lip bite and smirking yup i hate you

I Was Wondering...

Mino x You

You were furious with Mino, he’d promised that he’d be here at the library half an hour ago. You got bored so you immersed yourself in a random novel. Suddenly just as your book was getting to it’s climax you felt the novel being snatched out of your hands. “Wha-” You were about to yell at the person when you saw that is was your boyfriend. “Shhh, its a library. Wouldn’t wan’t you getting in trouble now would we?” You side glanced the library tables and saw that they were full of the other students studying so you took the novel outta Mino’s hand and sat back down to finish reading. “Yah, jagiya.” He whispered. You ignored him as a punishment for coming an hour late. Just then you felt Mino pulling you up by his hand and dragging you into the emptiest hallway. “Yah! I should be the one that’s mad at y-” You felt Mino push you up against the cold wall and place his lips on yours. You kisses him back unable to resist his plump soft inviting lips. “Jagi, i’m sorry. Please, you know I hate it when you ignore me” You wrap your hands around his neck. “I know, but you should also know i hate it when you’re late” He pulled you closer by your waist. “I know, that’s why i’m saying sorry” He smirked. “When’d you say s-” With that he pulled you into another kiss, gently biting your lip. Your tongues were in no haste, it was a kiss full of passion. You pulled away smiling. “Nice way of saying sorry, but you still owe me a treat.” “Chocolate ice cream?” You tippy toed to kiss him. “Yup” He held your hand as you walked out of the library and to his car. “You know, i was wondering..” “What?” You ask curiously. “I was..I’ll tell you later” “Mino, don’t do this to me” With a peck on your cheek he drove to your favourite ice cream shop. You got your favourite chocolate sundae and for some reason Mino didn’t order any. As you sat in the car eating -since the shop was full- you saw Mino staring at you so you offered him a spoon. When he shrugged it off you ate it. Then, suddenly Mino pulled you in and kissed you on your lips tasting the chocolate you just ate. He pulled away with a satisfied look on his face, while you sat there astonished by his actions. “You know how before I told you I was thinking of something” “Hmm” “I was wondering what was sweeter, chocolate or you” It took you a few seconds to realize what he said and when you did you asked. “So..” “It’s definitely…” You put your spoon in your cup and and stared at him for an answer. He let out a small laugh to see you so curious. Just as you were about to go back to eating your sundae, Mino pulled you in so you faces were only centimetres away. “It’s definitely you ____” He kissed you as if he’d never kissed you before. You felt yourself becoming light-headed because of how his tongue managed to make you feel so amazing. “I love you ___” “I love you too Mino. But you know…” “My sundae’s gonna melt if you keep tempting me to kiss you” You both laughed as you left for Mino’s house.

••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• A/N: At first i was gonna make it an angst but like i don’t think i’m up to that level yet :P and plus Mino’s such a frkin teddy bear i couldn’t resist a fluff