lip pigments


pairing: justin foley / reader

genre: smut… but like soft smut HAHAHA 

description: honestly i suck at descriptions pls read hahaha ALSO ITS ANGSTY AT THE START BUT EVERYTHING WORKS OUT :-)

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Noise Complaints [2]

Summary: A Supernatural AU. Dean and the Reader are next door neighbours. Dean has an active sex life that keeps the reader up at night. One night, the reader decides she’s had enough and decides to confront Dean.

Pairing: Neighbour!Dean Winchester x Female!Reader

Genre: Fluff, Angst

Word Count: 3,029

Warnings: Language. Mentions of sexual intercourse. Jealous!Dean. Unedited.

Gif Credit: [x]

Author’s Note: Decided to write a second part after so much requests for it. Thank you for the love the previous part received, I hope this one receives just as much and that y’all will love it as much as I did writing it.

Noise Complaints Masterlist | Main Masterlist

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

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black nail polish

She is―

    I mean

She isn’t

    I meant.

She is thunder

    on a warm summer day.

        She is

Lightning atop of

a clear night sky.

She is,

How do you say一


She is not the cheesy

    Type different that

Cheesy authors write

    In their cheesy books



She is different

Like the taste of

Someone else’s macaroni

Instead of your mother’s

    That feeling of disappointment

After stacking your plate

    Sky high

Expecting something

you knew

was going to taste good

Only to find dissatisfaction.

The gist?

    She is not

        一 Enough.


    She is literally

        Too much.

Dissociating with her peers

    Because she’s too much

of one thing for one group

and too much of another

for the other.

She receives dark eyes

    For dressing her lips in dark pigmentation.

“Come on guys, it’s just lipstick.”

    “Damn it, stop trying so hard to be different.”

If only she had listened.

        Bordering up her exterior

With darker colors

Darker things

Darker themes

All holding darker thoughts,


Only because she wore

dark paint

on her full lips.    

So she sketches

Vivid lines
    On her thighs,

Late at night,

Winces and ‘ouches’

Smothered by her cries.

But now

She instead,

stipples red lines

On a sketchbook

    a new page

In her life.

The artist who

No longer craves


etched into skin

But rather hanging

In art galleries,

Giving some


On their walls

To minorities.

The writer who

No longer writes in red ink using

Blueish lines

As guidelines.

But in greens

With vitality

Because she became

her own

positive muse.

Starting over,

    Completely over,

She embraces who is under her dark exterior

    Or maybe it was interior

        She confuses who she was


Who she actually is.

She fully embraces

Her genetic make-up




After escaping

The place where people

Looked like her

    She’s now proud to be her.

        Now that no one looks like her.

And most shame her for being

    Proud of her.

She tip toes

on the outskirts

Of an illustrious


embodied by a wooden,

closet door.


That if she veers

Too far

She’ll be


By a religion

That is

Her parents.

You see,

She is too different.

    She’s just

too different!

She embraces it now.

    Involuntarily un-adapting to her surroundings

Purposely trying

    To be different.

No one will ever forget

    Her name.

A majority

of minorities.

But now she’s lighter,


    Although still having a dark


        Like chipped,

black nail polish.


No Happy Endings | Wonho [M]

Originally posted by wonhontology

Warnings: Strong language, sexual suggestiveness. (no actual smut scene yet)

word count: 2,489

 “I don’t think I have ever been so graphically threatened a day in my life,” Hoseok says clutching his heart.                                   

Part 2: Eating out, and eating out. Because apparently there’s a difference.

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anonymous asked:

What do you think of the Direwolves on game of Thrones?

I guess I’m pretty neutral? I haven’t really read much about the real prehistoric direwolves but then again it’s a fantasy series so scientific accuracy isn’t a priority. It kind of amuses me how cuddly and doglike the wolves look in the first season (must be because they were portrayed by actual dogs and were meant to be pups but still). In the later seasons though, they look stunning. Colossal, mystical and played by actual wolves, just more convincingly formidable fantasy creatures in my opinion. It’s often hard for me to distinguish how much CGI is used in each shot, which I suppose is a good thing? I like how sparingly they are shown nowadays (likely because there’s only a few left alive), it makes each direwolf scene kind of special and more memorable. If they were thrown into every other episode I reckon it would get very tiresome after a while, but for now it’s such a nifty little bonus every time they show up.
All in all, really neat wolves, I can’t complain.


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Lipstick (Peter Parker X Reader) Blurb

Pairing: Peter Parker X Reader

Requested: nah

Warnings: N/A

Word Count: 238

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“Peter! Have you seen any of my lipsticks? They all like disappeared!” I shout to my boyfriend from the bathroom as I dig through my makeup bag trying to find a single lip pigment. Suddenly a very guilty looking Peter comes into the doorway. “Petey. What did you do?” I ask, trying to figure out what he could have done to cause such guilt to be displayed across his handsome face. “I may or may not have hid them.” He says, a guilty little grin on his lips. “Why would you do that?” I ask confusion clear as day on my face. He comes into the bathroom and places his hands on my hips. “Well after I saw you in that dress I just didn’t want you to waste expensive lipstick that wouldn’t last very long, with how yummy you look.” He says as he looks me up and down, his tongue darting out between his lips to dampen them. He looked like he wanted to eat me. He probably did. “Alright Pretty Boy. No lipstick. But at least give me my chapstick back. My lips are dry.” I say, pecking his lips. “I’m just bringing everything. I only know that Lipgloss is tube and Lipstick is stick. Other than that I honestly can’t tell the difference.” He says, walking out of the room. I turn back to the mirror to finish my highlight, chuckling at my boy.

Perfect time of the year to pull out @katvondbeauty Gothica lipstick 💛 It’s a beautiful burnt orange with copper flecks of glitter. Topped mine with gold glitter for extra sparkle ✨


…not AU + me just making shit up + don’t take this seriously!!! + rated pg + honestly, i wrote this idea down last night and today we finally got a selca!!! how timely!!! :) (tho you know…different context lol)

the filming felt like it was gonna drag on forever. they’ve been there for 7 hours trying to film a thirty-minute video. the clock strikes five, and finally they’re free, but their next schedule doesn’t start for at least two hours so snacks were due in order, giving the boys some hours of rest before they head off again.

as predicted, jimin drags yoongi away after the director yelled “aaaand cut!” and everyone files out of the room after thanking all the staff. 

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