lip's truth or dare

Hogwarts' Houses: Relationships

Gryffindor/Gryffindor: quidditch matches, shouts, inside jokes, pranks, detentions, soaking in each other, beaming

Gryffindor/Slytherin: messy eating, smirks, confidence, jealousy, rough make out sessions, howlers, constantly touching

Gryffindor/Hufflepuff: butterbeer, protective, soft skin, crooked smiles, dancing

Gryffindor/Ravenclaw: potions, restricted section, brooms, hand holding, laughter, on and off couple

Slytherin/Slytherin: late nights, whispers, secrets, passion, hickies, whiskey, fingers on lips, loyalty, close

Slytherin/Hufflepuff: road trips, old movies, truth or dare, drawing on hands, easily distracted by each other

Slytherin/Ravenclaw: deep conversations, intelligence, playing with hair, clicking tongues, coffee

Hufflepuff/Hufflepuff: breakfast dates, pecks, natural, board games, warmth

Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw: amortentia, sneezes, always together, singing, giggles

Ravenclaw/Ravenclaw: study dates, comforting silence, having the same interests, ranting in each others laps, eyes closed

Official Graveyard Shift Lyrics

Well Mrs. Pharmacist / I insist / fix me up with something quick
I’ve been a bad little boy and I think i’m getting sick
Sick to the bone / slave to the flesh
Better put on my Sunday’s best      
I’ve been bad little boy… little boy

I’ve got a dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty little secret
And I’m not not not sure that I wanna keep it
So we feed ourselves lies to submit to the shadows
Cause we just wanna dance under our pretty perfect halos

Everyone’s got a secret
Whats yours? whats yours?
Don’t be shy, i’ll never repeat it  

Oh Mrs. Pharmacist / if I resist / lock me up and bind my wrists
You’ve been a bad little girl…. little girl.    
Close your eyes and listen close
I know just how much you love it
If you speak you lose your turn
So shut your mouth before I fuck it

Everyone’s got a secret
Tell me all about yours

Love. Hate.
Oh how we play the game
Cold soul
No sense of self control
Love. Hate.
Unsure to pass or play
Cold soul / now  we’re out of control

Roses are red, and my heart is black
We creep about the floor to indulge like Rats
Enraptured, we walk to nurse our obsession
Cause the roles that we play are paved with cruel intentions

Well  Mrs. Pharmacist… If you insist

I’ve got a dirty dirty dirty dirty dirty little secret
And I’m not not not sure that I wanna keep it
So we feed ourselves lies to submit to the shadows
And I just wanna shake you by your little perfect fucking halo

Everyone’s got a secret
Whats yours? whats yours?
Don’t be shy, i’ll never repeat it.

Queen For Queen
If you wanna soar with vultures, you’ll have to swallow bone
The saint charade is over / plastic royalty exposed
You wanna play the victim, to preach upon your throne                                  
No semblance of virtue as your relevance erodes

We go queen for queen  and move just like this

When you fall down
Will you back out
As you crawl through life with no crown?
Though you preach love, you package lies
Just a pawn in a kings disguise

I never said I’m perfect, there’s a guilt behind these eyes
So check me If it helps you fall asleep at night

Your skeletons are building / your closet’s getting tight
Are you the prey or spider in the web of all your lies?

When you fall down
Will you back out
As you crawl through life with no crown?
Though you preach love, you package lies
Just a pawn in a kings disguise

Don’t stop breathing in the chemicals
You don’t know humble… though you play the role
Pockets of evergreen are your amphetamine
Please stop feeding what you can’t control

You’ll bend, you’ll break, (you’ll) trip over your “fame”
Be careful, or you’ll run your mouth off your face

Necessary Evil (Feat. Jonathan Davis)
Strip off the weight of morality, and check it at the door
I’ll show you the worst in me
…what i’ve become
Blow out the candles I need not a wish
For I am everything
Now crawl to my boots and lick
Kneel before me

Imma have my cake and fucking eat you too.

It’s my party and i’ll die when I want to, die when I want to, die when I want to
The monster you’ve made is wearing the crown
I’ll be the king and you be clown
I’ll take the blame (and) parade it around.
You’ve made me the villain you can’t live without.

Reciting violence like poetry
No you can’t sit with us
Too fashionably plain  
Now say my name
Forget everything you think you knew of who I used to be
I look much better as… as the enemy

Imma have my fucking cake and eat yours too.

I want you low
I won’t let you die
(I’ll) keep you alive
Just to remind you of what you are not

It’s my party and i’ll die when I want to
you wanna see me fail, but I won’t die for you.

You’re mine motherfucker

Let me begin with envy’s a sin
You’ll have to find new words to invent
Cause I’ve heard your broken record, and i’m not impressed

I love when you talk, I just use it to drive me
I won’t let your judgement define me
I’m not broken, so don’t fix me
I want you to hate me

Tell me what you’ve lost
Hang me on your cross
If you’re so wise, then why are you so Soft?
Do you leave your “throne” as you cast your stones?              
I’m above living under your microscope

I’m insane, I’m “insane in the membrane”
I wanna fuck your face with a switchblade
I’m not broken, so don’t fix me
I’ll leave you behind me

Internet killed the video star

Cry baby cry baby, did I just hear you whimper?
Cry baby cry…
Suck my middle fucking finger

Cry baby / Cry baby
What have you done lately?
Cry baby / Cry baby  
What have you done?

Tell me what you’ve lost.
Demonize my flaws
Do they call you when dumb needs a mascot?
Do you leave your “throne” as you cast your stones?              
I’m above living under your microscope

You dilate / god of your existence
Begging me to listen while you “pray”
Swallow in vain / sliver spoon religion
Closer from a distance

You’re mine motherfucker

They try to bend / they try to break me by design
But I am the nightmare that will haunt you in the light

If it’s war that you want… then I’m ready to play
And the world’s gonna know my name

Through everywhere that I go
Every failure I’ve owned
Every crack in my bones
I’m Untouchable
Like a sleeping grenade
Built to blow you away
Pull the pin… I explode
I’m Untouchable.

Born of the ground I dug myself out from the dirt
With every scar I will avow to shake the earth

Unless it’s blood that you want.. then get the fuck out my way
Cause the world’s gonna scream my name

I will never be silenced
I will eclipse the pain

You can’t let it go      
(It’s) the price that we pay
But I own the grave from which I came
You reap what you sow
We don’t bleed the same  
Cause I own the rights to my own fate
And i’ll sleep a king on my deathbed

Through everywhere that I go
Every failure i’ve owned
Every crack in my bones
I’m Untouchable
Like a sleeping grenade
Built to blow you away
Pull the pin… I Explode
I’m Untouchable.

Every mile from home
Every failure I’ve owned
Every crack in my bones
I’m Untouchable
Like a sleeping grenade
Built to blow you away
Pull the pin… I Explode
I’m Untouchable.

Not My Type: Dead As Fuck 2
She’s got no soul / heart black as coal
She’s from Hollywood Forever / dug her out of a hole
And here we go again / spinnin me in her web
She said “there’s just no rest for the queen of the dead”

Another trick to treat with candy apple dreams
Gonna rot her teeth cause i’m so sweet
One lick to rule them all
They crumble as they crawl

She loves me cause I like to give head like a zombie
(I) eat eat eat till her insides are on me
She loves me cause I give head like a zombie
(I) eat eat eat and nobody’s gonna stop me
And in the glow of the pale moonlight
She goes for a spin on my haunted hayride
Tried out the living but I don’t believe the hype  
Cause if she’s got a pulse, then she’s not my type.

She’s got a temper in stock / made of hemlock
Uses absinthe as a lip gloss
Death hawk / fresh New Rock’s                              
She’ll use your corpse as a catwalk

She’ll use your corpse as a catwalk
Plays truth or dare in the mirror
Uses absinthe as a lip gloss
Undead, but won’t shed a tear

She’s my graveyard baby
She’s my……

She loves me cause I like to give head like a zombie
(I) eat eat eat till her insides are on me
She loves me cause I give head like a zombie
(I) eat eat eat and nobody’s gonna stop me
And in the glow of the pale moonlight
She goes for a spin on my haunted hayride
Tried out the living but I don’t believe the hype  
Cause if she’s got a pulse, then she’s not my type.

D- E - A - D  
If she’s got a pulse, then she’s not my type.

The Ladder
Tragedy / a poisonous lover
You infiltrate to destroy
Vanity / a cancer unforgiving
A charlatan with poise  

Fool me once / enough is enough
Was I more than a step on your way up?
Hollowed out /  I’ve no semblance of love
Now you’re just somebody that I used to fuck.

Lest we learn / the tables turn / so i’m betting out / I’m betting out.
You can be the prey in your masquerade, but i’m getting out / i’m getting out
There’s nothing left to repair

Ravenous / self righteous and lurid
But how much more till you break?
Scavenger / so fucking undeserving
You slither in just to take what you can take

Counterfeit / I’m calling your bluff
Was I more than just a step on your way up?
Now you’ll burn and you’re flesh out of luck
Now you’re just somebody that I used to fuck

Lest we learn / the tables turn / so i’m betting out / I’m betting out.
You can be the prey in your masquerade, but i’m getting out / i’m getting out
Against insight I fed your source of revenue
But now, it means nothing to me to mean anything to you

Open grave /  I was too blind to see
That “love”, spelled to you, is “F A M E”

You fuck your way up the ladder
Going down on your way to the top
Do your arms ever tire?
Or do they heal while you climb with your mouth?  

Delete Everything
Sever the yearning / you can keep the fucking ring
Delete Everything
You can keep the fucking ring

Nothing left to repair.

Voices in my head again
Trapped in a war inside my own skin
They’re pulling me under.

I’ve swallowed myself but the fever remains
I’m numb to the pleasure but still feel the pain      
If I showed you my soul, would you cover your eyes?
If I told you the truth, would you dare me to lie?  

I keep it all inside because I know that man is every thing but kind

Voices in my head again
Beating me in a war I can’t win  
I can hear them now
Trapped in a game inside my own skin
And I don’t know myself anymore
They’re pulling me under

As I walk through this valley of shadows and death
I curse not the “wicked”, I praise not the “blessed”
If I told you the truth, you’d beg me to change
If fear were a currency, you’d own the bank

I don’t want to live so calloused and frozen / ugly and hopeless
I don’t want to live forever, I just want to live right now
You can’t take me from me

I keep it all inside because I know that man is everything but kind

LOUD (Fuck It)
You gotta be loud / You gotta be rude / so the world can hear you
You gotta be crass / You gotta be cold / it’s everything we know
Turn it up turn it up now

Another day, a double shot of hate
Drink it up like gasoline
Underpaid, you graduate, to build somebody else’s dream

With a noose as a tie… do you fantasize of a much different life?  
The fix for who they want you to be / directly streamed to your TV

And when they turn their backs on you…

You gotta be loud / You gotta be rude / so the world can hear you
You gotta be crass / You gotta be cold / it’s everything we know
Turn it up turn it up now
Loud / Rude / When nobody hears you
You gotta stand up / You gotta commit
Say “Fuck It”, make the best of it

A broken home you’re trying to mend
You’ve got one day left to pay the rent
We’re not sure, but we believe in the lie… that it’ll all be fine, when we die

It’s so easy to grant the mirror power to control what you want to erase                      
Don’t become another victim / “Put a smile on that face”

You gotta be loud / You gotta be rude / so the world can hear you
You gotta be crass / You gotta be cold / it’s everything we know
Turn it up turn it up now
Loud / Rude / When nobody hears you
You gotta stand up / You gotta commit
Say “Fuck It”, make the best of it

The money’s in the treatment, baby, not in the cure
So they fuel your pain with fear and shame and then hand you a brochure
The money’s in the treatment, baby, not in the cure
So they build you up to watch you fall and then beg for an encore

What are you waiting for?

Burn it down / brick by brick / Made in 2006
Lost and found / losing grip /  I needed this
Question me not, for I gave up everything
Forget me not, cause I’ve not forgotten what this means

Strip me down, tear me apart, you’ll find one theme left
No sign of stopping till my veins rust
Strip me down, tear me apart, you’ll find one thing left
I fucking know where I came from

..And nothing can replace those lessons learned
as I stood with my brothers on the side of the road
No longer haunted by the skeletons
No longer haunted by the past

For so long, it’s all i’ve known
I’m crossing over the undertow
For so long, no one was listening
Determined to make their deaf ears ring

Miles repeat / my worst enemy… is me.
But then four soon became six… to shatter the canvas
Handed nothing / loss pulling the strings
Outlived the dead trends / united by distance

I’ve been to hell and back, with no promise of return
So I made friends with fire, to keep from getting burned
No money, no sleep. dedication
10 years on the road this is sacred
And when i’m facing a wall, I do not quit
…Cause if you mean it, you will make it.

Pulled apart in a world so demanding
I’m still here, still standing
I’ve sweat blood from Stockholm to Scranton
Still here, still standing.

You can always rinse the surface, but the stain will remain

For so long, it’s all i’ve known
I’m crossing over the undertow
For so long no one was listening
I did my time

You live / you learn / you defy the terms, but this house will be my home
Beguiled / betrayed / it’s the price we pay, as trust will be our tomb

If you mean it, you’ll make it.

I’ve watched the whole world drowning in chemicals
Dissociative / but it takes it’s toll
Can I surpass time, or would I start to rust?
Depreciating / collecting dust

And I fear myself as I fall away  
In a cold deluded sense of fate
When the nightmares come, and the doubt sets in
Will the fever break, or will I burn from within?  

It’s too late to feel, I’ve lost my breath
With the hands of time around my neck
Am I more than the pen that wrote the past?
Or am I just the sand enslaved by the Hourglass?

Will I live again, or will I fade to black?    
Dehumanizing / when the heart attacks      
Will I expire before my dreams unfold?
But if the futures so bright, the path should glow

As the walls melt
and the light fades
I’m letting quicksand take me

If you look beyond the blindfold
You’ll find the hole in my soul
One fear, one mind, no hope, no time
If you look beyond the blindfold
You’ll find the hole in my soul

I’m on the edge of my seat
Holding out for a sign
Trying to rewrite the storyline

It’s too late to feel, I’ve lost my breath
With the hands of time around my neck
Am I more than the pen that wrote the past
Or am I just the sand encased in the Hourglass?

Fear is not my fate

Eternally Yours
Blow the bridge to the past / wipe the fingerprints
Melt your heart encased in wax / steal it with a kiss
Our fate engraved / scar enslaved / as we mutually destruct
Repose, my love, i’ve sinned enough for the both of us

In the name of love…..

I’m ready to bury all of my bones
I’m ready to lie but say I won’t
So tell me your secrets / and join me in pieces
To rot in this garden made of stones
Eternally yours

I feed like you taught me and selflessly swallow
We coalesce in darkness, so selfishly hollow
Examine the wreckage / writhing in tempo
Invisible anguish casting a shadow  

and in the name of love…

I’m ready to bury all of my bones
I’m ready to lie but say I won’t
So tell me your secrets / and join me in pieces
To rot in this garden made of stones
Eternally yours

As we rest in pieces, though I know not your name
I would suffer forever to absolve all your pain

And in the name of love

I’m ready to bury all of my bones
I’m ready to lie but say I won’t
So tell me your secrets / and join me in pieces
To rot in this garden made of stones
Eternally yours

I’m ready to bleed to make amends
And sleep in this dirt we call our bed
So tell me your secrets / and join me in pieces
To fall and rewrite the bitter end
Eternally yours

I’m more than willing to rot in hell with you.

After Party // Jughead

Prompt #20: Let’s have a some fun. A little truth or dare never hurt anyone.

Summary: Reader got ready for the dance with Veronica and Betty but when the party at Cheryl’s happened she didn’t expect a suprise. The surprise in the form of Jughead Jones and getting dared to play seven minutes in heaven with the boy.

Character: Reader x Jughead Jones, Veronica, Betty, Archie, Cheryl, and Reggie Mantle (mentioned)

Words: 1017

Disclaimer: I do not own Riverdale or the characters. Also to clarify in the tv series Jughead is NOT asexual and this is not based on the comics.

Warnings: Make out session, swearing, alcohol, fluff and a party

Author: Caitsy

Requested: Yes. Anon

Tagging: At the bottom

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Originally posted by stydiaislove

If you had to answer someone on what was the most surprisingly thing the first week of school you could answer. After the school dance everyone went to Cheryl’s place for a party. It didn’t matter if you hated her guts everyone went, either for the alcohol, the drama or just to see the castle of a home the popular girl lived in.

The most surprising thing was when you noticed that Jughead Jones was lounging around the room where everyone was. You couldn’t believe he had made an appearance at this party because majority of the popular kids were rude to him. You noticed that Archie was even surprised at Jughead.

“Jughead what are you doing here?” You asked. He had opened his mouth before Cheryl interrupted.

“Let’s have some fun. A little truth or dare never hurt anyone.” Cheryl smiled, “Well maybe once but they moved away.”

You rolled your eyes at her words because she would have been the reason that person fled town. The girl pouted her plump lips before calling everyone to circle up.

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Please, Take a Memory

If you take nothing else from the time of you and me,
Please, take a memory.
I don’t care if you take my long blonde hair, or the night you made us play truth or dare. Please, take a memory.
Take my dark blue eyes,
or one of our drunken nights.
Anything is fine, just
Please, take a memory.
Take my always chapped lips,
or our first kiss.
Please, take a memory.
Take the way we loved,
Or the way we fucked,
Just please, take a memory.
You could take any one you wanted,
I just don’t want to be forgotten.
Please, take a memory.

Truth or Dare / Ethan

AN: I was going to make this a smut, but i decided to leave that up to you all and decide if this should be a part two. Also, i know this might seem a bit rushed but its almost midnight and I’m tired.

Summary: Y/N leaves a birthday party with the twins and Grayson’s girlfriend. She ends up staying at their house instead of driving home. After Grayson and his girlfriend go to bed, Y/N an Ethan are left alone. They joke around and end up playing truth or dare like they did when they were little, but this time it’s more…intense.

Originally posted by ourmagiclovestory

Today I was hanging out with my friends, Ethan and Grayson Dolan. We were currently at a party for their sister Cameron’s birthday. I was standing with Grayson’s girlfriend in the kitchen while we waited for the boys to grab their things so we could leave.

Both twins appeared in the kitchen along with their sister. My smile grew as I walked to give her a goodbye hug.

“Happy birthday again” I said with a smile and a small laugh. She hugged me back.

“Thank you, I loved the camera you bought me.” She said as she let go.

“Good, I’m glad you did.” I said with a smile.

“We’ll see you tomorrow sis.” Ethan said before her and gray hug her.

We all head to Grayson’s car. Grayson drove, while his girlfriend sat in the passenger seat, leaving me and Ethan in the back seat. I was happy because Ethan was one of my great friends, but I always get nervous around him. I have always had a crush on Ethan, and Grayson loves to rub it in, but want tell me if he likes me back. I pushed that thought aside and I lazily laid my head on Ethan’s shoulder as Grayson drove back to his apartment. When he pulled in, Grayson turned to me.

“Y/N I’m not letting you drive home, its midnight. You’re staying here.” He said. I didn’t argue with him, because I knew he would put up a huge fight. So instead, we all walked up to their apartment and went inside. Grayson and his girlfriend immediately went to Grayson’s room to go to bed. Ethan and I sat down on the couch and decided to watch to. But I wasn’t paying attention to it, I was paying attention to him staring at me. I laughed and turned to him with a cheeky smile.

“Why are you starring?” I asked.

“Want to play truth or dare?” He asked.

“What are we twelve?” I asked laughing. He turned so his whole body was facing mine, and I copied his actions.

“We haven’t played since we were like 15 so why not?’’ He asked, I shrugged.

“OK, fine. But let’s go to your room so they don’t wake up.” I said. We both walked into his room and shut the door. We sat onto his bed, facing each other as we sat with our legs folded.

“Truth or dare?” He asked.

“Truth.” I said.

“What’s your favorite video of ours?” He asked.

“Your wisdom teeth video, oh my god!” I said laughing. He joined in with my laughter.

“Truth or dare?” I asked him

“Truth.” He answered.

“What color are you dying your hair next?” I asked, wiggling my eyebrows.

“Hey, that’s a surprise!” He said, I stuck out my bottom lip and pouted making him laugh.

“Truth or dare.” He asked.

“Fuck it, dare” I replied, leaning back onto my hands, He smirked.

“I dare you to take off your shirt.” He said, his smirk growing.

“Hey, that’s not how we did it when we were 15.” I said, sitting up. He laughed.

“Come on, I thought you never said no to a dare.” He said making me smirk.

“You know what? Fine.” I said. I lifted my shirt over my head and threw it in his face. He pulled it from his face with a smile, his face falling when he seen my half naked torso.

“Truth or dare?” I asked, leaning forward to rest my elbows on my knees and rest my chin in my hand.

“Dare.” He said, his smirk growing again.

“Good, because I’m not going to be the only one shirtless.” I said. He chuckled and lifted his shirt over his head and mocked me by throwing his shirt at my face. I laughed and tossed it to the side, next to mine.

“Truth or dare?” He asked me.

“Dare.” I said.

“Sit on my lap.” He said. My heart raced at his words, but my body listened to him. He moved so his legs hung over the side of the bed and I moved to straddle his lap, resting on top of it. His hands rested on my waist and mine rested on his shoulders.

“Truth or dare?” I asked, just above a whisper.

“Dare.” He said quietly, his eyes flickered from mine to my lips and back. I was nervous to say it, but my mind spit it out for me.

“Kiss me.” I said, looking into his eyes. He immediately closed the gap and space between us, pulling my body as close to his as possible. Our lips moved together in the quiet room, my hand moved to his hair as his roamed my thighs and lower back. He soon laid back, keeping me on top of him. All I could think was how lucky I am to be in this situation with Ethan. I always had a feeling he liked me back, but I didn’t know the truth until right now. He rolled us over, and moved so we were full on the bed with him between my legs. Our breathing was heavy as we starred at each other.

“Truth or dare?” He asked breathlessly.

“Dare.” I managed to breathe out.

“Be my girlfriend.” He said.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to hear you say that.” I said with a smile, his smile grew before he kissed me once again.


Truth or Dare?

Request: Could you do a Bucky x reader where the avengers are playing truth or dare and the reader gets dared to give Bucky a lap dance since he’s never had one and the reader gets really embarrassed because she thinks he doesn’t like her since Bucky never really talks to her but he’s actually secretly in love with her?

Summary: Basically what the request its; you give Bucky a lap dance and you get embarrassed ;)

Warnings: Fluff and kinda angst ?

A/N: I love doing requests! Also, if I don’t get to yours right away it’s most likely because I’m busy with homework / I’m doing research for the request. I finished my homework for today so I have some free time hence why I’ve been basically bleeding these fanfictions. Enjoy!

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Imagine: Having a sleepover with the girls and them finding out you have a crush on Warren.

Peter, Jean, Ororo, Scott, Kurt, Jubilee, Warren, and Y/N are all apart of the X-Men. The all fought evil together, so I was natural that they hang out together. Did they have fun as a group? Yes! Did the girls grow tired of hearing Peter gawk at every girl that walked by or listening to the boys give advice to Kurt for talking to a girl which may or may not work? Hell yes. Which is why Jubilee declared a Sleepover. ‘Girls Only’ to Peters displeasure.

Jubilee decorated her room nicely, Pillows everywhere, movies and magazines set out nearly, Snacks careful placed in bowls, and Makeup and hair care products perfectly placed around the room. She was proud of her set up. She helped her room mate, Ororo, get ready, because this is her first official sleepover.

“Why are the shoes fuzzy? And look like baby Cubs?” Ororo said shifting her feet causing Jubilee to roll her eyes playfully.

“Their cute, and cute slippers are must have. See! Look at mines!” Jubilee said excitedly while showing Ororo her unicorn slippers. Ororo giggled and pulled down her shirt. It was light blow with thunder bolts where her boobs were, they matched her bottoms.

The girls giggling stopped when they heard a knock on the door, once the door opened it was revealed to be Y/N and Jean.

“JEAN! Y/N! YOUR HERE! WE CAN GET THIS SLEEPOVER STARTED!” Jubilee said before turning on her pink radio blasting 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’! A smiled spread upon Jean, Ororo, and Y/N lips as they saw their small friend dance crazily while using her comb to mouth the words. Y/N and Jean walked in the room, Jean used her powers to shut the door and the girls joined in lip syncing with blushes and combs.


“Truth or dare time!” Jean said. She loved this game because she could always tell if the person is lying about the truth. On the other hand, Y/N hated this game. Last time Scott made her dye her hair pink because she wouldn’t tell the gang who she liked. Jean and Jubilee were determined to know this time.

“Hmm, fill me in on how to play this game again?” Ororo said before stuffing some popcorn in her mouth.

“Well, You either answer the question or you have to do an embarrassing dare.” Y/N said before grabbing a handful of gummy bears carefully, she had just gotten her nails done.

“I’m still a little confused but okay. I’m ready to play this game.” Ororo said smiling at the girls.

“Y/N why don’t you demonstrate. Who do you like?” Jubilee said while leaning forward towards the girl. Jean rolled her eyes. 'There goes being subtle.’ She sent to Jubilee causing her to roll her eyes.

“I like myself.” Y/N said more as a question than a statement.

“Is it Peter? Or Kurt?” Jubilee asked with a curious face.

“Twinkie boy? No. And liking Kurt? Isn’t that your job?” Y/N replied with a smirk causing Jubilee to turn pink, Ororo to yell 'OOOO!’, and Jean to laugh.

“Scott? Who wouldn’t like Scott! Have you seen his lips? An-” Jean said

“And we now know who Jean likes.” Jubilee said causing Jean to take a pillow and smack her in the face.

“As plump as Scotts lips are, he’s not my type.” Y/N said while laughing and Jean signed of relief.

“So..Warren?” Ororo said with a smirk causing Y/N body to freeze. All the girls looked at Y/N wide eyed before breaking out into smiles.

“What????? NO!” Y/N said obviously lying. The girls kept smirking at her, not believing her. “Okay fine! I think angel boy is really cute and if anyone tells him that I will set them on fire.”

“Warren and Y/N sitting in the tree! K-I-S-S-I-N-G!” Jubilee started to sang, and the other girls joined along causing Y/N to groan. Then there was a knock on the door, Y/N got up and opened it as the girls kept singing. She opened it to reveal the boys, and her eyes widen and the girls stopped singing.

“Hey guys! Girls only!” Y/N yelled before tying to slam the door fast but Warren foot was faster than that. Kurt teleported into the room, Peter ran into the room plopping himself down on Jubilee’s bed. Scott and Warren to entered the room.

All the girls shared a look before looking at the boys who were making a mess with the food, messing up the beds, and the make up products that were set neatly around the room.

“How come we weren’t invited?” Peter asked causing Jubilee to glare at him.

“Get out! This is girls only!” Y/N yelled. The other girls nodded in agreement.

“I’m sure you wouldn’t mind me here, right babygirl?” Warren said before winking at her. Your face turned bright pink and mouth opened slightly. Soon a smirk turned on her.

“You’re right. I would love it if you stayed.” She said walking towards the bed he was sitting on.

“Y/N? Sisters before Misters!” Ororo yelled crossing her arms. Jean and Jubilee looked at Y/N in shocked, wondering what she was about to do.

“Girls! Let’s not be rude to our team-mates! Let’s give to a good welcome!” Y/N said while smirking, the girls smirked finally catching her drift. Jean and Y/N grabbed a pillow, Ororo grabbed whip cream, and Jubilee chocolate judge. They all ran to attack the boys, covering them in feathers, whip cream, and chocolate.

Screaming, laughter, giggles, and sounds of pain were heard throughout the building. It was true, the girls did need time to themselves but having their boys made everything better.

CYOSTODA pt. 6: Dean Picks Truth

Characters: Dean, Sam, OFC Leah, and reader

Word Count: 6600-ish (I’m not even sorry this time)

Warnings: SMUT, voyeurism, f/f stuff, oral sex, sex - it’s porn

A/N: Okay, so if you’re following along, you should know that this is the part where all the sex happens. This is the conclusion for this particular thread of the story. So much love to our captain @littlegreenplasticsoldier for making this happen and for her patience while I had stuff going on. Also, love for @kayteonline and @saenalife for beta’ing and keeping me going when I hit the smut wall. What a crew to be a part of. Hope you enjoy!!

Get caught up:

Originally posted by deeceetrash

From part 5:

Although you would have loved to keep going, you didn’t think the game was quite done yet. There was no doubt in your mind that you had won this round, so you pulled away with a lingering kiss to the tip of his thumb and looked up at Dean with a tantalizing smile.

“So… truth or dare?”

His eyes focus on your lips for another few seconds, slick and shiny and hanging open a little. When he finally looks you in the eyes, he still wears a glazed-over expression.

“Dean?” you gently prompt, unsure that he’d actually heard you the first time. You start to reach for him, ready to shake him if need be, but with a clench on his jaw he seems to snap himself out of it. Staring you down intensely, he answers without a flinch.


Your eyes remain locked with his, both of you unwilling to break the moment. He’s finally giving you the look, it’s more hungry and needy than you expected, but still exciting. Though he’s still kneeling above you, you’ve got the upper hand, holding his stare with a fierce look of your own; one you’d never tossed his way before, never really had the opportunity, but there’s no reason to back down now.

You close your mouth to swallow, still tasting him on your tongue, before asking, “Have you ever thought of doing anything like that to me before?” You dart your eyes between his, anxious for the honest truth.

He pauses, breathing deeply through his nose as he clenches his jaw, eyes narrowed slightly as he tries to pull back control.

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He Overheard

Originally posted by deeepsleep

Prompt: “could you please do a Bones/Reader where it’s like, one night you drunkenly confessed to Jim that you have a sort of ‘doctor kink’ (or he finds out somehow about it) so whenever Bones is near you, Jim is all smirk-y and giggly, but Bones just usually passes it off 'cause it’s just Jim, but eventually Jim can’t hold his tongue and he tells Bones and he gets all blushy 'cause he likes you, so Jim cooks up a plan for you two to get together? haha sorry it’s long but I looove your writing so much xx”

Pairing: Bones x reader

Warnings: language

Words: 2096

A/N: Sorry this is a little late, y’all. Moving has been really stressful and it’s eaten a lot of my time lately. Thank God for my tireless Beta, who puts up with me incessantly asking questions and sending her things late, as well as yelling at me when things aren’t quite up to par. <3  

Ladies night. It had taken so long to actually get everyone together, but finally, you and Uhura had managed to wrangle a few other women from the bridge, the medbay, and engineering to have a night of fun when the ship was docked. Christine Chapel from down in medbay had gone on a supply run, while you and Uhura prepared your living space for several more occupants than it should have. You’d decided that keeping it on ship would be easier, as you’d have fewer unwelcome guests at your shindig.

“That should just about do it!” Uhura says, tossing another pillow in the corner to complete the last seat around your low table.

“Finally, now we just need Christine to get back with the…” You’re cut off by the door opening, and Christine appears in the doorway, arms full of bottles.

“A little help?” She gestures her head towards one of the bottles that’s about to fall. You rush to her, snagging it before it can drop and you take a few other bottles out of her arms. Grinning, you set the bottles and glasses up, chatting with Christine and Uhura until the other women arrive.

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Strictly Professional (Part 1)

Summary: You’ve been Misha’s publicist and personal assistant for the past two years, and despite being in love with him, you have a strictly professional relationship with him. At least that’s what you tell yourself. (again, I’m the worst at summaries sry bout it)

Pairing: Misha x Publicist/PA!Reader

Word Count: 2.7k 

Warnings: language, kissing, maybe slight angst? ish? and a cliffhanger bc im the worst 0:-)


Strictly Professional Masterlist

Originally posted by timetraveldean

“Have you seen Misha?!” you demanded, out of breath from running around the entire damn hotel trying to find the one man you were responsible for.

The convention volunteer put her hands up in defense, the look on her face seeming to say ‘I have no idea, please don’t hurt me’.

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Not Just An Act | Bellamy Blake X Reader

English isn’t my first language, so please excuse any mistakes.

Requested by @newsameoldmistakes: Just one more about Ark!Bell and I’ll stop lol I was thinking about the game truth or dare. I don’t know, maybe one of they classmates make a birthday party and they’re invited, so someone propose the game and even if the reader feels unconfortable with it, she play too, but then, when she chooses the truth someone ask her about her ex bf who cheated on her and Bellamy gets protective. This is all. Thank you soooo much, sweetie! ♥♥ 


Characters: ark!Bellamy/fem!reader.

(B/F/N) stand for “Best friend’s name” / (B/N) stand for “Boy’s name” / (E/B/N) stand for “Ex boyfriend’s name”.

Word Count: 1841 words.

Any chance you get of hanging out with your friends is good. Who doesn’t like to gather the whole gang and just relax for a few hours, forgetting the problems of when you’re alone? (Y/N) loved that, so she was that friend who was always planning to go out with her closest friends. And everyone seemed to get excited about it. But (Y/N) was the one feeling excited this time, because for the first time in a long time it wasn’t her who was planning that, but (B/N), who was going to have a little party to celebrate his birthday.

Everyone who would be there was school friends, which meant they had to put up with a lot of shit together in that place, and the bond between them was pretty strong. But (Y/N), secretly, had her favorites in the crew: (B/F/N), the outgoing girl (Y/N) didn’t even know how she’d come to be friends with; and Bellamy, the boy she was closest to, and who, because of that, knew many of her secrets that she had never told anyone else. She also knew some of his, though she knew they weren’t all; he seemed to have a lot of secrets.

“Bell and (B/F/N) have arrived?” this was the first sentence out of (Y/N)’s mouth when (B/N) opened the door for her to enter his house.

The girl had lost track of time and the party seemed to have started some time ago. A pretty loud music played somewhere in the boy’s house, and (Y/N) noticed some drinks on the table in (B/N)’s small living room.

Drinks. Her friends sucked when they were drunk. Normally, (B/F/N) would be the first to be out of herself, being followed by most of her friends. Most of the time, only (Y/N) and Bellamy would remain sober; him using the excuse of not being able to get home drunk or his mother would freak out or something.

“Yep. They’re all in my room.” at least (B/N) looked sober, a good thing.

But he seemed to be almost the only sober there. (B/F/N), as expected, staggered across the room toward the girl, going to greet her.

“(Y/N), my girl!” she exclaimed needlessly loudly as she squeezed (Y/N) into her arms.

Her friends began to chant her name. They were separated into little trios in the room; some talking, others drinking and some others dancing. The (Y/L/N) girl went through them all, going to sit on (B/N)’s comfortable bed.

“I thought you’d leave me alone with these people.” she heard a male voice talk to her as someone sat next to her.

An excited smile appeared on her face as she saw Bellamy sitting there, holding a glass of something for her to drink. She took it happily, taking a sip. Moonshine. Probably (B/N) made some deal with some of the boys at the Agro station.

“Well, it’s not me who always leaves friends waiting for them.” she said playfully to him. Bellamy was known, at least for her, for always confirm that he’d go on the things she planned and never show up. “Just kidding.” she hurried to say when she saw a guilty smile on his lips.

"No, you’re right.” he took a sip of his own glass. "I’ll still make it up to you.”

“Yes, of course. You’re going to have to go out with me every time you said you’d.” she chuckled, seeing a thoughtful expression on Blake’s face.

“That’s too much, I’m not sure I can handle it.” he muttered, shaking his head.

The boy grinned when the girl nudged him. “Don’t you dare get tired of me, Bellamy Blake.”

“Yo, lovebirds!” an yell rang through the room, and, for some reason, the two turned their heads in the direction of the voice. (B/F/N).

She was, in fact, referring to them when she yelled that, so she smiled at having caught their attention. (Y/N) sighed. The only secret (B/F/N) knew and she had never told Bell was that she had developed a crush on him recently. And to see (B/F/N) drunk, having notion of this secret, made (Y/N) regret having told her.

“We’re going to play truth or dare. Are you in?”

Nothing could be worse than that. (Y/N) was about to deny it when Bellamy got up, walking a few steps toward the circle that people were forming on the floor before stopping and turning to her, frowning.

“You coming?”

She knew it would be pointless trying to say no to him, so she sighed, drinking the rest of her moonshine at once. The girl got up and also headed toward them, sitting next to Bellamy.

(Y/N) watched the first few rounds with those drunks having fun while doing their dares, and for a moment she even thought there was no reason for her to be feeling so uncomfortable, allowing herself to relax. She should have suspected things would have gone wrong the moment (B/F/N) turned to her. Oh, she didn’t know what was coming.

“(Y/N)! My girl!” a smirk was on her lips as she stared at her friend. “Truth or dare?”

The (Y/L/N) girl wasn’t stupid, she knew that if the word "dare” came out of her mouth, (B/F/N) would dare her to do something that included having her lips on the Blake boy’s.

“Truth.” she answered, hearing some booing from her friends. A frown appeared on (B/F/N)’s face as she thought of something to ask.

“What a nice way to ruin a party.” Bellamy murmured, and (Y/N) could see from the corner of her eye that he was smiling at her.

“Okay. I think we’re all curious about that.” (B/F/N) said after a few seconds. “What happened between you and (E/B/N)?”

(Y/N) felt herself freezing in her place. Of course, of all the questions, (B/F/N) had to ask about that. (E/B/N), her ex boyfriend. Of course they were curious about their sudden breaking up. (Y/N) and (E/B/N) were a well-known couple, people’s favorite. They seemed madly in love with each other. It was what the (Y/L/N) girl believed, until she caught him cheating on her with a person who was pretty close to her.

(Y/N) had trusted him in ways she had never trusted anyone. That broke her for a while. She cried for him for him for weeks, and Bellamy was by her side during this time, trying to comfort her. He was the only one who knew that, and probably that was why he had become as tense as her when he heard (E/B/N)’s name coming out of (B/F/N)’s mouth.

“I, um… We… He…” she struggled to say something that made sense.

“He was an asshole.” Bellamy spoke suddenly, making everyone look at him. “And he didn’t know how to treat a girl as incredible as (Y/N).” he paused. “Well, I do.”

“And what do you mean by that?” (B/F/N) asked, looking confused, as did (Y/N), her brows furrowed.

"She broke up with him,” he continued, looking at the (Y/L/N) girl for a moment before looking back at the rest of his friends. “Because we had started to see each other.”

A gasp of surprise could be heard coming out of everyone’s mouth. (Y/N) almost gasped herself.

“You’re lying!” (B/N) exclaimed, looking from one to the other.

“Is it true, (Y/N)?” all heads turned to her as (B/F/N) asked that.

The (Y/L/N) girl had understood what Bellamy was doing, trying to keep her from telling the truth to everyone. And she was grateful for it. “It’s true.”

Another round of gasping was heard.

“I don’t think I should be so surprised.” (B/F/N) grunted, then grinned at the couple. “(Y/N) has the biggest crush on you.”

The girl felt herself freezing again and saw Bellamy stiffening. His eyes widened slightly, looking at her in the corner of his eye, but she couldn’t help noticing the small smile on his lips.

"How could I not like her back?” he said, putting one of his arms over her shoulder, pulling her closer to him, which made the girl feel her cheeks heat up.

“Well…” (B/N) said, raising his glass to them. “Looks like we have a new favorite couple here.”

“We’ll be better than the last one.” Bell answered, smiling at the girl.

(Y/N) felt her heart skip a beat. Don’t get so excited, your secret’s out for Bellamy and that was still just an act. Nothing else. But the girl couldn’t help but feel a little happier for the rest of the party, since Bell didn’t take his arm around her anymore. But she began to feel nervous as the end of the party came. They’d have to have a long talk about it and she wasn’t sure if she was ready.

As they left the party, still standing in front of (B/N)’s now closed door, (Y/N) looked nervously at the boy, who was eyeing her with arched eyebrows, waiting for her to say something.

“Thank you for what you did back there.” she took a deep breath. “Look, about what (B/F/N) said, I’m sorry, and-”

She didn’t have time to finish what she was about to say, because in the next second one of Bellamy’s hands was on her waist, pulling her closer to him, and the other one was holding one of her cheeks, lifting her face enough so that he could press his lips to hers with no problem. (Y/N)’s eyes widened, not knowing how to react to it.

When some sense returned to her, Bell had just parted his lips from hers, though his hands remained exactly where they were. He just pulled his face away so he could look into her eyes intently.

“I like you. I’ve liked for a while.” he said in a low, husky voice, which made her shudder a little. “And seeing you suffer for a jerk like (E/B/N) was the worst thing.” she broke eye contact, looking down as he stroked the cheek in his hand. “It wasn’t just an act. I meant what I said back there. If you-” he paused, which made (Y/N) look back at his face, seeing that this was what he was waiting for. “If you let me, I’ll show you we can be better. That I’ll do anything to make you happy. That I’ll always be by your side, no matter what.”

“As you always did.” she murmured, a small smile appearing on her face.

“But this time, being able to call you my girlfriend.” he let out a chuckle, looking nervous for the first time.

“Bellamy Blake,” she nodded slightly, looking at his lips before looking back into his eyes. “What a nice name for a boyfriend.”

A smile widened on the Blake boy’s face. He leaned toward her again, pressing their lips together. (Y/N) couldn’t help but smile, this time kissing Bell back, feeling the famous butterflies in her stomach. It had been a while since she had felt this way, and if it was up to Bellamy, he would make her feel that every day from that day on.


angel-of-purgatory-1967  asked:

Congrats on 5k. For the drabbles, maybe a cute drunk destiel scene?

“Did you see what I just did, Cas?” Dean chuckles as he holds his beer out, pointing at the bar. “I did, I just… they totally-” He snorts, burying his face into Castiel’s neck and laughing uncontrollably. Castiel’s chuckling as well, knowing exactly what Dean meant even though he didn’t finish his sentence.

“I- I think we should go back to the others,” he says, with only a tiny hint of sobriety in his voice. “They’ll probably think why we’ve been gone so long…” He grins at the idea.

“Oh, we were just slaying some vampires or somethin’ normal like that,” Dean says, still laughing under his breath. They walk over the grass, holding onto each other, trying not to spill beer on their clothes.

They hear the loud singing of Gabriel coming from the circle of friends spread out on the grass, laughter of Benny, soft giggling from the girls. Dean slumps down on the place Cas was sitting earlier and pulls his friend down with him.

“Dean!” Castiel says as his beer spills over his and Dean’s arm. A few of their friends laugh, but they don’t pay much attention to them.  

“Oops,” Dean grins with a failed attempt to dry Castiel’s arm with his soaked sleeve. “Sorry, buddy.”

“…’s fine.” Castiel puts his empty bottle aside and takes Dean’s. “But now you got to share.”

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Truth or Dare

Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 1440

Warnings: swearing, mention of fears, fluff.

**Slightly predictable, fluffy cuteness. Enjoy.

(Not my GIF)

It was so peaceful without the brothers in the bunker. They left on a djinn hunt a few states over, which you decided to sit out on. It had been almost three months since you were able to think without Sam bothering you about some research he found or Dean asking you to go on a food run.


It was beautiful.

You pulled your mug of tea to your chest and sighed. The television was off, the lights dimmed. You had no urge to watch a movie or read a book. You could do that when the boys were there. Sitting in complete silence was something you could rarely do ever.

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7 Minutes in Heaven Pt. 2

Pt. 2 of the request from my sweet anon!

Pt. 1

Genre: Smut/Fluff/Slight Comedy

“What are you doing?” Mark asked, surprised at your reaction.

“Trying to play the game silly. I think we’ve wasted enough time” you said seductively.

You made your way back over to him at the end of your bed. He was looking at you in complete shock.

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spritespirits  asked:

Tom having a sleep over with Marco and they both end up playing truth or dare, and Marco being bold dares Tom to kiss him

Ahhhhhhh! This is such a cute idea I loved reading this! It was so cute! I wasn’t sure if this was just an idea or you wanted a fic, so I wrote a fic anyway because the ide was just so cute!! I hope you love it! Sorry it’s a little short, enjoy!


“Truth or dare?” Marco asked. Tom laughed a bit and rolled his eyes.

“Don’t you think this game is kind of childish?” Tom asked, leaning against the couch. Marco laughed and nudged him, causing the demon to blush.

“Oh lighten up!” Marco teased. He then scooted closer. Tom blushed deeper, Marco was rarely this forward, but it seemed like he was really pushing this silly game. Tom rubbed his neck and Marco poked him playfully. “Truth or dare?” He asked again.

“Okay, okay, okay.” Tom agreed. “Truth.” He answered. Marco giggled, hoping he would pick that one.

“Do you have a crush on anybody?” Marco asked. Tom burst out laughing.

“What are you a middle school girl?” he asked. “Do I have a crush on anybody? This is the type of question they ask in teen romance movies.” He teased Marco mercilessly and Marco laughed, pushing him over playfully.

“Answer the question!” Marco demanded. Tom giggled and sat up, he was blushing again.

“Okay… yes I do.” he admitted, his blush was deepening. Marco grinned very big and scooted even closer. Tom blushed deeper when Marco sat so near.

“Truth or dare?” Marco asked again. Tom tilted his head.

“Aren’t I supposed to ask you now?” Tom asked. Marco shook his head and scooted closer still, eager for the answer. “Truth.” Tom said again, blushing deeper. He now understood Marco’s game and why he was acting so bold. Marco grinned.

“Who do you have a crush on?” Marco asked. Tom’s face was burning red and Marco was practically on top of the poor demon. Tom was so flustered he felt like he was going to burn the house down. “You have to answer.” Marco added.

“I-I um…” Tom trialed off. “I think you know…” He mumbled. Marco giggled and moved closer, putting his hands on Tom’s shoulders. “I don’t want to play this game anymore.” Tom said, looking away. He was becoming so embarrassed! How did Marco know? Marco smiled and pulled Tom in a little bit.

“One more.” Marco begged. Tom bit his lip, but nodded. “Truth or dare?” Marco asked. Tom gulped, hoping this would be what he was hoping for.

“D-dare.” Tom responded. Marco smiled very big and pulled Tom in a little bit more so they were only inches away. Tom was flaring up and praying that he didn’t burn Marco and ruin this moment, but he was lucky enough that he didn’t for now.

“Do you know what I’m going to dare you to do?” Marco asked. Tom gulped and nodded a little bit, unable to form words.

“I-I think I h-have a f-feeling.” Tom stuttered. He then smiled a tiny bit. “But you have to say it or the dare doesn’t count.” He made the rule up, this made Marco giggle a little bit and lean closer still. Tom blushed even more, but giggled.

“Okay then.” Marco smiled. “I dare you to kiss me.” Marco beamed. He leaned in and Tom smiled, meeting him halfway. The boys closed their eyes and Tom kissed Marco very gently on the lips. The two of them thought they’d both be too nervous and pull away fast, but they stayed. It was a light kiss, but it was deep and kind.

Tom pulled away and saw Marco looking at him with stars in his eyes. Tom smiled and giggled yet again, he just felt so giddy. He couldn’t stop smiling and giggling whenever he saw Marco looking at him. Marco grinned as well and had the same reaction as the demon. He leaned in again and Tom wrapped his arms around the human, pulling him close to be able to cuddle with him by the couch.

“Truth or dare?” Tom asked. Marco laughed lightly at how Tom turned the tables on him and changed up his little game. He smiled and thought about it for a moment, playing with Tom’s hair.

“Both.” He smiled. Tom pressed his head against Marco’s and thought for a moment.

“Did you start this game just so you could get a kiss out of me?” Tom asked in a very teasing tone. Marco giggled and nuzzled closer to Tom.

“Maybe.” He snickered. Marco the burried his face in Tom’s shirt and whispered. “Yes.” Tom smiled and hugged him again.

“And for your dare… I dare you to give me a kiss.” Tom said, matching Marco’s earlier tone. Marco smiled and gushed at the cute demon. He moved in and cupped his face, giving him a sweet kiss. He pulled away and smiled at Tom’s blushing face. Marco giggled and gave the demon another kiss on the nose. He didn’t want this to end, so he looked at the demon and smiled cutely.

“Truth or dare?”

After all this time - Jughead x reader

Hey so I’m putting out this much of the story just to see if it interests anyone, because I won’t write the second part if no one reads it. Please be kind <3

Words - 1601

Warnings - none I don’t think

As you entered Pops for the first time in forever, you wondered if you would see any of your old friends there, or if any of them would recognise you. As you looked around at all the booths a red haired girl caught your eye, Cheryl. You had heard about what happened to Jason last summer and as you were about to give her your condolences, you realised that she probably has no idea who you are, because even before you left, you guys were never close.

“One chocolate milkshake please!” You asked Pop, as you handed him the money he looked up and a surprised look flashed across his face; “(Y/N)???” Pop asked, “Wow I haven’t seen you in well,  how long has it been now?” “2 years, I’m back for senior year and I hope it’s a good one” you replied, “Well it’s sure good to have you back here in little old Riverdale, (Y/N).” Pop said, handing over the milkshake.

You turned around to find somewhere to sit, and that’s when you saw them, you old friends from when you were merely 15 years old; Archie, Jughead, Kevin and Betty, they all sat in a booth together with some girl you had never met before. You glanced at them to look at how much they’ve changed. Juggie is still wearing that beanie, typing away at his laptop, Archie was as athletic looking as ever, Kevin was laughing and smiling just like you remember him and Betty, Betty still looked the exact same, blonde and beautiful.

You almost went over there, but you got too scared that they wouldn’t recognise you and then in turn think you were a freak. So you sat at a booth that wasn’t too far from them so you could hear what they were talking about, while sneaking a few glances.

“I can’t believe we’ve only known you for a year, Ronnie.” You heard Betty’s voice say, Ronnie must’ve been the girl you didn’t know.

“Yeah it’s crazy, V” Archie chimed in.

“Feels like we have been in the presence of the infamous, Veronica Lodge for years” you heard Jughead say. His sarcastic comment ruptured in some laughs from the group.

Suddenly a phone rang, “Hello? Yes, okay I’m coming now, okay bye” Betty was the one talking, “sorry guys I have to go, mother dearest is waiting” she got up and as she walked past your booth you stuck your head down praying she didn’t see you, you weren’t ready to be ‘officially back’.

“We better get going too Ronnie if we want to hit the shops for the perfect back-to-school outfits” Kevin said to Veronica, they hopped up, said bye to Archie and Jughead and walked out.

“Okay man, now it’s just you and me.” Archie’s voice said in a not so whisper. “Are you going to tell me what happened between you and Betty? She hasn’t told anyone and we’re all going crazy over here not knowing.”

“It’s nothing really, after we kissed we tried to start dating but I couldn’t keep up with her expectations, I’m not you after all buddy” Jug replied, sarcastic tone and all. “But it’s cool, she’s one of my best friends so I would rather not lose her anyways, it’s better off this way, no harm no foul.”

“Okay man, well I’m going to go practice with Val, so I’ll see you at home later?” Archie said, slowly standing, waiting for Jugs reply before he got up fully.

“Yeah man, see you later” and with that sentence, Archie was off.

Now Jughead sat all alone, with his laptop, he looked absolutely concentrated on whatever task he was doing, you felt a little bit more confident now that it was just him, so you stood up and slowly made your way towards him, you put your milkshake on the table and sat on the seat across from him, you didn’t think he had even noticed until you looked up from your phone and he was staring at you with a questionable look on his face.

“Um, hello?” He said, “Who are you?”

You got a burst of confidence from hearing his voice and before you knew it “Do you not remember me, Juggie Buggie?” slipped out of your mouth.

It took Jug a few seconds but then he remembered the nickname “Juggie Buggie” and who had given it to him, his best friend that moved towns 2 years ago. “(Y/N)?!?” he said with a surprised tone, “holy shit is it really you?”

“In the flesh” you replied with a giggle, “so whatcha writing there writer boy?”

“Just a wee piece on the murder of Jason Blossom, no one knows who did it even a year later”

“So you’re going all detective to figure it out huh?”

“You know it sunshine” he said with a smirk, god this boy sent shivers up your spine even now, 2 years later. How did you still have a crush on this boy 2 years later?

For the next couple of hours you and Juggie caught up and after no time you seemed to be best friends again, he was always over at your house or you at his/Archies. You bonded with the whole gang again and even became super close with Veronica.

A few months later, Cheryl Blossom walks into the lunchroom and commands everyone to be silent to listen to her, she invited everyone to her house for a party tonight, “Be there for good times, good games and drama” were her exact words.

“What do you say, Jug? Wanna go get trashed with Queen B?” You said after she left, everyone else in the group was already going to go as they never missed a Cheryl Blossom party, but Jug wasn’t like everyone else, you knew it would take some convincing to get this boy out and partying. “I’ll think about it” Jug said, giving you a sarcastic smile.

Once school was finished you spotted Jug and Betty talking, behind them was V and Kevin, so you walked around Jug and Betty to see them. As you got closer, before anyone knew you were walking towards the two pairs, you heard Betty say “she’s changing you Juggie, you would never go to this party if it wasn’t for (Y/N)’s influence.” That made you stop right in your tracks. You paused for a bit and walked right up to Ronnie and Kev, they knew you had just heard what Betty said and had shocked expressions on both their faces, “ready to go guys?” you asked and walked towards your car, “oh how you’re such a bad influence, (Y/N)” Ronnie said, winking at you to make you feel a little better about the awkward situation you stumbled apon.

Once you were at Ronnies, you text Jug “Hey, saw you talking with Betty, seemed pretty serious, everything all good? Can’t wait to party with you tonight”

“Okay I’m sorry, I’ve held this in for a month or two now, but honey, you’re so obviously in love with that Jones boy” Kevin said, with Ronnie behind him nodding as a back up.

“You’re both crazy, me and juggie are just friends. I swear.” you replied, the two exchanged ‘whatever’ looks, “Why don’t we see about that tonight?” Ronnie asked, “Great idea, Ronnie, didn’t Cheryl say there would be games?”  Kev said, you rolled your eyes and laughed at your friends.

Cheryls party was huge, people were everywhere, you got kind of nervous, you were wearing some of Veronica’s clothes and you felt a little out of your comfort zone, but a few drinks will hopefully fix that, you thought to yourself.

After a while everyone was sitting down playing truth or dare, it was Reggies turn and he turned to you and bit his lip, “Truth or dare, (Y/N)? You’ll probably pick truth because you’re too scared for dares aye?” You looked at him and laughed, “Dare, Reg” He looked genuinely surprised, he obviously didn’t have a dare lined up, “uh, um, scull your drink and mine” so you stood up, downed your drink, walked over to Reggie, and downed his, “what a lovely dare, Reggie, thanks for the drink”

When you turned around to sit down you looked at Juggie, he was glaring at Reggie, you turned your head and noticed Reggie was not even subtly checking you out, it’s probably Veronica’s clothes, you thought to yourself, you turned back to Jug and smiled, he smirked back, god that smirk would make you weak in the knees, you sat back down to continue playing the game.

After a few more rounds of truth or dare it was Cheryl’s turn, she looked at you, then Jughead, and smiled. “Betty, truth or dare, you’ve picked 2 truths in a row so sorry love it has to be a dare this time, house rules.”

“Um okay, dare then.” Betty responded.

“I dare you, to take Jughead into the closet for 7 minutes in heaven.”

Betty didn’t even blink, she stood up, grabbed Jug’s hand and started walking towards the closet. You couldn’t breathe, you stood up and announced you were going to get fresh air and a drink, you then went off and got yourself another drink from the kitchen and downed it, then poured another one, as you walked away Kevin and Ronnie looked at each other, both knowing even before you did that you were head over heels for Jughead Jones, and that the reason you left the circle wasn’t to get some fresh air, it was to get away from the fact that he and Betty are in the closet for 7 minutes in heaven, and it broke you thinking about all the things that could happen in that closet.