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You're A Bet (Ashton Irwin)

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Ashton’s P.O.V

“Guys I don’t want to do this” I muttered as they sat around me in a circle 
“I don’t think its a good idea” said Luke as he looked over at Calum and Michael who were smirking 
“Its fine Ashton, you just have to keep it going for a while. You can break up with her before the tour ends, she will understand because it will be the whole distance shit” he said, I looked at him and ran my fingers through my hair “You’ll get hundred from the three of us and if you lose you have to give us each 50” he shrugged. I looked over at Luke as he shook his head 
“I don’t want to be apart of this” he said as he stood up and walked out. 
“I don’t know. I don’t want to hurt her” I said as looked at both boys 
“You wont hurt her Ashton” replied Calum as he leaned back on the couch. 
“Its just a couple of months until the tour is over” said Michael as he looked up from his phone. He smirked as me and put his hand out for me to shake “Come on Ash its just for fun” he added as he waved his hand slightly 
“Why her” I asked looked at them and biting my lip “Why cant it be someone else. I don’t want to hurt her” I added 
“Because the other two have boyfriends and that leaves her” he replied, I sighed and grabbed his hand shaking it 
“You cant back down on Ashton” said Calum as he pointed at me. I nodded my head and stood up shaking my head 
“Now they’re doing they’re last song so be ready. You have to ask her tonight” said Michael as he stood up as well. I nodded and walked with them to the side of the stage watching as they performed. I watched as she wrapped her hands around the microphone and moved closer to the stand. Her eyes closed as he continued to sing, her leg slightly bent as he leaned forward a little bit. She looked stunning out there, all eyes were on her, not a single sound coming from the crowd. She took everyone’s breath away but, shes not my type, shes not the kind of girl I’m into. She shy, she doesn’t talk much to us, she keeps to herself a lot. 
“She is beautiful” I mumbled making the guys turn to me 
“You’re not suppose to fall for her” said Michale as he stared at me 
“You made the bet” yelled Luke. 
“Shut up Luke” shouted Calum as he placed his hand over Luke’s mouth

3 Months later

“Ashton” you giggled as you pushed his hands away from your sides. You gasped for air and leaned back on the couch as he sat next to you. He leaned over and kissed your temple softly 
“I don’t want you to go home” he said as he put his arm around your shoulder and brought you closer to him. You looked at him and stuck your bottom lip out making him giggle 
“I don’t want to go home either” you replied hiding your face on his chest. “I’m going to miss you a lot. I cant believe this tour is almost over” you added as you looked up at him. He smiled and leaned down kissing your nose softly 
“I’m going to miss you too babe” he replied as he rubbed your arm softly. You closed your eyes and smiled hearing him sigh quietly. You took a deep breath and pulled back standing up 
“I’m getting something to drink, do you want something Ash” you asked as you looked down at him 
“A water please” he replied and smiled at you. You nodded your head and fixed your skirt as you made your way towards the back of the room.
“Ashton” you heard one of the boys yell. You looked back and watched as they gathered around him. They looked over at you and waved, you giggled and smiled waving slightly at them before turning around and grabbing something to drink for yourself. You played softly with the waters in your hands and made your way over slowly 
“I cant do this” you heard Ashton whispered, you stopped and took out your phone pretending to look at it. “I just cant do this anymore guys. I don’t like her” he added, you bit down on your lip “You guys win the bet I’ll pay you tomorrow I just cant pretend to be with her anymore. I’m leading her on and I just cant do that her.” he said. You took a deep breath as you held back your tears and made your way over to the guys. 
“Here’s your water” you said to Ashton. He smiled at you slightly and grabbed “I have rehearsal” you said as you pointed behind you and started making your to your band members. 

“Thank you for having us” said one of your band member as you three sat at the radio station. 
“Now ladies, you’re currently on tour with the 5 Seconds of Summer boys” said the host as he looked at you nodding “Any love on the road” he chuckled 
“Y/N, here is dating Ashton” replied Katie as she looked over at you. You looked at her and bit your lip softly before looking towards the glass and seeing Ashton wave at you slightly. 
“So lets answer some fan questions” he said as he pulled out a list “First one what is the worst thing an ex has done” he asked as he looked at the three of you. You looked up at him 
“Made of bet out of me” you said making everyone turn to you, you looked out the glass and watched Ashton stare at you, he frowned at you and rubbed his arm softly before he turned around and walked out. 
“Someone made a bet out of you” he asked shocked as he stared at you 
“Yeah” you replied looking down at your lap feeling your eyes start to water.
“How did you feel” asked Tay as he looked over at you 
“Devastated” you replied looking at her “It hurt a lot, I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to pull his hair out, I wanted to just cry. But, I didn’t do any of those. I played a long for a bit” you added chuckling quietly as they all stared at you with wide eyes. 

“Y/N” said Ashton as you walked inside the venue. “I never meant to hurt you” he added as he reached for your hands. You looked around and noticed the boys staring at the two of you. You bit your lip and looked at him.
“I honestly don’t get what the point of this bet was for” you said looking at him “I liked you Ashton. I liked you a lot and you fucked with my feelings. You made me think I actually had a chance with you. Do you know what that does to a girl” you asked and stared at him “I trusted you, and you’re the reason why I don’t trust guys anymore” you replied.
“Please let me explain everything” he said. You looked at him and shook your head. 
“I don’t want to hear it” you said looking at him “But thank you, thanks to  you in a month we will have a new hit single” you added and walked around glaring at the other boys 
“I hope that money is well worth it” you said looking at them “Because it sure as hell hurt” you added as you grabbed your microphone and made your way to the stage. 


“You trained with the who what from what where?” Dean scrunched his brow and cocked his head

“The league of Assassins on the Island of Nanda Parbat” You tried not to laugh

“Who did you train under because those are some serious moves your packin” Dean looked at you in amazement

“Ra’s al ghul” Your skin crawled as the words left your lips

“As in The Demon?” Sam questioned you wide eyed

“Yeah but how did you know that?” You looked at him curiously

“Yeah Sam how do you know that?” Dean crossed his arms over his chest and raised an eyebrow at his younger brother

“How do you not know?” Sam stood up “Nanda parbat is home to the Lazarus Pit”

“Excuse me?” Dean looked at you for confirmation

“Yes you are correct Sam”

“It brings people back to life, hence the Lazarus part” Sam
Answered Deans unspoken question “But its never the same person that comes back”

“Its how Ra’s has been alive for centuries” You crossed an arm over your body

“Isnt it next to impossible to get off that Island?” Sam looked over at you

“If it is, then how did you get away from panda pet and the league of misfits or whatever?” Dean asked

“The league has been in upheaval ever since Ra’s announced the hood as his heir” You explained

“What is this a comic book?” Dean half joked

“Hardly” you half smiled. I’ve been running from the league for a while now, but they caught up to me as you saw. No one leaves the league at least not alive anyway"

“We’ll protect you” Dean stood up his lips in a thin line

“I cant let you guys get hurt…to many have died already because of me” You hung your head

“You called him the demon right?” Dean asked Sam

“Yeah?” Sam turned in his chair

“Then its right up our alley” Dean nodded “lets get to work”

“On what exactly?” You sat down next to Sam.

Dean looked over at you “Were going to kill Ra’s al ghul”