lip stretcher

Naughty Little School Girl (Requested)

Chris Motionless AU Smut 

Anon Asked: “Can I have an AU where chris motionless is a teacher and Y/N is a studet? Can you ake it as hot and smutty as possible please with chris having control over y/n?”

Y/N = Your Name 

I deliberately picked a picture of Chris with no makeup on so that it would make him look like more of a teacher for this smut.

It was the last period of the day and you had your favorite class. You loved your music class for two reasons, one you loved making music and everything about music and two but most importantly your music teacher was hot as fuck. His name was Christopher Cerulli and he was the most good looking man you had ever seen. Even though he was a teacher he had three lips piercings, stretchers and was covered in tattoos, you had no idea how they let him teach with all of them but they did and he was amazing. He could sing/scream and played the guitar and keyboard, he had told you that he always wanted a carrier in music but his high school band never worked out. You weren’t happy that he never got to pursue his dream but you were happy that you got to spend 50 minutes with him three times a week. 

He wasn’t that much older than you. You were 18 and in grade twelve and he was 28. He was always so nice to you and you both had little personal jokes between each other, you wished that something could happen between the two of you but you didn’t think it ever would. You both had so much in common and got along so well, but he was a teacher and you were a student it could never work. Your class had finished and you noticed Chris looking at you funny the whole lesson, you thought maybe your hair was doing a thing or maybe you had a pimple that you weren’t aware of. You pulled out your phone and checked but nothing, you had no idea what his problem was. 

Class had finished and everyone was going home, you got up and went to leave “Y/N could you please stay back there is something I need to talk to you about” Chris said as he sat at his desk. Shit you were in trouble, that’s why he had been looking at you funny you had obviously done something wrong or maybe you failed the latest test. “Oh god what is it sir, did I fail the test?” you asked worryingly as you walked over and stood in front of his desk. “Haha, no Y/N you didn’t fail the test” he laughed “there’s actually something I wanted to ask you. Would it be wrong for me to say that I find you very attractive” you couldn’t believe it, your stomach started doing back flips and you were pretty sure you were blushing. “No it wouldn’t be wrong” you said quietly, Chris got up and walked around his desk and stood next to you. “And would it be wrong to say that I want you?” he asked again, “no it wouldn’t be wrong” you said again as you raised your head and looked into his amazing brown eyes. 

Chris grabbed your hand and pulled you into the back room where all the instruments where kept, he locked the door behind him and pushed you against the wall. “Are you sure you want to do this, because if we do you can’t tell anyone it has to stay between us” he said. Of course you were sure you wanted him more then anything and there was no way you would make him loose his job. “I’m sure, I’ve wanted this for a long time” you answered. Chris guided his hands up your sides and started unbuttoning your school blouse, he undid your tie and put it on the table beside him. He had stripped you down to nothing and was just marveling at your naked body in front of him. “I’ve wanted to see what was hiding under that uniform for a long time now” he said as he started unzipping his pants. You watched as he pulled down his pants and boxers letting his enormous hard cock spring out and hit his stomach, he must have seen the expression on your face because he laughed under his breath. He walked over to you and picked up your tie off the table, he wrapped it around your throat and pushed you so that you were facing the wall. 

He ripped his shirt off and lined himself at your entrance, “you can call me sir like usual, after all I am your teacher” he said with a smirk. He then started smashing into you, you gasped at the force but you liked it. He pulled at the tie around your throat and continued to slam into you. “Oh yes” he moaned “you liked that Y/N, huh you like that?” he asked while getting faster. “Yes sir” you answered trying to grip onto something. He used one hand to pull on the tie and his other hand to squeeze your tit. Without warning his pulled out and tightened the tie around your throat. “Get down on all fours” he ordered, you did as you were told and he pulled you toward him. He watched you crawl across the floor until you stopped at his legs, “now suck.” You took his large hard cock into your mouth and started bobbing your head, apparently it wasn’t fast enough because he grabbed your hair and started thrusting into your mouth at his own pace, witch happened to be fast. “FUCK” he moaned as he came into your mouth, “now swallow” you did what he asked and swallowed. He pulled you up with the tie and smashed his lips onto yours, his tongue went crazy inside your mouth and his hand quickly rubbed your wet clit. You broke away from his lips to moan, “Oh, sir fuck me please” Chris licked your neck and moved down to your hard nipples. 

He picked you up and placed you on the floor. He once again started slamming into you at a very fast pace, you couldn’t help but scream. “Yeah the little school girl likes that doesn’t she” he said as his thrusting got harder and faster. You both reached your climax together and got changed, Chris unlocked the door and you both walked back into the main classroom. “If you are a good girl in class tomorrow I might just reward you” he said as he smacked your ass on the way out. “I look forward to it” you said just before grabbing your bag and walking off.