lip pallete

Lustful Daydreams    By: Y.Black

Your pussy has been calling me all day

The sweet taste and smell of you has pranced around my thoughts

Every time my eye close the sweet sounds of your moans reverberate thru my ear canals

I can feel your hands squeeze me tight as your body clinches

Fantasizing only makes me crave more

More or of your goodness

More of your passion

More of your cum

You will be my river

I your delta

Let your juices and desires flow into me freely

I wish to have my hands stoke the arch in your back

As you convulse and climax into my mouth

Please don’t hold back

Let go of it all

Fulfill my lust as I satisfy your needs

Pin me down with your thick thighs and force feed me

Til you’ve had enough

Ease my sex laden thoughts

With reality of your warm flesh

I want the nastiness of your thoughts to drip from your pussy lips on to my pallet

Self Care

(ooc: H-hello everyone, I’m terribly sorry if I concerned you all. I am…ok, I have closed the ask box for now…I will be taking another break from the internet, I really do need to take better care of myself…I am not good, health wise, and emotionally…I’m tired and sick constantly. I don’t eat like I should, I don’t sleep well, and…I have no motivation for anything, including art, which terrifies me. I tried drawing and I could not stop shaking, it’s my only release yet I can not do it…I’m losing my hair again, which is a bummer, it took forever to regrow the first time, and it’s not easy when people give you looks because you are bald and have cleft lip pallet…I already get enough from people calling me manly. I’ve also have a ton of personal issues that I can not get into. It just made everything worse, everything went wrong so fast, there was so much I am dealing with at once, and I am still apologizing if I hurt you, I really did not mean it at all, I never want to cause anyone pain… I’m going to be honest with you all…I was considering quitting this blog, because of how stressed I’ve felt and guilt for hurting people, but…people still are here, so I won’t leave, not as long as I can help inspire someone else, or make their day brighter for just a second. I’m off topic again, sorry…Yeah, so I will be leaving for a short time, but I will return, don’t know when yet but I won’t leave you all, so please do not worry none! I hope to get my motivation to draw back, it really is my life and scares me that I can’t do it…I will try to post artwork if I do get any done though, I just won’t be answering, I would like to share what I make though, if that is ok?…I still care for you guys. I love you all, hope the best for you and have wonderful days. Sweet dreams and good night, k? Oh! One last thing, sorry I know this is long, but I wanted to let you all know I have seen your kind words that you have sent, thank you for them, dears… they have helped me quite a bit even though I can not bring myself to believe them yet, it’s…really hard to do so, I do appreciate it all very thank you!~)

I’m learning to drive but the thing is I’m terrified of like, everything, so my mom bribed me with Sephora saying that if I drove on there she would let me buy something. I nearly pissed myself but hey, I bought the ABH Lip Pallet and single shadow in Electric so it was worth it.

I need advice

So there’s this new store in my mall and it’s kind of smaller. It’s not a mom and pop shop but just a small lesser known store so I went in there yesterday to check it out AND THEY HAVE SUCH HIGH BRANDS OF MAKEUP which I can’t get anywhere else near me. There were no cameras that I could see. I’m kind of scared they have hidden ones but what do you guys think? Plus there was only two girls working. One was in the back and one was doing some girls hair so they were paying no attention. Should I go about lifting these? They’re naked pallets, peach and chocolate bar pallets, Kylie lip kits etc. so I have no idea if they’re RIFD tagged. I want to so bad but I don’t know if I should 😫

krissyisup  asked:

I've been looking at pictures of lip pallets, I'm guessing you can empty your tubes of lipstick into these? I'm having a hard time finding some. Do you have any great sites/ stores I can check out?

Yes creating your own lip palette is great for makeup artists or those with a lot of lipsticks who want to have them all readily available! 

Quick tip

  • For a really sleek, clean looking palette melt the lipstick on a spoon over a flame and pour the melted lipstick into a divider, it will dry even and smooth!

MAC makes empty pro palettes that you can use for lipstick, concealer, cream foundations, etc. You buy an empty pro palette ($10) and buy the divider to place inside ($2). You can buy them at MAC stores (not counters) or online here.

Another great one is the Japonesque 35 Pro Lipstick Platte. This holds 35 lipstick shades! Check it out online for $35 here.

A really affordable option is using empty weekly pill dividers, empty beading/crafting dividers, etc. You’ll find lots of similar dividers that crafters use to store beads, craft supplies, etc in the craft/organization section.