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okay but can I imagine your piercing hc but backwards. Like in my mind Neil has really nice lips that Andrew is secretly a little, (a lot) obsessed with. So maybe he gets both a nose, and later a lip piercing??? It gets a little much during the kissing sessions on the roof, but they are both like \_('_')_/ . (Feel free to write a session on the roof. I need it in my life tbh.)


  • like the prompt says: 
  • andrew is obsessed with neil’s lips
    • the shape of them
    • how soft they are
    • how neil presses against them sometimes when he smiles
    • when neil smooths his thumb against them when he’s studying
    • kissing them
    • the way it feels when they brush against his neck or his collarbone 
  • and neil just got that piercing on his nose and it looks good
  • andrew got his lip pierced but it was only spite. he never wanted it
  • he doesn’t even really like it
  • but neil seems to
  • he takes it out after a few days, mostly because it started to bother him
  • neil misses it and starts to wonder……….

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Ahh I want more Chan, so here's some Kyungsoo. Curled up on the couch, you pull your attention away from what's playing on t.v. and turn it to the handsome man you're curled up against. His arms were wrapped snugly around your waist, pulling you to him. You were lucky, you saw a side of Kyungsoo others rarely did. Lost in that thought you gently trace his heart-shaped lips with your fingers, causing him to look down and smile. Softly kissing your fingertips he whispers, "I love you, Jagi." -A

AAAAAAND I’m dead. Seriously… I am. T^T Thank you A… Thank you… Like.. ahh his lips! why did you have to give such detail! Arghhh Fine I’ll post Chan’s pics! Just give me a second and update the masterlist! Argh!!! Admin A~

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Dude my eyebrows are natural. I dont do anythig to them except pluck. No makeup

Alexandra's Sims 4 Lip Shape Tutorial

Hi Everyone :) I was asked by a couple people how I got the lip shape for one of my sims I use to model my cc @ TSR (They’ll be upcoming creations on my simblr too). I thought I’d make a photo tutorial so you know which slider directions I used.

1) I just started off with a random generated lip shape. Just a straighter medium sized ea lip shape. I brought down the lower lip in the close up Detail Edit Mode to make it thicker

2) I Then pulled the top lip as high as it can go with the ea sliders. This was also in the close up Detail Edit Mode. When pulling up I angled the sliders so they were going in a sort of triangle shape (as shown in the image below)

3) Also in the close up Detail Edit Mode I took the very edges of the mouth across the center line of the mouth and dragged them a bit more than halfway down. If you drag them as far down as the ea slider goes it looks like your sim is very very sad lol.

4) I zoomed out (right click on the mouse) and exited the close up Detail Edit Mode and went into the second detail mode (after the full body mode). I Dragged the corners of the mouth as far down as the ea sliders go. This gives the lips a curved effect.

And that’s how I got my sims lips to look like that :) The photos below are just some pictures with lipstick on which you can download from my simblr hereEyeshadow by LeahLillithThe skintone is Ephemera’s texture converted by Chisami. Eyebags by KanoYa

And here’s another photo with lighter makeup ^_^ Eyelashes by S-ClubThe purple eye color can be download from my TSR page hereI will also be uploading them to my simblr :)

I’ll upload this sim to my simblr sometime in the next couple days encase anyone wants to download her :)

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This might sound weird but you have a really really nice lip shape I'm jealous

I have a tiny mouth. When i go to the dentist the corners or my mouth tears a little because or how little my mouth is. (Yet i can fit a large monster can jn my mouth ;;)))

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can you tell you´re opinion on kaisoo and explain it in gif´s?

Oh I never done this before, let me try.  Let´s talk about bodylanguage.

Please don’t take it too seriously.

Remote romantic language may also include enactment of sexually stimulating activities, for example caressing oneself or the partner, -> for example stroking arms, leg or face. This may either say ‘I would like to stroke you like this’ or ‘I would like you to stroke me like this’.

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Mornings with D.O


He slept soundly, his heart shaped lips parted slightly as slow and steady breaths came and left. His arm was wrapped around you, keeping you close enough that you could hear his heart beat in his chest. The fabric of his t shirt was soft against your cheek as you slipped your hand under the material and ran your hand over the soft skin of his abdomen and chest. You watched as his eyes fluttered open, he let out a long sigh before opening his eyes slowly. He cracked a small smile, his hand coming up to ruffle your hair.
“Good morning.” He said in his deep, raspy morning voice. His hair was sticking up in every direction, but he still looked breathtaking
“Good morning.” You respond with a smile. He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, before pressing his lips to your forehead, then your nose, then pecked your lips. You leaned up to capture his lips once more but he moved his head to the side.
“I want a real kiss.” You complained, making him chuckle.
“I have morning breath.” He responded.
“Kyungsoo~” You whined whilst pouting, making him chuckle. He bent his head down slightly, kissing you fully on the lips before pulling away again. He wrapped both arms around you, pulling your close. He ran his fingertips over your back, making you sigh. You pressed kisses on his collar bones, making him sigh in satisfaction.
“Do you have a schedule today?” You asked, making him shake his head.
“No, I’m free all day.” He responded, making you smile widely.
“Lets never leave the bed.” You propose.
“Sounds perfect to me.” He responded, pulling you closer.

there is a four pointed
acid covered
sore on my lip
from where i’ve gnashed,
gnawed, and made
myself break.

the four pointed
acid blanketed
boil on my lip
matches perfectly
the shape
of my front molar

from where i’ve scraped,
tugged, and forced my
body to break.

i can see it when 
i look in my
smudged up
finger painted
bathroom mirror
has not budged

and i can always
taste it, hard on
my front tooth
still ridged from
my baby tooth there.

i can taste it
like i’ve tasted 
my own hurt and
my own regret.
like a thickness i’ll
never shake

from where i’ve scraped,
pulled, ripped,
and forced myself to

there is a four pointed acid sore
on the inside tissue
grey pink and run through
with veins on my
inner lip.

—  CANKER | swallowedsquall