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I get a snow day tomorrow so I’m celebrating today! Here’s a quick likkle makeup look for ya 😏✨

PRIMERS | @AmazingCosmetics (Line Smoother + Primer) + @ELFcosmetics Eyelid Primer

EYES | @MakeupGeekcosmetics Shadow (CocoBear) + #MakeupGeekcosmetics Foiled Pigment (Intermission)

FACE | @UrbanDecaycosmetics All Nighter Foundation (12)

CONCEALER | @Tartecosmetics Shape Tape Concealer (Deep) 

BAKE | @CinemaSecretspro Setting Powder (Rich)

POWDER | @CoverFX Powder (N110)

CONTOUR | Makeup Geek Contour (Scandal)

LINER | Tartiest Eye Liner (Black)

MASCARA | #TarteCOSMETICS Mascara (Black)

HIGHLIGHT | Makeup Geek Highlight (Ignite) #DUOCHROME

LASHES | @Kokolashes (Amor)

LIPS | NYX Lip Liner (Expresso) + Makeup Geek Foiled Lip Gloss (Headliner)

SETTING SPRAY | #UrbanDecay All Nighter  

Music | Hymn For The Weekend Club Mix 
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(at New York, New York)

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Time for Adventure

Member: MinGyu // SEVENTEEN

Genre: Smut, Romance, Comedy

Prompt: “Why do they make it look so easy in porn movies?! This hurts like hell!”

Words: 1.9k

To say that MinGyu and her had been an ordinary couple was an understatement, since in all reality they were quite far from being ordinary. Starting from the fact that MinGyu was an idol, going way down to their personalities- or at least hers anyway, since MinGyu had always been the reasonable type. Not her. She wanted adventure, she wanted experiments, she wanted something new.

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The BCBG Max Azria Marie Skirt

I love pleats. I love how they feel, how they flow and undulate like a living thing when you move. I love it especially when it comes in amazing color-blocked foil chiffon that shimmers and reflects between bronze, silver, rose-gold..

Strange thing about the skirt is it looks dark and - dare I say - a little weird when you lay it out. It only “comes alive” and catches the light in its folds when you wear it.

This time of year, many parts of Asia are in preparation for the Spring festival; it’s our holiday season. And it’s tradition to arm ourselves with an arsenal of new clothes (and for me, great makeup) for luck and prosperity in the new year.

So I have my metallic Marie skirt, Burberry Lip Velvets (Fawn, Military Red and Black Cherry), clutch-size Tom Ford Lips & Boys lippies for tucking into crowded purses (Leonardo is a fave), MAC’s surprisingly good Chinese New Year “Year of the Rooster” eyeshadow x 9 palette, and Dame blush. 

Not to forget a soothing hydrating mist from SK-II when the weather here turns stinking hot.

yours remotefully

∟ jungkook ∞ reader 

genre: fluff ! college[dorm] au. 

word count: 2.29K

a/n: a little something for the new year !! 

Originally posted by aestheticvbts

It’s that time of year again.

Everyone on campus, including all of his dormmates had packed up and shuffled out the building with small goodbyes (and a peck on the head from Taehyung), left for their hometowns to spend time with their families and friends in view of the upcoming new year. For the third year in a row but feeling like too many times, it’s just Jungkook in his dorm again, lying off centre on his single bed, a leg dangling off the edge as he stares holes into the whitewashed ceiling. He sighs and rolls over in his bed once, twice. For someone who enjoys his moments alone in peace, he thinks he’s starting to probably miss the constant racket in the unit from Taehyung and Hoseok, mixed in with Yoongi’s complaints (why the fuck are all of you in here, go back to your assigned rooms you noisy fucks) and Namjoon’s occasional destruction of useful inanimate objects and Seokjin’s sigh that follows –

Okay, so he misses it. 

And it’s only been a day.

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Can’t get enough of those magical metal-finish lip products? Well you can get the most dramatic effect with just a metallic loose pigment and vegetable oil. 

Yes the stuff in your kitchen that comes in a bottle?

HOW TO: Add a drop to your fingertip (or dip a lipbrush in), dunk into loose pigment, and then apply straight to your lips.

It sounds weird but lightweight oils are the best medium for a truly foiled effect. They give super-smooth glide, grab the right amount of pigment for opaque dramatic coverage, feel super-light on the lips, and don’t change the texture and finish of the pigments. 

Glosses, lip balms, petroleum jelly and typical lip product bases will never work quite as well. That’s a big reason why those metallic liquid lipsticks tend to be a bit duller and not as intensely metallic as you expect.

Staying power is actually pretty decent with these - the oils will condition your lips and then “set” and dry up a bit instead of staying gloopy and sticky, or running. If you’ve ever used Lip Tars, that is exactly what they are. Pigments and hemp oil. If you want extra staying power, just apply over a layer of lip liner. (P.S. This won’t work with matte pigments. Just sayin’.)

To recreate this look, try MAC Tan pigment.

Final Tip: pick a pigment about 2-3 shades deeper than the shade you really want. Metallics throw back light like mad, and that nice beige nude will look a like a crazy champagne silver once it’s foiled and on your lips.

The signs as how I perceive them based off of people I know.

Aries: (Joel, Ashley, Jesse, Joseph, Amanda) Pretty. Pretty in an odd, dainty way, that doesn’t strike you until you’re long past expecting it. Not to say they aren’t aesthetically pretty at first glance, more like a tulip than a rose, in that sense. Pretty on the outside, with a shock of color on the outside. Eyebrow furrowing, and mind entrancing. Warmth. Soul pulling. Nice eyebrows, and genuine conversations. Late night texting with no heaviness, but soft conversations meant for tears. Soft hair? Theatre-suitable. Clear lipgloss, with bright sparkles that only show off when the light hits them properly. Tears that shine (versus dull ones) and carefully rounded lips. Soft pink parasols, teal boots, and properly shaped fingernails.

Taurus: (Maira, Amit) Limp wrists, and an affinity for good music. Plump lips, and a styles that’s pinched by your own creativity. Adidas shoes, and alien-centered baseball caps. Mirror photos with feet up on the counter, paired with a surprisingly vulgar mouth. Tea drinking souls, with soft alternative in the background. Puzzle piece personalities (either it snaps together, or it doesn’t). Window sill plants, and vintage watering pots to be used with them every day. London flats, and stormy weather. Poems read in the dead of night, and easy conversations spoken about. Loud words coupled with soft topics, and endless words meant be spoken. Cashmere sweaters, cuffed jeans, and fingers constantly in motion.

Gemini: (Olivia, Ashley, Luca) Loving the sound of wind whooshing through a forest even if it chokes you. Rough, sharp, strong (in a soft, soothing sort of way). Painful. Gorgeous constellations in the sky, and chopping waves of the sea. The sharp part of the rose, but the water within a cactus. A breathe of fresh air after years of polluted oxygen. Cute noses, nice lips, unique laughs. So strong and so fluid that you can’t leave without a mark. Soul warping, and body consuming. Style. Passion. Vibrant memories. Earth-shattering. Attracted to Aquarius’. Bright eyes, and laughter dancing upon lips. A corset around the chest, tight like a vice, but beautifying. Fluffy scarves, soft hair, small hands, and knees bouncing with excitement.

Cancer: (Mads, Ryan) Strong. In the mind, especially. Furrowed eyebrows and heart-shaped piercings. Impressive in surprising ways, that blindside you when they’re discovered but ultimately don’t surprise you. Dimples. Dimples???? Dimples. Not necessarily even having dimples, just the personality of dimples. Late nights, fat blunts, wine-drunk. Star gazing, and feelings okay (even if you aren’t, necessarily). Bangs. Sweet accents, and pursed lips. Crazy photogenic in nearly jealous-making ways, and sparkle emojis that seem to float around their head without attracting too much attention. Attract the kind of sadness that everything within your body wants to help avoid. Capital letters, and light brushes of the finger tips, meant for the privacy of under a table cloth. Secrets made simply for the ease of the holder. Lily-pads floating on ponds, distorted reflections of a carnival fun house, and inner cheeks bitten raw.

Leo: (Lime, Sophia, Lauren) The bubble scene in Cinderella. Softly sang voices, and jumping footsteps. Self care, and hydration. Color coding enthusiast, and hair styles meant to cradle bows. Cold flushed cheeks, and
white teeth flashing against a starless night. The ultimate need to be cuddled, and perpetually soft skin. Flowing conversation and flower crowns.  Fruit juice cleanses, and the ability to pick up exactly where one’s left off. Popular Tumblr accounts, and the ultimate pun-maker. Sweet laughs, and the ability to share a giggle and a cuppa over anything. Rocking sunglasses, flannels, and crimped hair.

Virgo: (Sam) Nails half painted, and leather coats hiding streaks of paint, unwiped from the night before. Unconventional wiring, that works seamlessly with no proper explanation. Music you want to throw your body into, and sunglasses that have you smirking into the reflection. Colored hair, and an aloofness you want to be curled into. Tight tummies, curls lips, and an unmistakeable beauty. Ultimate cuddle-r, and extreme worrier. Overbearing, but pardonable (in an unexplainable way). Tight braces, hair meant for long fingers to run through, and skin that begs to be touched. Soft with animals that isn’t earned by, deserved by, or given to Other People. Pizza without the cheese atop it. Willing. Nerve sizzling, but pulse soothing. Feet that have stepped across the world. Fingers meant to grip a paintbrush with a heart-stopping grip. Shoulders built to hold tears, and collarbones shaped for lips to press against. Steel rings, vibrant tattoos, and swipes of black mascara across long eyelashes.

Libra: (Harper, Amanda, Sequoia, Hannah, Amulya) The defined edges of a blurry photo. Witty. Informed. The backbone of a supporting role that keeps the entire boat afloat. Soft voices singing in the wind. The little mermaid, with her hair curled around her face. A tendency to love alcohol, and desperate for cuddles. Informed. Updated. Smart. Sharp. Colored hair and bright lips. Big eyes and soft skin and big thoughts with little details. Unnecessary proper nouns that seem to Fit. Giggling voices, and radiant words.  A comfort that can’t be articulated to someone who hasn’t been held by it, and a gentleness not meant to be told, but to be experienced. Soft skirts and pointed lips. Strong minded, and with the voice to support it. Relentless, but in the endearing, important kind of way. Silver spoons, largely framed glasses, and soft thighs meant for lovebites.

Scorpio: (Ashlyn, Ashley) Personalities meant to be screamed, not whispered. Paint streaks that begin with smears, and end in beauty. Laughter from the gut, and eyes that have a constant twinkle. Pink, kissable lips, and sharp eyeliner. Bronze eyeshadow, and lips dragging along the center of your chest. The stars within your tummy, and a fierce determination that scares some, and entices others. Fierce fire behind the irises. Good grades and small giggles. Peach skin, with flowing dresses to match. Earbuds tucked in snuggly to play soft music that has no intention of being shared. Underlying intelligence within every word, and a kindness that seems to be rare within people of this day and age. Freshly bruised peaches, glittery nail polish, and soft tummies with light nail marks across them (pressed into the skin with love and purpose).

Sagittarius: (Alexis, Evan, Elana) Three words to describe them: Louis, loud, and loud. Boisterous. Soft in the kind of way that makes you want to layer their skin with your lips, despite rough edges you may split your lips on. The loud bird chirp that wakes you up every morning, but you forgive nearly instant, just because of how soothing you always seem to find it. Cheeks meant to round up into a smile, and hands meant for frantic fluttering. Trustworthy, but only with information that you make clear isn’t meant to be shared. Hair with an inevitable curl at the end, sometimes inwards, sometimes all around. Dramatics of all sorts. Sometimes good, sometimes not. Beautifully passionate, with eyes that exude excitement. Pink sweaters, marvel comics, and a swagger in every step.

Capricorn: (Jasmine, Madie, Louis, Tara, Amit) Beautiful innocents with shocks of red. An odd naivety that is easily breached by foul language and dirty jokes. Passionate friends, but also not confrontational without reason. More likely to watch people gossip about their friends and hate them later than to say something. Always full of sweet things to say, and ego-fluffing comments. Bursts of happiness, and unavoidably contagious laughter. Huge smiles, that start tiny and take over the whole face in a matter of seconds. Passionate as anything, and dedicated to who and what they love. Always open to new ideas and willing to learn. Never afraid to ask questions. Pastel, spinning fans, and tongues flicking over lips with anxiety.

Aquarius: (Lucy, Morgan, Harry) The summertime, and butterflies. A music taste that represents them in any way they can make it. Confident with a smile, but quietly always self conscious. Gorgeous, but rarely prepared to admit it. Pretty eyes. Lovely lips. Stunning laugh. Not very touchy, and act like dicks, but show their love for you with small, special actions that are only understood by the people they’re meant to be understood by. Space buns, and toothy grins. Beauty behind the madness. Quick to fall into any emotions, but slow to show it. Guarded, but once you’re let in, you’re set for life. Soft colors, healthy plants, and crinkles by the corners of their eyes.

Pisces: (Ashley) Minibars, expensive cars, hotel rooms, and new tattoos, good champagne, and private planes. Long hair, and smiling lips. The apples of cheeks. Stories. Stories. Stories. Guarded, and craving information. Sex enthusiast (and with the every day stories to prove it). Fizzy cider. Car selfies, and sparkling diamonds. Absolutely sure of their royalty, whether their home is a corner of an abandoned building, or in bed with the prince. Well-used passports, and heart-pumping music. Fragility in the bones, but not in the heart. Intrigued by the mind, and secure within their thoughts. The kind of person you expect to teach you how to wear a tiara (with a visual demonstration, and perhaps a travel sized tiara). Bilingual tongues, and bitten lips. Foil in the shape of a heart, well-creased pages of a book, cheekbones meant to be photographed.

anonymous asked:

What are good lipsticks formula wise? I hate loving a shade only to find out it looks ugly on the lips :( Any price range, thanks.

I know what you mean, I used to hate lipstick because it always just looked either cakey or unnatural on the lips. I mean red lipstick won’t ever look natural… but you can wear the lipstick without letting it wear you.

Some of my favorite formulas are creamy with a light weight semi matte finish. I want lipsticks to feel weightless on the lips and be almost invisible. I want my lips to still look soft and feminine with lipstick on. I like to dab lipstick on instead of swiping it on because I feel like i can control the color more and it won’t just create a thick layer of product. So if you want that look in a lipstick, these formulas will be the ones for you.

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche. These feel like luxury formulas. So easy to wear and just look pretty on the lips.

Tom Ford Lip Color. I like all of TF’s formulas besides the Lip Foils but I just don’t like the foil look on myself. His lipsticks are creamy while still being lightweight, pigmented and come in modern, trendy shades. Late i’ve been getting more Lip & Boys shades because they’re smaller and more affordable. 

Glossier Generation G Lipsticks. These are just so, so light weight. I forget they’re on when I wear them. Very matte, semi sheer but the deeper shades really go full pigment. 

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cremes

Nars Audacious Lipsticks.

Kevyn Aucoin Expert Lip Color. These are ultra moisturizing without being too shiny if you have dry lips! I also love his matte formula.

Burberry Lip Velvet. These go on a lovely satin, velvet matte and come in very cool girl, modern shades. I just think of these as cool girl lipsticks, don’t ask why. 

Charlotte Tilbury Revolution Matte, Hot Lips and Kissing Lipsticks. I love all the CT formulas, the Hot Lips and Revolution shades lean matte while the Kissing shades are more creamy. 

Loreal Colour Riche Lipsticks in the original shades and Exclusives shades (black packaging), This line feels like a more high end line, great affordable option. 

But, like... (virgin!Michael smut)

This is my first piece back after a writing hiatus and it’s quite nice to be back. I used to be but-im-punk-rock and have since changed my url.  

 Requests are open again, so feel free to do so here


Basics:  Michael and Y/N are studying when Michael gets side-tracked and begins to ask a question or two that leads to an even bigger distraction.  

This semester had been long, much, much too long.  You sighed, continuing to read through your mind maps from lectures.  You mindlessly grabbed a doughnut from the box next to you, awarding yourself with a bite at the end of each section.

You were just about to flip the page when you heard a muffled chuckle and looked up to see Michael thrusting a blue highlighter in and out of the hole of a doughnut.  He was sprawled out aside of you on your bed, dark sweater pulling up a little to expose his pale tummy.  

“How long have you been doing that?”

“About a minute.  You wouldn’t look up.”  

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My all natural hair- no teasing, no product, no extensions/wig! I only used a little heat to create the few tame curls framing my face. It is naturally this thick and crazy! Yay or nay to my natural hair?

Makeup used:
Skin 79 BB cream (hot pink), emcosmetics chiaroscuro stick in fair, NYX taupe eyeshadow, NYX jumbo eye pencil in white, Hydraperfect powder in translucent, toofaced chocolate soleil, Toofaced sweethearts candy flush blush.
ELF Primer, NYW Jumbor eye pencils in milk, strawberry milk, …gold? and rust. Sugarpill tako and asteria, NYX hot pink, light pink and browns from haute jersey palette, Kat von D tattoo liner in trooper, ebay lashes, Buxom eyeliner in pearl, duo glue. Brows are NYX brow kit.
Lips: Kat Von D foiled love lipstick in “forever and never” with a dab of NYX jumbo eye pencil in strawberry milk.

the “I had no bag but fuck it” haul
Too faced natural matte palette: $36.00
Urban decay moon dust x2: $42.00
Benefit roller lash: $12.00
Too faced cocoa powder: $34.00
Too faced melted lipstick: $21.00
Urban decay heavy metal glitter eyeliner x2: $40.00
Tarte lip paint: $20.00
Stila foil finish eyeshadow: $32.00
Beauty blender x2: $12.00
$249.00 !!!

In My Head (Bucky)

this one is based on in my head by jason derulo and i thought of it at work and was so excited to write it cause it’s such a fantastic song and it’s the closest thing i’ve ever written to smut and i hope it’s not shot down because the smut is really bad and not even really smut i skip like all the juicy (that’s what he did) bits. (you’ll understand that brackets bit at the end).  And just to invite conversation on the topic: I’m watching criminal minds like I’m being PAID to do it (so good).

Buckys eyes cut to the girl standing by the bar, her hair golden and glowing under the low lights. He’s mesmerized and as the bartender sets her drink down, and her delicate fingers surround the glass, all control disappears.

He’s across the room in under a minute, a feat with the size of the crowd. The girls doe eyes look up at him, a heat there that he’s more relieved to see than he first expected. A man sidles up behind the girl but Bucky doesn’t spare him a look, instead moving closer to the girl.

“You’ve got no hope with him, trust me.” He promises her and she blinks at him once before turning her back on whoever this man is. The strangers eyes burn with fury for a moment before the crowd swallows him up and Bucky is effectively alone with the girl again. His fingers sweep down her arm, the lightest brush as he feels the goosebumps form and his smirk widen.

“I’m-” She starts and someone jostles him, her name lost into the music and his eyes dart nervously. He has her, so close and he can feel her body against his. If it weren’t for this damned place.

“Do you wanna get out of here? Say the word and we’ll go.” Bucky offers, trying to keep the pleading out of his voice and the girls smile widens, raising herself onto tip toes as she nibbles at his earlobe.

“Why should we leave?” She asks huskily and for a moment he doesn’t understand. Until her fingers are threading through his and she’s guiding him through the crowd on surprisingly steady feet compared to the rest of the club. And then he understands, it’s going down.

Her fingers slide down his chest as his back hits the hallway wall, the silence almost deafening compared to the previously thumping noise of the club. She pants, lust bringing an excited gleam to her eyes and Bucky claims her lips, spinning her and pressing her body against the wall. She gasps against his lips as he grinds himself against her core, fingers slipping under her skirt and hiking her leg up to his hip.

“Your name.” She pants the demand and Bucky tenses before licking a strip up her neck, salt and sweetness exploding across his tongue.

“Bucky.” He answers and before the word is finished she’s moaning his name and he feels himself twitch, circling his hips against hers again.

She goes to speak again but he crushes her lips with his, he doesn’t need her to say anything.

“Instead of talking, let me hear you.” Bucky punctuates the words with another circle of his hips and she moans wantonly, one of her hands reaching down to push her thong from under her skirt. Bucky pants at the sight of it, sliding down her body and taking it in his teeth. She hisses a breath at the sight and as he starts to rise, her fingers catch in his hair, guiding him toward her. Catching her meaning, Bucky doesn’t waste time, slipping her leg over his shoulder as he sucks a mark at the crest of her thigh, nearly but not quite touching her where she’s begging to be touched.

Without a cue, Buckys tongue lashes out, dragging a stripe through her folds and pausing at the crest and she yelps, whimpering. For a moment, Bucky can’t help his horror at the sound. He’s barely touched her and she’s now a woman in pain? But it doesn’t matter as he delves back in, wrenching sounds from her lips and when he looks back up, her eyes are glazed and bright, her chest heaving.

“In, I need to be inside.” Bucky breathes to her slick lips as he pushes to his feet, ignoring the hand she still holds in his hair after grinding herself shamelessly on his face. Very nearly riding it.

Her eyes refocus when she catches sight of him, her lips capturing his for a kiss and she moans again, sucking his bottom lip into her mouth. Foil tears in his fingers and she snatches the condom from him, rolling it down his length with expertise. Aligning herself with him, she wraps a leg around his hip and meets his eyes with a burning passion.

“Hey, Buck?” Steve asks, likely for the tenth time by the worried look on his face and Bucky blushes, his mind still glued to the scenes playing out in his head. “You should go talk to her.”

Buckys gaze returns to the blonde at the bar, taking her first sip of her new drink and his chest puffs. He can. He can talk to her.

With a tight nod in Steves direction, Bucky slips off his stool and pushes through the crowd. Her eyes aren’t bright or lusty when he finally catches her, instead they’re guarded and irritated.

“And you are?” She bites out, glaring at him and his eyes widen, lips parting like a fish.

“H-hi. I’m- Well, my name- Bucky. Me is.” Bucky stutters, his entire face going red and flashbacks of his imagining has his jaw falling open as the two girls crash together.

“Yeah, okay, Brayden, I’ve got a boyfriend.” The blonde girl snaps, just as a man materializes behind her, his arms wrapping around her waist.

“Oh- Shit, my- Sorry, my bad.” He blunders and the pair stare at him like he’s an alien and more than a small part of him feels that way. Holy hell.

“Bucky! You, mountain man, there you are.” A girl chirps, appearing at his side and her eyes widen when she spots the blonde girl and her apparent boyfriend. “Oh, hi there.”

“Hey.” The boyfriend greets, his voice intensely approachable and friendly and it has the blondes eyes darkening. “This your boyfriend?”

“I- Uh, no.” This new girl blushes, playing the unrequited long time best friend in love trope perfectly and the blonde eats it up, spearing Bucky with a hellish glare. The new girl meets Buckys eyes for a moment before they dart away and by goodness if he doesn’t want to carry her from this place in a golden chariot for what she’s just saved him from.

“Sorry, I-” Bucky begins again, genuine but the blonde waves him off with a scowl, turning to her boyfriend and effectively ending the conversation. Even more so when they both disappear into the dancing mass.

“I’m Y/N.” His hero offers, uncaring of the rude exit their conversation partners had just made and his gaze travels up and down her body before he refocuses on her eyes and is rooted to the spot.

You grin up at this idiot. This mountain man. Because in all seriousness, he is a mountain man and you want to know exactly what backwoods cabin he crawled out of so that you can return him before he’s seriously damaged. The big city isn’t for wood choppers, no sir.

He stares at you for a long moment and you smack him hard, his eyes focusing on you in a completely normal way and you smile ingratiatingly. You’d seen him eye f*cking that girl across the club, and you knew he was just about to start mind grinding all over you- which is so not on.

“Bucky Mountain, I’m going to have to ask you to keep it in your brain pants. This-” You wave a finger between your two genitals, because that’s the real problem here, “Isn’t going to happen.”

Bucky winces, the blush that had just faded from his cheeks pinking his face again and you want to scream at how adorable he looks. What kind of gift is this unjaded and completely doe like creature?

“Sorry.” He mumbles and you shuck his shoulder, taking pity on the weirdo.

“Just get it under control, son. We don’t want a repeat of the horror show of a few minutes earlier, do we?” You tease and he looks away, jaw tightening and his lips twitching.

“It was really bad, wasn’t it? I wasn’t just imagining it?” He asks hopefully, his eyes still locked across the room.

“It was probably worse than you thought.” You shrug and his gaze whips back to you with a glare. You grab hold of his jacket sleeve and drag the strangely rugged up man back across the club. By the time you cross the floor, through the heat of the dancers and their sweaty bodies, you’re sweating yourself but looking back at Bucky, he seems almost unaffected. If it wasn’t for the sheen on his temples, you’d think he was fine.

“This yours?” You ask the blonde man staring at you with a loose jaw and he stutters some sounds that have you rolling your eyes. Perhaps they’re brothers and it’s genetic. You turn back to Bucky, smoothing his rumpled sleeve and trying to ignore that he’s wearing gloves in spring. What the f*ck. “Listen up, Bucky.”

You wait until his eyes are clear and meeting yours solidly.

“Next time you think it’s a good idea to leave your mountain cabin and rug yourself up like this, I want you to text your plans to this number.” You command, pulling a sharpie from your bra and pushing up his left sleeve. Metal shines in your direction and Bucky goes to jerk his arm back but you wave him off. Uncapping the pen with your teeth, you scribble your number on one of the panels and then recap it. As you push the pen back between your breasts, Bucky pushes his sleeve back down and rubs the prosthetic uncomfortably. He won’t meet your eyes and you want to sigh. “Next time, you text that number. I’m now your club sponsor and I swear, if I catch you in this getup again, hiding what looks like a sexy as all getup prosthetic, I’m going to tear you apart.”

Buckys head jerks up, his eyes meeting yours then his friends over his shoulder, as if asking if you’re serious.

“C’mon, Buck.” You flirt, leaning forward and laying a palm on his chest and his breath catches, his eyes wide as he looks down at you. “I can tell you haven’t gotten some since you entered that cabin. Let me help.”

He nods before he realizes he’s doing it, you can tell. But he agreed and you’re sure that even if he doesn’t keep his word, his delighted friend behind you will. Your eyes scan the club, looking over to your best friends, half of whom are watching with avid interest.

“It was lovely meeting you both, but it looks like Emily is about to puke and I’m DD.” You smirk at him before rising to your tip toes. Bucky obligingly leans down, likely thinking you’re going to whisper something to him. He inhales sharply when your lips press to the corner of his mouth, stubble tickling you. “See you.”

Y/N melts into the crowd and Bucky blinks. Was she real? What?


“She was real.” He pants, barely able to contain his excitement and Bucky wants to punch him, but he can’t seem to look away from where you disappeared.

thoughts? Opinions? Wanna talk about Jason Derulo hits? Let me know!

There’s also a part two now, i guess.

anonymous asked:

Can you please do a super cheesy romance-y solangelo "I love you"?

More fluff

Everything had to be perfect. This was for Will, everything had to be perfect. Nico fidgeted with his tie, the little detail he had not planned on, until Piper practically strangled him with it. He checked the basket again, making sure all the food was still inside and still hot, which it was. He glanced down at his watch, Will’s shift in the infirmary should be over any minute now, where Kayla would instruct him to take a shower and head straight for the woods. Unless…

Unless Will knew he was up to something. Then he would skip out taking a shower and changing his clothes and come straight to the woods to see what Nico was doing. Will’s curiosity had side-tracked more than one of Nico’s romantic plans. 

The sound of a branch sapping brought Nico out of his thoughts and his senses told him to draw his sword, which was ridiculous because Nico didn’t even have his sword. Although, his senses had saved his skin more than once, Nico ignored them this time, instead choosing to scowl at his approaching boyfriend. 

“You were supposed to go shower and change.” 

Will appeared in front of Nico in a set of light green scrubs and flip-flops. Nico rolled his eyes. Always flip-flops. “Curiosity killed the cat.”

Will’s eyes lit up when he saw Nico. A smile stretching onto his face when he saw the tie and the picnic set up. “But satisfaction brought it back. They always leave out that part.” Will walked over to him and pecked his forehead. “Whatcha doing out here, baby?” 

“Well, I was trying to make a romantic dinner, but you just fucked it up.” Nico moved over to the blanket, knowing that Will would know his words held no weight. 

“Well, if I fucked it up, might as well eat, yeah?” Will followed behind him, the lazy smile still on his face. 

Nico sighed dramatically before handing Will a plate of pasta wrapped in tin foil out of the basket. Will’s lazy smile turned into an ecstatic grin as he peaked under the foil. “You made it?”

“Of course. I wouldn’t serve you just any pasta.” 

Will took a second to peck Nico’s lips before ripping the foil off the plate and digging in, sitting down on the blanket in between bites. Nico sat down next to him on the blanket, pulling out his own plate and letting them fall into a comfortable silence. 

After Will had scarfed down his plate, he opened up the basket and pulled out the small loaf of Italian bred Nico had packed as well. “Babe, spaghetti, bread, and,” he gasped, “is that chocolate cake I see?”

“It’s a big basket.” Nico smiled.

“Ah, babe, I love you.” 

Nico froze. Will just threw out the words like he used them all the time. He didn’t even seem to notice Nico’s internal panic. And, oh, Nico wasn’t internally panicking because, oh, he loved Will too. Oh.

“Nico?” Will looked over at him worriedly. “Are you okay?”

“You love me?” 

“What?” Will asked. “Oh. Oh, Nico I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to-”

“But you love me?”

“Of course I do.” Will scooted closer to Nico. “I love you.”

Nico lifted his eyes and found himself staring into the bottomless pools of blue that were Will’s eyes. “I love you too.” 

Will grinned and, oh, this was nice. 

This was love.

Sorry it got bad towards the end, but I got some pretty heavy information while I was writing it.