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Highlight-Swatch-Review: OCC Lip Tar in Electric Grandma

What better than a perfect creamy-metallic pool-side orange when you’re lounging around in Summer?

“Electric Grandma” is named after an original creme-finish shade in the Lip Tar range called Grandma (creamy coral) but the company jazzed it up with TONS of gold reflects pigments so you still get a creamy bright orange with an undertone of slight coral-pinkiness but with the coolest gold sparkles when it hits the light.



It’s a really nice concept, but these metallic lip tars don’t quite seem to have that same seamless, opaque, smooth finish as the regular creme ones.

The sparkles are really pretty in some lights (and from afar), but the loads of gold mica can make the appearance of your lip color look a little spotted/speckled, while the creme color settles into lines. Building it up doesn’t really help, so if you don’t like that effect or people are going to be looking at your lips close-up, skip this one.


Who it’s for:

I would say not to restrict yourself by how light or dark your skin is. I’d pay more attention to your undertone. This is a shade without much red in it, so if you have a lot of visible pink or red undertones in your skin (meaning anything you can’t even out with a little foundation, concealer and powder), this might not be too flattering.

Also if you have olive/golden toned skin, be sure to apply a little warm-toned (coppery, peachy, reddish) blush to balance out your face so everything doesn’t look too “yellow”.


Things to do with it:

With this particular lip tar, you can:

  • use your finger to smooth on the sheerest layer of it for a pretty shimmery orange dreamsicle effect
  • wear it full-on for a bright milky orange that’s almost neon
  • blot your lips on a sheet of tissue to leave a translucent-gold gossamer sheen on your lips, then apply clear gloss over it

I advise using a lip brush with it wherever possible. (The new lip tar purchases should include a small brush with every tube.)


More tips for first-timers!

If you’ve never used lip tars, remember to:

  • Apply very little around the center of your lips and work outwards.
  • USE VERY LITTLE! This is not a lip gloss. A small dot goes a long way and if you apply too much it’s not only wasteful but you’ll make a mess.
  • Prevent bleeding (color creeping into lines beyond your lips) by wearing a flesh-colored lip primer or liner (either nude or matching the lip tar if you can find one)

Electric Grandma is available on (US and international) and (Singapore) or (Australia). Prices start around US$18, but might be subject to some differences depending on currency and tax variations.


OCC were one of the first brands to start the lip lacquer not a gloss/not a lipstick/not a stain phase in lip products and now just about every brand you can think of is doing their own variations. If you’ve ever read anything about makeup you’d know the OCC Lip Tars get a lot of a hype and quite frankly I can’t quite understand why. No matter how little or much product I use and no matter what technique or tool I use to apply them they bleed, feather, smudge,  smear, don’t last long, dry out and irritate my lips, accentuate flakiness, apply unevenly, fade unevenly, have an overpowering smell and the packaging has a tendency to leak everywhere. I have tried many shades from dark to light and bright thinking certain shades just may work better than others but the result is always the same and I always remember why I don’t like them. I think these are a major disappointment and I’m annoyed I wasted so much money on them. I much prefer products like YSL Glossy Stains, Maybelline Color Elixirs and Klara Cosmetics Kiss Proof Lips.

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