How To Hide Piercings!

Septum Ring: The easiest probably, just push/flip it up! (It’s easier if you get a black one but it’s still unnoticeable either way)
Lip Piercing: Get a stud with a flat back, put it in so the ball/stud is on the inside of your mouth (Not the most comfortable but it works) and the flat end is on the outside then just cover that with your foundation
Cartilage piercings: Okay I lied, this is the easiest, just  a smaller sized ball and cover it with your hair/hats when you’re allowed. You can do this with a normal sized stud too, I have a larger stud that I’ve had for like two years and some people are still just now realizing I have them!
Smiley Piercing: When they first do it they should have a straighter bar than the typical u-shaped one and if you keep that and switch between them that works. An eyebrow bar will also work because they’re pretty straight too so your lips will hide it.
Stretched Ears: Not technically a piercing but if you don’t stretch them so it’s really noticeable (My friend who hid hers had like ½ inch or 1 inch) you can just  only wear plugs and say that they’re fake (They sell fake tapers too). Obviously this is harder to hide and if you’re hiding them from someone really strict they might make you take them out to make sure and then, well, you can hide a hole in your ear.
Tongue Piercing: Get a clear or pink ball so it won’t be so noticeable against your tongue. The lisp you’ll get will be harder to hide, if you get one, but if you start eating ice cubes that will help because it’ll keep the swelling down and if your mouth is full you’ll have an excuse for the lisp. (Doing it on a Friday and then going to a sleepover would probably be ideal since the lisp doesn’t last long)
Eyebrow Piercing: Get a clear acrylic retainer, this will keep the piercing open without really showing (You should be able to get one of these for most piercings too, by the way)

If I missed any let me know!

The Signs and Piercings
  • Tongue: Gemini, Aquarius
  • Eyebrow: Capricorn, Virgo
  • Lip: Aries, Cancer, Scorpio
  • Nose: Taurus, Leo, Pisces
  • Belly button: Libra, Sagittarius