lip x fiona

Shameless Preferences 4- Dating Lip would Include

Dating lip would include:

  • smoking with him
  • Helping him take care of Liam
  • Great sex
  • Drinking together
  • Wearing his shirts and underwear to bed
  • Wearing his hoodies when he’s not around
  • Him reassuring you that you aren’t just a hook up
  • Cuddles
  • Him saying “I love you first”
  • Small stupid fights
  • You reminding him that he’s worth so much more than the south side
  • Talking about your future, because he wants you forever
  • Being a huge Shipper of Gallavich
  • Kev and V being like your parents (Kev being over protective and V being amazing and caring)
  • Lip being over protective of you, especially over your dad
  • Fiona loving you
  • Getting high and watching American dad
  • Working the ice cream truck with Lip in the summers and working for kev in the alibi room
  • Lip and you babysitting when Mickey and Ian need some alone time
  • Copying Svets accent
  • Living at the Gallagher house 99.9% of the time
  • Punching Monica in the face (More than once)
  • Being there for him in anyway you can when he needs you emotionally
  • Sleepless nights talking about anything and everything with him(High or not high, depending)
  • Him accepting and loving all your problems and you doing the same 
  • Helping around the Gallagher house 

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Shameless Preferences-7: Gallavich wedding

A Gallavich wedding would include:

  • Mickey being the one waiting for Ian at the end of the aisle 
  • Mickey being the one who asked Ian to Marry him  
  • Both boys writing their own vows 
  • Mickey telling many times before the wedding that he wasnt ashamed or scared to stand in front of friends and family and tell them how he felt about Ian
  • The 3 oldest Milkovich boys standing outside making sure terry didn’t come by.
  • “I use to be so scared of who I was, but I learned quickly that loving who you love isn’t something to be ashamed of, not when you are in love with someone so perfect for you” Mickey says, reading from the vows he had wrote.
  • Ian thinking “God i just want to kiss this fucker” the whole time
  • Everyone seeing that Terry hadn’t won fully, there was a soft spot in Mickey that only was there for Ian.
  • Fiona feeling guilty for not supporting their love and telling Ian that his life had gotten better since Mickey had been taken away years ago
  • Lip being so happy Ian got his happy ending 
  • Lip and Mandy getting back together 
  • Iggy and Fiona hooking up
  • Svetand yev being there, 
  • Yev being a flower boy (Hes 6) Mickey and Him have a close relationship now
  • Mickey and Ian leaving early, they had a new house to break in;)
  • Lip giving a best man speech 
  • Iggy giving a best man speech 
  • “I remember the time I caught them fucking, every thought that shit would last. Then Milkovich said he loved my baby brother and I nearly passed out” Lip says, earning a middle finger from both grooms
  • There first dance being too “Privet fears in public spaces”-Front porch step
  • Everyone seeing them say “I love you” and Mandy,Fiona and Svet almost crying 
  • Fiona Dancing with Little Yevy

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Shameless Preferences 8- Dating Carl would inculde

Dating your favourite military boy would include:

  • Making sure he stays out of trouble 
  • Being the one he calls at 2 in the morning when Monica passes away
  • Supporting him in everything he does, even Military school
  • wearing his hoodies all the time
  • “I love you princess”
  • Him treating you like you are the only girl in the world
  • Getting into more than one fight with his slut ex
  • Amazing “I miss you” Sex when he comes home
  • Getting high and watching Family guy or futurama 
  • Talking about the future that Carl makes sure you understand your in
  • “Fi, im not just going for myself, im going for her. She deserves everything and I want to be the man to give it all to her, I love her and i want to be better for her
  • Wearing his extra army hat 
  • Facetime calls and and skype calls whenever you can
  • Being so proud of him for getting out, for being smart 
  • Realizing just how much you love this boy
  • Living at the Gallagher house more than your own.
  • Taking care of Liam and helping lip
  • Cuddles,lots of cuddles,
  • Forehead kisses
  • His fucking smile when he sees you
  • Standing on your tip toes to kiss him
  • Listening to Carl mumble things about you in your sleep 
  • Being the biggest Gallavich shipper in the world
  • Being best friends with Mandy
  • Carl loving you for who you are, wanting you for everything you are 
  • “I don’t care that you have scars, I dont care what you have done in the past because that doesn’t mean shit to me. What means something to me is you, us and going forward with you. Im in love with you when you have a messy bun and my sweats on, Ill be in love with you when you have tears rolling down your face that I have to kiss away, Ill be in love with you through it all babygirl”

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Thank You

Summary: Frank hits Ian in front of Mickey, and Mickey’s reaction shocks the whole family.

Word Count: 863

Mickey was thankful that he and Ian were growing closer, but at the same time, he was deathly afraid. Being gay in the Southside was far from acceptable, so Mickey did everything he could to make it so no one ever found out.

Mickey needed to get away from his house because Terry was in an abusive mood. Though he hated his connection to the redheaded Gallagher boy, he didn’t have anywhere else to go so he decided that they could sneak off to get high and fuck like usual.

As he approached the front door of the Gallagher household, he heard yelling. The shouting made him roll his eyes because he guaranteed that the argument had to do with Frank.

Mickey made his way into the house and noticed no one but the kids were downstairs. “Gallagher home?”

“We’re all Gallaghers,” Debbie says with a raised eyebrow. “Why are you here?”

Mickey scoffs. “Gotta see the redhead real quick. Where the fuck is he?” He pushes.


“Wouldn’t go up there,” Carl cuts Debbie off. “It’s World War III between Ian and Frank right now. Don’t you hear all the fucking screaming?”

Instead of responding, Mickey makes his way up the stairs. Ian’s never told him that Frank was physically abusive so he wasn’t too worried about the severity of the argument.

To his surprise though, when he walks into Ian’s bedroom, he sees Frank punching Ian square in the face. Ian was already bloody, so Mickey assumes it wasn’t the first punch that was thrown. Before processing what he saw, he notices Fiona and Lip screaming at the top of their lungs, then his focus falls back onto the redhead who is getting beat up.

Without any thought of who was surrounding him, Mickey grabs Frank by the back of his collar, and then pushes him against the wall. Mickey’s fingers held his throat in a tight grip. He gave a few punches and then inched his face so close that he could feel the older man’s breath. “You ever touch him again, I will fucking murder you. You will never touch a hair on his head again.”


“Never again, Frank. I’ll cut your fucking dick off and force feed it to you before burying you alive. Understand?” Mickey’s voice is intensely threatening.

“Yes,” Frank croaked out.

Mickey then pulled Frank by the neck to the top of the stairwell. “Now get the fuck out,” he said and pushed him down, causing the Gallagher father to stumble.

When Mickey turned back around he saw Ian curled up on the floor. His face was covered in blood. Mickey frowned, and approached the redheaded boy. Once close enough, he sat and gathered Ian into his arms. “You okay?” Mickey said in a loving tone that made the other two siblings jaw drop. They never seen a Milkovich act in love instead of hate– then again no one has.

Ian leaned into Mickey touch and nuzzled into his neck with a smile. “I can handle Frank, Mick.”

“Shut the fuck up,” Mickey laughed. “I knew you weren’t gonna hit the asshole back so I did what needed to be done.” He kissed Ian’s head.

“Protective son of a bitch,” Ian mumbled. “I love you, thank you,” Ian said. He must’ve forgotten the presence of his family members as well because he knows Mickey wouldn’t do this with people around.

Mickey breathes in before responding because he still is not used to love, but he knows he feels it, and he knows Ian deserve it. “I love you too,” he says nervously, like usual.

Ian heard the fear in Mickey’s voice so he picked his head up and kissed him. When they pulled away, the Milkovich boy studied Ian’s face. “I gotta get you cleaned–”

He cuts himself off when he sees Lip and Fiona with widened eyes and open mouths. Ian tenses at the sight because he feels like Mickey’s going to run. To Ian’s surprise instead of running,  Mickey grabs his hand to reassure him that he’s staying, which causes Ian to grin widely.

“What the fuck?” Fiona couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

Lip shook his head in disbelief as well. Did Mickey just say he loves Ian? “I fucking knew about you two but, what the fuck?”

Ian looks at Mickey because he doesn’t know what to say in fear of overstepping Mickey’s secretive boundaries. “We’re together,” Mickey says after seeing the conflicted look on Ian’s face. “I’ll let him explain or whatever, just let me clean the bloody asshole up first.”

They nod, but don’t move from where they are standing, which makes Mickey shrug. He helps Ian up and heads into the bathroom. It’s going to be a long night, he thinks.

Suddenly Ian cuts Mickey out of his thoughts with a passionate kiss. “Really, Mick, thank you,” he says. They both know that he’s not talking about getting Frank off of him anymore, so Mickey nods and kisses back.

“Did what I needed to do,” Mickey says again. “I love you,” Mickey says in hope to see Ian’s big smile, which he does.

“I love you too.”