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Summary: You’re dared to go skinny dipping with Steve and Bucky gets jealous. 

Warnings: Steve x Reader (minimal) and Bucky x Reader, Smut

A/N: My own request that I decided to write while taking a from studying and because it made me really happy while writing it. 

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{ first and foremost }

prompt: could you possibly write some poly!southern mf democratic republicans xreader

summary: each of your partners have been elected into the white house. you are now the first lady of the united states of america.

t/w: none! fluff mostly.

a/n: yes!! of course! i’ve been waiting to do this for the longest time lol i just really love poly ships. 

i have never been inside the white house so i must say thanks to google images. i just thought this idea would be really cute. i also had to google a ton of stuff about what a first lady/vice president/chief of staff does. i just hope i got everything right! hope you like it!

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“Thomas?” You knocked softly on the door to his office. You stepped inside, opened the door with a little smile before looking around the room. 

Thomas was already smiling at you, sitting behind his desk at the Oval Office. You weren’t sure if you’d ever get used to seeing him sitting there. 

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A Lacklustre Day

Request: “Can I request Percival Graves x reader, where she has a terrible, stressful day at work and she comes home late and in a really bad mood, so Percy comforts her as much as he can and it leads to a gentle, loving smut and after that she just drifts off to sleep peacefully in his arms? I love your writing so much, you are EXCEPTIONALLY amazing”

Pairing: Percival Graves x Reader

Word Count: 1842

Warnings: smut

Originally posted by talking-limbo

Have you ever had one of those days where you felt like the world was targeting all its anger on you? That some higher power was accumulating every negative experience and throwing it directly your way? Well, today was one of those days.

Firstly, you had woken up late and missed the bus to work. Next, because you were late to work by a mere 5 minutes, your boss had wasted 10 more minutes yelling at you for your incompetence, although you had never been late before. Just about every customer seemed to have taken out all their frustration on you, as well as your lazy co-workers. You had to stay back an extra hour, finishing up work that others had been charged with overseeing. The cherry on top was that, when you had gone to get a quick dinner before heading home, you had found that your favourite little café was shutting down. It took all your strength to stay strong as you walked home, not having the energy to even get frustrated with a group of men catcalled you as you walked round the last corner to your apartment. Your feet were heavy as you pulled your empty shell of a body up the endless flight of stairs. The elevator chose the worst day to break.

As you shut the door behind you, you spotted Percival sitting at the dinner table, waiting for you. He stood up, coming over to you with a concerned frown as he watched the blank expression on your face.

“(Y/n), what’s wrong?”

As his words came out so did your tears. You crashed finally, not pushed over the edge by another annoyance, but rather pulled into reality at the first act of kindness you had experienced all day. Percy brought you to his chest, coaxing you into a calm state with a steady, gentle hand rubbing your back as he shushed you quietly.

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well I was going to ask for (20) for Zarry but if it doesn't work out any pairing of your choice would be great!

things you said I wasn’t meant to hear

“Haz, I can’t find my keys.” Zayn checks his pockets, his bag, under a few sofa cushions.

Harry pops in from around the corner. He jingles the keys in his hands with a big grin on his face. “I found them.”

“Thanks, babes.” He takes the keys and presses a kiss to his cheek. “You’re so good at finding my shit, dunno why I bother looking.”

Harry shrugs. “A simple Accio always gets the job done.”

Zayn quirks an eyebrow at him. “I don’t… understand what that means.”

“Family joke,” Harry says with a wave of his hand.

He says that a lot, he’s got quite the weird family. Makes sense, Harry’s quite the weird lad. He keeps a toaster in their bedroom and gets a little bewildered by escalators and says things like Accio. And any time he catches Zayn lifting an eyebrow at him, he chuckles and calls it a family thing.

It’s one of the reasons Zayn’s a little nervous to meet them. Not that he’d admit it.

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Dom McCree, sub Hanners. Gun play. Bonus points if it's with peacemaker. Double bonus if Hanzo is also tied up ;)))

“Careful now, darlin’. This gunslinger’s loaded.”

Jesse’s voice was low, deep like molasses laced with adoration as he held Hanzo’s chin in his metal hand. He was such a beautiful sight like this; on his knees between Jesse’s legs with his hands bound behind his back as Jesse sat in a chair in the center of the room. His hair was let loose down his shoulders, and Jesse’s belt was wrapped just tight enough around his throat to strain the skin, ‘BAMF’ pressed into it roughly. His eyes were turned up to look in Jesse’s, tears in the corners threatening to slip out onto the sharp contours of his cheeks. Jesse held him there, grip tight on his chin, index finger pushing down on his lower lip to hold his mouth open. And in his right hand, Peacekeeper glittered in the low light, barrel resting on Hanzo’s lower lip next to Jesse’s finger.

“Yer a real professional, and we both know how good you are with that mouth a yours,” he cooed, tapping the weapon on his lip. “So you treat her nice and good for me, and maybe I’ll give you a little somethin’ afterwards. That sound good?”

Hanzo nodded softly before his tongue extended out to touch the cold metal between his lips, shaking with trepidation. It tasted of metal and gunpowder, smelled of ash and Jesse’s aftershave. He could feel little nicks and chips in the body as he slowly worked his tongue around the end of the barrel, letting it dip into the tip of the chamber. He shifted his head and ran his tongue down the entire length of the weapon, saliva shining brightly as he worked. This was dangerous, ridiculous, embarrassing, yet Hanzo couldn’t get enough. He felt powerless, as though he was completely showing submission to the man who sat with his legs spread and a look of pure hunger on his face, and Hanzo was completely okay with that. The thought had his hard erection weeping precum in a pool between his legs. He wanted to show how skilled he was, wanted to get lost in the recklessness and danger that was Jesse McCree.

Above him, Jesse watched his lover bob and lick along Peacekeeper, and could feel his own hardness throbbing against his thigh through his jeans. There was nothing else in the world like the rush he got from watching Hanzo take his weapon in his mouth, to show his unyielding trust for Jesse in such an intimate and sexual way. It was too much; McCree knew he could enjoy the show for a few more minutes before his need overpowered him, and he took what belonged to him.

AU where Yuuri is a part timer at a convenience store *coughLawsonscough* and Victor is an overworked salaryman just looking for beer.
Yuuri is shell-shocked by how beautiful this man is. But Victor is just so fucking tired honestly. He just wants to go home and drink.
Yuuri can tell how exhausted he is, and tells Minami he’s going to go and help the poor guy.
He helps Victor get his beer but discreetly punches in some rice balls and a bento. Victor is squinting at the price, which is a bit much.
And Yuuri smiles, puts a finger to his lips and says “My treat.”
And that’s how Victor falls head over heels in love with a Lawsons part timer-slash-college student who makes it his life mission to make sure Victor eats properly every day.

“The cure for anything is salt water -
Tears, sweat, or the sea.”
Baby, I wanna give you all three.
I’m full of feelings, can’t sit still,
I can pull you into
Waves around the world,
Early in the morning and
Last thing at night, and
Lazy afternoons spent rumpled sheets
And a coastal breeze.
Skin on skin on skin,
Or a flush under a heavy blanket
By burning driftwood,
With smoke in our eyes, our hearts,
And salt on our lips.
You’re a treat to my ills,
You taste like home.
—  IRL Love Letters: Long White Cloud
(Top quote by Karen Blixen, via @agirlnamedally )
submitted by Ed Jelley
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While browsing the site, you may have noticed that Chapstick (and many other brands of lip balms) pop up in quite a few EDCs. The obvious reason being that it prevents chapped lips, sure. But you might be surprised to learn it’s capable of much more—especially in a survival situation. While the all-natural stuff may be the best for your lips, throwing a stick or two of the oil-based kind in your EDC bag can get you out of a few jams. In this guide, you’ll learn 9 different ways to turn your ordinary lip balm into an unexpected survival tool.

Why lip balm?

It’s in the ingredients. At the core of most lip balms is a chemical called petrolatum. This waxy oil-based substance was originally discovered on oil rigs and used by their crew on cuts and burns. Now, it’s found in a variety of skin protectants, lotions, and hair care products. Petrolatum is a useful survival tool because of its flammability, resistance to water, and resistance to most other chemicals. Most chapsticks also have added sunscreens too—just check the active ingredients label.

For these examples, I’ll be using good ol’ Chapstick brand lip balm for its useful cap and oil-based composition.

Let’s take a look at what you can do with this versatile little stick…

External image

1. Make a candle

With a cotton swab (Q-tip) and a stick of lip balm you can make a long-burning emergency candle. Cut the swab in half, apply some chapstick to it, and push it (stick side down) into the stick. Light the top with your fire starter of choice and voilà—an emergency candle. It’ll burn for a long time, providing light and an easy way to get a larger fire going.

2. Start fires faster

Starting a fire with a ferro rod can be tough, especially if you don’t have the right kindling. A quick and easy way to get the fire going is with a cotton ball and some chapstick. Since petrolatum is flammable, applying a small amount to a cotton ball will keep it burning much longer than one without. If you don’t have a cotton ball handy, apply it to some bark or wood shavings for a similar effect.

3. Use as emergency waterproofing

It might not be ideal for all fabrics, but you can plug a small hole in a tarp or tent with a small blob of chapstick. Since oil-based balms are hydrophobic (read: water resistant), it’ll seal light rain and morning dew out. Don’t expect it to plug a hole in heavy rain, but if you’re out of options it’s worth a shot.

External image

4. Stop bleeding in minor cuts and scrapes

You can apply a small amount of lip balm to minor cuts and scrapes. It’s also great for healing pesky hangnails. Make sure you’re using a fresh stick (or cut a small layer off the top) to prevent infections. For small nicks and scrapes, this can help when you don’t have a bandage available. Remember to seek medical help or administer proper first-aid techniques for more serious injuries!

5. Use on high-friction areas between boots/clothing and skin

On a long hike or walk, your boots may not always get along with the back of your heel. You can use some lip balm on high-friction areas to provide some relief. Since lip balm’s main ingredient is a topical healing ointment, it helps abrasions.

6. Use as emergency sunscreen

Most lip balms have some added ingredients for SPF. While we don’t recommend slathering it all over your arms, it can be great if you’re feeling the heat on your nose or ears. Avoid sunburn and irritation by applying a thin layer to exposed skin. This Chapstick has an SPF of 25, which is more than the standard.

7. Protect the rest of your body

Chapstick is marketed for lips, but it can treat dry skin anywhere. Your hands, knuckles, knees, and elbows can all dry out from exposure to the elements. Take some preventative action and moisturize before skin cracks or splits. You’ll be glad you did. Carrying a stick or two of lip balm is much easier than a big bottle of lotion, and it’s less messy too. The Swedish military developed Hudsalve over 50 years ago, for exactly this.

External image

8. Turn your flashlight into a makeshift lantern

If you’re carrying a AAA flashlight (like the Fenix E01) you can use the cap of your chapstick as a light diffuser. By placing the top of the cap over the front of your light, you can turn that beam into a makeshift lantern. This spread out, soft lighting is great for inside of a tent, or if the power were to go out.

9. Lubricate and maintain your gear on the go

Lots of chapsticks are petroleum-based. This wax and oil mixture makes a great lubricant in a pinch. If your flashlight threads are dry, apply a small amount to the threads and they’ll be twisting like new. While you can use it on a knife hinge, it’s best to do so only in an emergency situation — it can be a bit gunky for EDC use. If your knife is carbon steel, you can add a thin layer to the blade to keep it from rusting.

What’s your most creative use of lip balm? Let us know in the comments below!

Never Tear Us Apart (reader x Bucky) [Accidents Happen part 4]

Hi, friends! I seriously meant to post this a few days ago, but life and illness made it difficult. Plus this is kind of a long chapter but I wanted to get it right. I hope I did! Let me know your thoughts. :)

Part Three: Evasive Maneuvers    Part 4      Part Five: Unavailable


Never Tear Us Apart (reader x Bucky) [Accidents Happen Part 4]

Characters: reader x Bucky, Steve, Tony, other Avengers mentioned

Summary: Progression of the relationship between reader and Bucky as they make plans, which get rudely interrupted. 

Warnings: fluffy fluff plus a little angst

This is along one! It might be my favorite, though. I really wanted to portray the passage of time and how “real life” intervenes in a relationship. Plus the music! I had to add that kitchen scene. :D Thankfully, I’ve figured out the “Keep Reading” situation, so it won’t clog up your dashboard. 

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Let me know if you’d like to be tagged or untagged in the future! Send me an ask. 


Sunlight fell across your face through a slit in the curtains. Turning away from the brightness, you opened your eyes and gazed into the still-sleeping face of Bucky Barnes. It must’ve been a restful night, his face relaxed with his lips slightly parted. Most nights were good but every once in a while he would wake with a furrowed brow and clamped mouth. You knew he still struggled with nightmares, but he didn’t like to talk about it. All he ever said was that it was always better with you there. Which is what made today so hard.

It had been a two weeks since that fateful night of Fraggle Rock and the following morning of bliss. You and Bucky fell into an easy routine of friendly interaction during the day and as much of a workout in the gym as either of you could handle before the REAL workout took precedent at night. You had moved beyond the wrestling mats by then and had just a little more self control in order to make it to one of your rooms before disrobing.

This particular morning, you were aware which room you had stumbled into last night in a instant. Bucky’s room still consisted of 4 blank white walls, a bed, and a small bookshelf with a lamp on top. You were all for the minimalist look, but it could use a little personality. In a moment of inspiration, you grabbed a black Sharpie from the bookshelf and uncapped it. Rolling onto your stomach and scooting up to the wall above the head of the bed, you began to draw.

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