lip balm recipe


♡ DIY Lip Balm ♡

Today, I decided to go on a different route with my videos and just show you something that I recently learned how to make!!! Your own personal LIP BALM !!! Isn’t that cool?

by Shan Yang

I had a very vivid dream in which my shop received a promo kit for a line of Bitch Planet-themed Non-Compliant lip balms designed by kellysue DeConnick. Most of them weren’t tinted because the idea was that it’s not a beauty product–it’s something to prevent your lips from getting chapped, because nobody enjoys that. But they all had great, strong flavors associated with characters or concepts from the series. The one I remember clearly was an orange-molasses lip balm for Penny Rolle. (Recipe details tend to stick in my brain.)

I remember they also had cinnamon-coffee, almond-clove (would that actually be good? probably), and some others, but my brain didn’t fill in the details on those. They came with a cool display and part of the proceeds went to charity. 

The other thing I remember is that the packaging for most varieties wasn’t overly feminine (but a few were way frilly) because there was a tagline for them that was something like, “Like the patriarchy, chapped lips hurt everyone.” I don’t know, Subconscious Mind, I see where you’re going but I think that needs some work.

I woke up and felt disappointed that it’s not a real thing I can order.