 boy👦 I’ve got all 🔃✔️ The same parts 🍆=🍆 that you do ✔️👖💦 the same parts 💁👖🍆 the same parts 👨👖🔛🍆

The same parts ☝️🙊❌💦🍆

Theelfiepan asked: Can you do a Cameron imagine?

We are gonna pretend that the song “When I grow up” and “Imma Be” By the black eyed peas are your characters songs with a few adjustments.

I’m really nervous, today I have 2 video shoots. My bestfriend Cam is gonna be at both, that’s not what I’m nervous about. I’m nervous because in one, I asked him to be the leading male, which required not only sexual things, but I’d have to kiss him which I find very nerve wrecking for me. I’ve secretly had a crush on cam for about a year, and we’ve been best friends for 9. I was starting one of the scenes for one of my songs, when Cam made his way over. We had closed out a street to film, and I was excited. He waved from far, and I returned the gesture. The intro started, and I stood in the car with the girls. We were acting sassy, while I sang.

“Now I’ve got a confession,When I was young I wanted attention
And I promised myself that I’d do anything,Anything at all for them to notice me” I sang, the girls exited the car we were in, and the camera pulled back. We each got on a car, singing and dancing. We did the whole song on the cars, and prepared for the next scene. I ran past Cam, giving him a quick side huge. We got on a side walk, and the camera started rolling.

“They used to tell me I was silly,
Until I popped up on the TV
I always wanted to be a superstar
And knew that singing songs would get me this far” I sang, while walking, we walked past actors dressed as construction workers, they whistled like they should have, and I flipped my hair walking sassy. I got to this building site under construction, we climbed it, and danced singing the song, finishing that scene. We went and quickly switched outfits for the final scene. I had time to talk to Cam, before having to start. “Hey” I smiled standing next to him. “Hey” he smiled back giving me a hug, “what do you think” I gestured to the view of the first 2 scenes. “I love it, your killing it babe” I wrapped his arm around my shoulder “thanks I’m pretty excited for th–” “Y/N let’s go!” The director interrupted. I rolled my eyes turning back “that’s my cue, come watch” I smiled running.

I got in my position, each camera in different angles. My concentration was set, I had to not only lip sing but dance too. The music started, and I worked my magic. I let my hips fall to the beat, and my mind carelessly wonder. Before I knew it we were finished. “AND THATS A WRAP!” the director yelled. I gave everyone a kiss, before rushing to Cam. “We can’t waste anytime, we need to meet the second director let’s go” I said yanking his arm.

We arrived at the location, it was in the middle of nowhere. We were in a desert. I shook the directors hand as he let us In on the details. I went to side of the road, where there was a built up changing area. I slipped on my outfit, as they got my hair done quickly. I looked hot, I was wearing a futuristic black but mainly metallic short outfit. It didn’t go up or below my knees. It showed my ass off nicely. I got ready for the first scene. Cam was supposed to be on a Motor cycle, stuck in a time loop. I was supposed to be lying on the floor, and wake up. I sing a bit and bring cam out his time loop, I make sexual advances before kissing him. I came out to see Cam already set up. “Wow” he said looking at me “I know right” I blew him a kiss. We got into our places and the music started. During the bass, I slowly woke up. I got up hitting my first few lines looking directly at the camera.

“Imma be on the next level
Imma be rockin over that bass treble
Imma be chillin with my mutha mutha crew” I walked to Cam, pulling him out his time loop. I sat on his lap, “Imma be makin all them deals you wanna do (hah)
Imma be up in that maylist flicks
Doin one-handed flips, and Imma be” I trailed my hands down his chest as he kissed my neck. It got heated very quickly,

“Sippin on drinks cause
Imma be shakin my hips” I slowly grinded on him, I heard faint moans from him which let me know I was doing my job right. “You gon be lickin your lips,Imma be takin them pics” he licked his lips as I got up slowly from his lap. “ Imma (imma) be here to say
21 century until infinity” he got up making his way towards me for the kissing scene. We had to act as if we saw this huge animatronic robot, making its way to place us in a time loop. He pulled me to him like he was supposed to, he leaned in and right when he was about to press his lips, I turned away. “Cut!” The director yelled, “what happened y/n?” He questioned “I heard something, and got distracted” i lied. “Shake it off and restart this part, when you are about/ and are going to kiss” I took a breath, before we started again. Again Cam hit his cue, but I couldn’t do it, as he leaned forward my face went from serious, to full out laughter. “CUTTTT” the director yelled, “come on y/n get it together, it’s a kiss there’s nothing difficult about it” he tried reasoning. My face grew red,as I avoided eye contact with Cam. I took a quick breather walking away.

“Yo y/n!” Cam yelled running to catch up. He grabbed me by my wrist, “what’s up” I smiled so he wouldn’t see I was nervous, “what’s up? Why won’t you kiss me” he questioned. “I don’t know what your talking about” I began to walk, he stopped me again “come on” he said doing his infamous puppy dog face. “Fine dammit, I can’t kiss you because it’s fucking awkward cam. It’s awkward that I’m not only kissing my bestfriend but the guy I like.” I didn’t know what I was saying, everything spilled out without my control. His eyes widened, “you like me?” He smirked, my eyes grew wide. “Fuck.. No I don’t, you heard me wrong I absolutely positively don’t li—” before I could finish, cam pulled my hand so my body was on his chest, he tilted my head up, and planted a soft but passionate kiss on my lips, which I returned. I pulled away shocked, “what was that for…?” I awkwardly said while rubbing my arms, “so you know I like you too, and so we can get this kiss over with. I’ve been waiting for forever to kiss you” he chuckled, “shut up!” I playfully hit his arm. “Let’s film this” he smiled intertwining our hands, I followed behind and let’s just say this time around, we totally hit the cue, with too much PDA.

I’m In Love With A Killer


Pairing: Theo x Reader

Summary: Hi, sweatheart. Could you please write Theo imagine inspired by Jeffree Star’s song “I’m in Love (With a Killer)”? Thanks ♥

I taste blood every time that we kiss…get lost in your gaze when you’re lickin your lips. I’m lyin’ here, I’m holdin’ my breath….can’t wait for you to love me to death.

Wiping the steam off the bathroom mirror, you adjusted the towel around your body tighter so that it wouldn’t fall. Staring at your own reflection it was judging you hard at this point, it had been ever since you did what you did.

All your life you grew up with your parents saying love is love, and all that matters is your happiness. But if your parents ever found out, you highly doubt they would be pleased with who you had chosen to fall in love with.

Being so wrapped up in your thoughts your focus was interrupted when strong arms pulled you in. “The water is getting cold, and I was getting lonely. Which is a major hint that you need to come back and keep me company” Theo whispered, water droplets falling from his hair onto your cheek and towel.

Yes, Theo Raeken was in your shower completely naked in all his glory. He was the last person you ever expected to be here with, but circumstances or fate whichever you wanted to use always pushed the two of you together. You were in love with him, madly, passionately, insanely, foolishly in love.

“Look at that Theo Raeken can’t go a minute without me” you teased him, leaning your head back on his shoulder not caring that he was wet.

“That’s because I like who I am when I’m with you” he confessed, and believe it or not it wasn’t the first time.

Even this was perceived to be wrong to so many people, it was the only thing that felt right in your life. Theo wasn’t a good person you weren’t blind to that fact, he has done and did things that should be inexcusable but you didn’t care. All you wanted was to experience this feeling of love for as long as you could.

“You do know according to some people I should be running as far away from you as possible?”

“Because I did things that needed to be done in order to survive? Or because those people see me as a threat that is potential dangerous?” he asked.

You could tell that whenever this was brought up it angered Theo. He wasn’t good with his emotions, but you were able to tell what ones he was trying to express.

“Hey, I don’t care what they say. No-one can change how I feel” you admitted to him.

“Expect for me?” he titled his head and unexpectedly attacked your neck with spine tingling kisses. “Right now your calm, heartbeat is steady but if I do this” he worked on your sweet spot, sucking and biting until he knew a mark would be left. “Your pulse just sky rocketed babygirl, all because of me. Let’s see what happens if I do this” He yanked the towel wrapped around you and kissed you deep. “How do you feel now Y/N?” he was teasing you, using his cocky charm to dominate the playing field.

Having enough you pushed him back into the shower, water running over the both of you and Theo’s back hitting the wall. He hissed at the impact of skin to tile and you pulled him back for another long, tongue battling kiss.

I’m madly in love…with a killer, it’s driving me wild masochistic thriller, your my burning desire. Don’t care if I make it out alive, k-k-killer love me til the day that I die.

Theo was the first one to get out of the shower, he changed into fresh clothes and made his way into your room. You however took a bit longer to get ready, you needed a few minutes after the hectic shower session both you and Theo had participated in moments before. Throwing one of Theo’s shirts that he would always leave at your place over your body, you roughly put your hair up in a messy bun and walked into the adjoining room.

He was laying on your bed checking his phone, not aware that you had just walked in. You took some time to really observe Theo. If anyone else saw him like this, guard down, just relaxing against your fluffy cushions no one would even believe that this man sitting in front of you would ever be dangerous.

But that’s what he was, a dangerous person who had plenty skeletons in his closet. Ones that you knew about and ones that were still a mystery to you. He put his phone down on the beside table and noticed your presences in the room. And the smile that formed on his face when he saw that you were glazing at him, made it even more clear on how in love with him you actually were.

“I see your making good use of my shirts” he pointed to the one you were currently wearing.

Looking down, his shirts were all that you slept in. It was a way to keep him close when he couldn’t be. “Dare I say it, I think they look much better on me than you”. You twirled around before joining him on the bed.

“Hey you won’t get any complaints from me, I think you look irresistible as hell in my shirts” he responded, kissing you on the lips.

Resting your head on the mountain of pillows behind you, Theo remained where he was. Feeling boredom take over you casually lifted your leg, and ran it down his arm that he was leaning his body weight on.

“Are you trying to start a round 2?” he playfully asked.

You didn’t say anything expect all you did was stare, he hovered over you. “I really want to know what your thinking about, when you look at me like that” he said.

Smiling softly, you were thinking about so many things. It would be hard just to choose one to share with him. “So many things to be honest, but it always comes back to how much you mean to me”.

“The amount of times I’ve shown you how much I love you, just doesn’t feel like enough. But I want you to know that I do Y/N, even if others don’t agree…that won’t stop me from being with you.”

Words like those never got old, especially if Theo said them. He moved to the other side of the bed and silence fell. It wasn’t awkward or uncomfortable, it was the kind of silence that allowed two people to be content around each other.

You had no idea how many minutes or hours went past, but suddenly you heard his phone beep. Looking over at Theo who was now asleep you didn’t think he would mind, so you quickly took a peek to see who it was.

The plan is all set. I hope you know what you’re doing Theo, because breaking up Scott’s pack isn’t going to be easy - Josh

As you put his phone down, he shuffled behind you. “What’s the matter babe?” he asked you probably sensing you heartbeat or chemo-signals. Rolling over you gave him a quick smile, “Nothing just got lost in my thoughts again”.

He didn’t say anything but just went right back to closing his eyes, while you sat cross legged next to him. Glancing back at his phone it was an unnerving feeling to know that Theo had this plan, to break up the pack to be more exact and you didn’t know whether or not to warn Scott.

This love you had for Theo, this undeniable feeling that arose every time you two were near each other was something most people don’t even get to experience with other human being. But you were experiencing it right now, with a man who had all the warning signs plastered to him…telling you that it wasn’t safe.

And even though you knew that, even though you understood the danger it still didn’t stop you from exploring the what if’s with Theo.

You weren’t sure on what to do with the information you just attained, but there was one thing you were 100% sure about. You love Theo with an intense burning desire and that wasn’t going to change anytime soon.

Walk Away- A Anthy Himemiya mix

“All those things that you taught me to fear, I’ve got them in my garden now and you’re not welcome here.”

Another chronological mix that follows Anthy’s development throughout the series, from a deeply cynical, trapped woman to one who bravely walks away. Album annotations give indication of what each song is addressed to.

1. Petals| Hole//2. Not Your Concern|  The Hush Sound//3. My Blood|  Ellie Goulding// 3. Gasoline| Halsey///4. Misery Loves Company (Rad Edit)| Emilie Autumn//5. E.V.O.L| Marina and the Diamonds//6. Studying Stones| Ani Difranco//7. God Help Me| Emilie Autumn//8. Walk| Kyla La Grange//9. Hold Me Down| Halsey//10. Glass Slipper (Snippet)| The Dresden Doll//11. Buy the Stars| Marina and the Diamonds//12. What Girls are Made of| Garbage//13. Curbstomp| Meg Myers//14. The Art of Suicide| Emilie Autumn//15. Get it| Kyla La Grange//16. Turn to Stone| Ingrid Michaelson//17. Control| Poe//18. Comeback Kid| Against the Current//19. Alive| Superchick//20. Brave| Idina Menzel

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Battle of the Sins ( Men )Pt. 2

_Lust_ by Eroticallyyou
I’m weak
From the moment you opened my eyes, you had me
Your pretty girl next door face and soft full lips with the ‘handful’ tits
Had me lickin’ my lips an’ thinkin’ bout those hips
Slow down! Breathe…
Common desire creates the pathway, a foray into sexplay
You fuckin’ with my mentality, those lips an’ that smile, wreakin’ havoc with my psyche
But the heartfelt connect? Sorry, no feel
No need for the apology? Queen! You a fine find,
No collide for the minds so alike, we on our grind
Minds sprung on the P an’ the D, the thoughts collinear
Dirty thoughts exit my lips and go in ya ear as you sit right here
My legs spread, your ass in the vee in fronta me
The hourglass pushin’ back seductively
I catch the smell of your perfumed neck, scent of your hair
Woman, your affect so strong, shit ain’t fair
Lean back against my chest… can you feel my heart pound?
My hands, under your arms wrapped around
Cupping your breasts as you heave
Turn to me, kiss me while you breathe
A sexier, more sensual woman I’ve never seen
Nipples hard between my fingertips
Other hand caressing the lips between the hips
Pick you up, window open, feeling the breeze
Night wind blowing in
Rest you ona bed, slowly, delicately
Last bit o’ softness, my tigress, but no less affectionate
Head off the bed, laid back, lips wantonly parted
Kiss you before you feel the heat in between, my queen,
Your tongue, givin’ rise to my prize, no lies
Gurl you got me straight
Poised an ready to penetrate
Bae, you makin sounds, earnin’ the crown
Read what I wrote, I’m strokin that throat
Chokin’ an’ gaggin’ You takin’ all o’ me an’ wantin’ more
My head down, lips caress the tummy and mound
Trimmed bristly peach
Fingers curling, finding the G
Damn, the pretty pussy caresses the senses
Feast like a beast, I suck the clit, our juices mix with a quickness
Cum and cum and cum again,
Damn, bae, are we lovers or just friends?

_ Wrath _ by Yblack2205
I’ve played it cool
Matter of fact played by all your rules
I watched you put on this façade
I took it all in stride didn’t even prod
Today the tides have changed
This is now an entirely different game
You will do as I mother fucking say
No longer Burger King you can’t have it your way
I will command your body
You see I’ve scratched the surface hardly
I am about to push you to the limits
I won’t stop until you’re finish
Finished screaming
I’m talking having that pussy leaking and creaming
Didn’t they tell you that I was a savage
Naw, they couldn’t, they never had this
But you are about to find out
Bout to make you tap out
I been fighting this urge for weeks
Now I finally got you in my sheets
Ahh now where is the spacer
So much pain and pleasure you going to want to meet you maker
So glad you put your hair in a ponytail
Good for gripping cause that pretty little asshole I’m going to nail
Don’t fight it let me ease him in
Let the pain and pleasure begin
Mmmmm… your ass is so tight
Supple and round so ripe
I reach down rub and pinch that clit
“That’s it my little slut” your ass clinches on my dick
Open ya mouth wide tell me how your ass tastes
Fuck it I replace my dick with my face
I feel you rock back on my tongue
Only a matter time be for that ass is sprung
I slide back in this time clasping your nipples
I’m hitting it hard as I watch your ass ripple
I wonder how long you’ll last
Regardless you’re going to feel my wrath

_ Sloth_ by Bigman001
I don’t want to move…
Concealed reactions erupt inside of me
And you don’t understand
Where you touch me when…
Your fingerprints become memory
I don’t want to move…
Your pleasure’s mine
In my heart… and in my mind, I’m yours
I don’t want to move…
Let me caress you in my 3rd
…you are stimulation escalated,
perfection perpetuated
I don’t want to move…
I just want to adore you
…I just want to endure you
I don’t want move…
Everything I’ve saved
Everything I have left
Rages to your existence
I don’t want to move…
In sweet silent agony… lethargy fills my soul
Hold or pause it,
I just want this to be
I just want us
I don’t want to move…
I don’t want to wake up
I don’t want you to be a dream
Even though…
You are what dreams are made of
Concealed reaction erupt inside of me
When you touch, what you touch inside my mind
…I don’t want to move

_ Gluttony _ by Anytimeanyplace365
I can’t get enough
I want more
I want it all
I’ll only ask once
Will you please let me have it
I can’t get enough or your caramel cream
Feeding on you
Tasting you as I carefully caress all of your curves
Give me more
I want it
I need it
Give me all your moans and screams
As the sky turns black and you feed my ego
I’ll take it anytime, anyplace
For you I’ll be as erotic as you want me to be
Don’t sleep on this killa
Just give me more
There’s never enough
Fill my indulgence with your deepest desires
Allow me to partake in your perfect presence yet again
I need more
It’s too good to stop here
When can I replenish my supply
When can I savour you yet again
When can I delve into your deepest fantasies
The beast has yet to be satisfied

@anytimeanyplace365 @caramelcream1011 @dscurve @yblack2205 @bigman001 @eroticallyyou @caliego

“I want milkshake!”

1. smexy emo Phil / 2. awkward puberty Dan / 3. Dan lips lickin’ checkin’ Phil out / 4. headbutt lol / 5. heart eyes Howell /  6. “no dripping”- legit reason to touch ur boyfriend / 7. clink~ / 8. smug Phil leaving waifu cleaning the mess *inserts Dan’s gurly screaming in the bg*