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“When Will You Come Back” PART 2

Word count 1967

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You guys requested it so here is part 2!!


~1 month later~

The sound of a knock pattering on your door took your attention away from the current episode of “The Vampire Diaries” you had been watching. You slowly shut the lid of your laptop and glanced down at you phone to see the time being 10:36 pm. Slowly making your way to the door you used the peephole to see who would randomly show up in the middle of the night in the pouring rain at your door. When you saw who was there you blood ran cold; you had thought you were never going to see him again. You turned so your back rested against the door and took in a sharp breath before gaining up the courage to open the door. Immediately your body was covered in chills do to the wicked storm outside, but what really took your breath away was when you looked into those beautiful brown eyes that never failed to capture your attention.

“Justin, I…uh what are you doing here,” you questioned moving your eyes to the wet ground only to see a large bouquet of your favorite flowers.

“I need to talk to you can I come in?”

Hesitantly you moved to the side allowing him to pick up the flowers and walk into your house.

He handed you the flowers before he began to speak, “ I fucked up,” he sighed before continuing. “ I don’t know why it was so hard for me to know what I wanted, but I guess what they say is true ‘you don’t know what you have until it’s gone’. And all I can say is I never want to spend another day of my life without you in it. When you left it was the worst day of my life I had never felt that way; completely empty and lost, like I didn’t deserve to be alive if you hated me. And I guess what I’m trying to say is you don’t need to worry about other girls because there’s no space in my heart for them. You are the only girl I want in my life if you’ll have me because when I’m with you I’m the best version of me. Nothing else matters it’s just me and you taking on whatever the world has to throw at us. And I’ve been up for the past 48 hours trying to think of ways to get you back and make you believe that I love you and only you, but the only thing I could do was come here and say what my heart is feeling.” He finished as he pointed to his heart the same way you had when you left, telling him his heart had to decide who it wanted. So before he continue on you let your heart speak and dropped the flowers on the floor before running into his arms and connecting your lips. The kiss was sloppy but passionate it was also probably be best kiss the two of you had shared.

As things got even more heated he started pushing his body into yours until your back was pressed against the wall still without breaking the kiss. You accidentally moaned into his mouth as he lifted your legs to wrap around his waist.“Is anyone home,” he hummed against your lips the question referring to your roommate . He moved his mouth to your neck immediately finding your sweet spot making you moan loudly. It honestly turned you on knowing how well he knew your body and everything you liked. Finally being able to catch your breath you replied “mmm,no.”He leaned in reconnecting your lips as he hastily made his way up the stairs, him almost dropping you on the way up causing you both to laugh but quickly continue where you left off. He swung open the door to your bedroom and rushed to your bed before dropping you on it and turning on your bedside lamp. “I have a lot of time to make up for baby girl,” the nickname making you moan in response as he quickly slipped off his shoes and socks before climbing onto the bed to hover over your body that lay rested against the pillows. He hurriedly ripped his shirt over his head before bringing his large hands to your top and pulling it off. “This is a sight I will never get used to. The most beautiful girl laying flustered underneath me, and knowing she’s all mine. Wow, I am the luckiest man in the world right now.”You bit your bottom lip before leaning up and allowing him to unclip your bra and release you boobs. He immediately pushed you into the pillows causing you to giggle as he wrapped his lips around your left nipple as his hand fondled with the right one. Your head turned to the side as you let out a loud moan, it had been a whole month you and Jay both had gone without any sexual activity which was extremely difficult considering you two had a very active sex life. You hands reached forward immediately grabbing his pants and beginning to unbutton them, before the button was even done your other hand was reaching for his zipper.“ Woah baby girl,” he said before chuckling, “Anxious aren’t ya.” You quickly nodded your head as you started tugging his pants down his toned legs, him pulling them all the way down as you moved your hands to his chest. You ran your hands down his toned body as you brought your lips to his collarbone and began to suck. Justin let out a low growl as you he looked down at the two hickeys you left on him. It always turned him on when you marked him. Then suddenly it was like the world stopped when his beautiful eye locked on to yours, you didn’t know how much you actually missed him until that seconds where you knew if he were to leave you it would be your end because you loved that boy more than  anything.“Hey, are you sure you want to do this,” he whispered before he started pressing kisses all over your face. You placed two fingers on each side of his face bringing him to eye level and spoke, “I’m positive.” You weren’t sure of it was in the moment you wanted it or you genuinely wanted things to work out with Justin, but all you knew right now is your girl downstairs was not saying no.He slowly slid down your sweat pants and then your panties causing you to suck in a deep breath. It was weird like you two have had sex more times then you can count but it felt so different this time, and the real reason why is because this would be the first time you two would be having sex without being boyfriend and girlfriend.Smirking he moved two fingers down your stomach until they reached your clit, he then switched his two fingers to his thumb and began rubbing slow circles to begin not expecting much of a reaction but even the slightest touch from him sent shivers down your spine. Slowly he began placing wet kisses along the insides of your thighs, his teasing making you whine. He only chuckled before removing his hand and licking all along your slit. He used his hands to give him more room as he focused back onto your clit, placing his mouth around it and beginning to suck. You let out a low moan and suddenly he stuck two fingers into you causing you to gasp at the sudden feeling. He pumped his fingers for a little longer before switching the place of his tongue and fingers. A feeling in the pit of your stomach built up and you knew you were gonna cum really soon. “Baby I want you to cum in my mouth.” And upon his request you let go legs shaking and back arching as you let out a loud moan. When your clenched eyes reopened Justin was off the bed pulling his boxers off and letting his erection spring free. His size never ceased to amaze you, and that was all yours…well was. “Where are the condoms,” he said as he inspecting the spot you had usually kept them. Sighing you pointed to the one silver packet that was left in there. The last time Jay had been over your house the two of you couldn’t stop going at it. And thinking of this memory made him smile as he picked it up , but before he could open it you grabbed it opening it and pulling it out. Before putting it on him you wrapped your hand around him ready to return the favor from earlier before he stopped you. “Don’t worry about me I’m more than ready,” he said as he smirked down at you. You smirked back as you raised yourself to be eye level with him and connected your lips and in the midst of your make out session you slowly slid the condom onto him causing Justin to moan at the contact. Continuing your kiss he lowered both of your naked bodies onto the mattress when you finally separated he grabbed his dick rubbing up and down you slit twice before finally sinking in making the two of you moan simultaneously. He started slowly thrusting in and out before picking up the pace causing you to dig your fingernails into his shoulders. Both of you constantly letting out moans due to the feeling before you spoke up, “ Can I be on top?” Jay looked down at you before eagerly nodding his head pulling out as he laid flat against the mattress as you straddled him aligning his head with your entrance and sinking down. As soon as he entered you two were in a state of bliss he had immediately hit your g spot causing you to throw your head back, you tried to start of slow but Justin grabbed your hips taking control of the speed as you leaned down connecting your lips. It wasn’t long before you realized you were about to cum for the second time that night but when Justin noticed he quickly changed the position so he was on top wanting to be in control. He stroked your face before lightly saying, “Cum baby, for me.” And that was it, a shade of white covered your vision as your juices flowed over the condom and your body shook with pleasure while you let out a satisfied series of moans. And without even knowing it seeing you cum made Justin hit his high too. He pulled out as he allowed himself a few seconds to recover before standing and throwing out the condom.You opened up the covers and cuddled with the blankets until a few seconds later Justin joined you taking you and wrapping you in his arms. You weren’t sure if what you two did was a mistake or if you forgave Justin for what he did, but what you did know is that you were still completely in love with him, and something you were even more sure of was that he was in love with you and only you.

YAYY cool it’s 4 am when I’m finishing this and I’m thinking that if you guys do want it I will try a part 3 and that would be the end. Give me your feedback and let me know what you guys thought about the smut lolz. Okay bye your cute.