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BTS Reaction to you biting their lip-

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Jin boo would be a bit surprised at first but then absolutely turned on when you pulled back on his lip with your teeth during the middle of a makeout session. “Do that again for me please baby.”


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When you bit on yoongi’s bottom lip lightly, he pulled away after to look deep into your eyes while holding one part of your face in his hand and softly stroking your cheek with his thumb. “What do you need from me, beautiful? Hmm?”


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Biting on Hoseok’s lip, he shut his eyes and pulled you closer to him. Wanting much, much more. “What are you doing to me…”

Rap Mon-

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You decided to tease Namjoon a little by going in for a kiss but instead biting on his bottom lip and pulling back lightly.  When you tried to get away while giggling, Namjoon grabbed your waist and sat you on his lap. “Where do you think you’re going honey.”


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When giving Jimin a quick kiss goodbye before he left for practice, you teased a little by biting down on his plump, bottom lip. He gave a slight shocked expression before smiling widely and blushing. “One quickie and off to practice, okay?”


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After biting on Taehyung’s lip, he smiled seductively while leaning down and pressing multiple,slow kisses to your jaw and neck. “Is this what you wanted from me baby?”


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Jungkook could only blush and smile when you bit back on his lip, pressing his lips onto yours even harder and with more passion.

And now a random gif of Patrick Hockstetter biting his lip because I already made it and feel like it deserves it’s own post ✌


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