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Fix This (Ch. 2)

Summary: Terry beats on Mickey in front of the Gallaghers and then sneaks off to find Ian when the Gallagher family got Terry off him.

Word Count: 1185

Notes: Thank you guys for all the requests, y’all are great :)

Rage was the only explainable expression for the look on the Milkovich father’s face. “No son of mine with be a faggot!” Terry shouts and launches himself at his son. Fortunately the Gallagher clan was able to scurry out of the way on time.

As the Gallaghers watched Terry brutally attack his own son, they started to realize that this is why Mickey has never came out. What type of father has some hooker rape his son and then beat him for being gay? Fuckin’ asshole.

Debbie was screaming in fear at the sight and sound of the fight despite the fact that V was trying to hold her eyes shut. She couldn’t wrap her mind around the idea of someone acting like this towards their own flesh and blood because no matter how terrible Frank could be, he would never do something like this.

“Fucking faggot!” Terry screamed before Mickey took a lamp and smashed it against his father’s head. To his demise, that only enraged Terry even more. “You’re a pussy!”

Because of the blow to Terry’s head, Mickey got a dodged a few punches and got a few in before the older man grew some of his strength back. At some point, Terry completely took over. He beat Mickey hard, causing the boy to fall unconscious and profusely bleed.

Throughout everyone’s screams and fear, they still heard Terry’s hateful words. “I’ll fucking kill you,” is what sent Carl over the edge. He snuck out of Fiona’s grip and slammed Terry in the head with the baseball bat. Luckily he hit him hard enough to get him off of Mickey. As the man fell to the ground, Lip spotted a gun on the floor and pointed it at the older man.

Mickey laid on the floor for a moment, coughing up blood. Fiona texted Tony to tell him the cops need to get there now.

“What type of father are you?” V spat. “Who fucking cares if he’s gay!”

“He could be happy! He could be making Ian happy!” Fiona cried.

No one expected this at the moment, but Lip ran to the older man who was laying down and kicked him in the face. Blood spat out of his mouth. “You deserve to fucking die,” Lip whispered as he squatted down to see Terry. “No one should be allowed to treat their kids this way.”

“Asshole,” Carl said. This was one of the few times Fiona did not have to hit him in the head and scold him for his language.

Debbie looked around the room as tears continued to well in her eyes. As she scanned around the premises she noticed that Mickey wasn’t anywhere to be found. “Does anyone know where Mickey went–”

She gets cut off when the policemen came rushing in. Tony and two other cops stormed in with their guns up in defense. When Tony saw Terry laying on the floor he couldn’t help but smirk because only a Gallagher would be crazy enough to fight back with a Milkovich.

“Guys!” Debbie shouted again. “Where is Mickey?” She was worried because he was in no condition to be walking around on his own.

Terry looked around as the cop tried to handcuff him. “He ran! That fucking pussy ran!” He tried to fight and squirm out of the cops tight hold, but he was unsuccessful.

“You know what?” Tony spoke with hate. “I think you got life in the slammer after this one,” he pushed Terry out of the house and into the cop car.

Tony then came back up to talk to the Gallagher clan. “We’ll have to question you guys, but we’re gonna try to get him in there for life this time– attempted murder and fighting a cop might be enough.” Tony looked around. “He’s also breaking probation with all these guns in the house.”

“Thanks,” Fiona nodded at him and waited for questioning.

* * *

Mickey snuck out of the house when Lip kicked Terry in the face. He figured that everyone seemed distracted enough that he could get out with anyone seeing. It was odd though, they came to yell at him or some shit, but they ended up trying to save him from his asshole father. Stupid fucking Gallaghers always putting themselves in harm’s way.

He didn’t even realize where was stumbling off to until he looked up and found himself in front of the Gallagher house. Mickey could barely stand up straight so he leaned on the fence and then slowly dragged his way into the house.

When he got inside, everything was silent. He made his way up the stairs and stood in front of the shut door that led to Ian’s bedroom. He didn’t know what he was going to say or do, but he knew he needed to see Ian.

He opened the door and peeked in to find Ian laying on the bed, and tightly gripping a pillow. It didn’t look like he was crying anymore, but there were tear stains on his face along with the dry blood. Mickey frowned at the sight, but walked forward. “Hey,” he said softly.

Ian’s eyes jolted open. He didn’t say anything at first, instead he studied Mickey’s bruised face. “What the fuck are you here for, Mick?” He shrugged.

“Wanted to say sorry,” Mickey said but refused to look Ian in the eye. “Your family came to my house. Told me I need to fix this.”

Ian shook his head and let out a sarcastic laugh. “What the fuck?” He spoke to himself.

“Terry came in,” Mickey said and focused his gaze on his own two feet. “Carl fucking hit him with a bat.”

Ian didn’t say anything, he just stared at the Milkovich boy with no expression. He was so sad and angry, but he had no energy to show it. He’s never felt so drained. All he wanted was to know that Mickey wanted him, but he’s convinced it’ll never happen.

“M’sorry, shouldn’t have hit you. Fucking hate myself for doin’ that,” Mickey said so quietly that Ian barely heard it. “He threatened me– well you actually. If I don’t marry the bitch he said he’ll kill you,” he gritted his teeth. Mickey hates Terry, nothing was ever going to change that.

Ian wasn’t surprised Terry made a threat toward him, but he was surprised that he didn’t think that that could be the reason the wedding was even happening in the first place. Ian also knew that if someone was threatening to kill Mickey, he’d do whatever he needed to keep him alive so he understood. He sucked in a breath and nodded. “You’re bloody,” is all he said.

“So are you,” Mickey finally looked at him.

“Let’s go clean up,” Ian pushed himself off the bed and headed into the bathroom with Mickey following.

They stared at each other before getting a towel to wipe the blood away. Mickey held an apologetic look and Ian looked understanding. They knew it’d be hard to be together, but they’ll be able to fix each other– they always do.

Shameless Preferences 5- Ian and Mickey dating would include

Gallavich dating would include:

  • “Fuck you Gallagher”
  • Mickey caring and loving for Ian but not being able to say how he feels 
  • Helping Ian through the bipolar 
  • Fiona still not being sure about it all
  • “Mickey fucking Milkovich?”
  • Lip being surprised when he sees how well Mickey treats the carrot boy
  • “Fire crotch”
  • Ian taking care of Yev
  • Ian showing Mickey that showing love doesn’t make you week
  • Mickey waking up to nightmares about Ian leaving 
  • Mandy being your biggest supporter 
  • Carl asking how the sex works 
  • Mickey being bottom
  • Sex, like all the time. they have so much passion and lust for each other 
  • Stev not likeing Ian, and Ian not liking her 
  • Mickey making sure Ian has taken his meds 
  • Although Mickey wont ever say this out loud one of his favourite things is holding Ian in his arms, Mickey feels as if he is protecting the taller boy from the world and thats all he wants to do
  • Them getting high and talking about the future, which Mickey turns to Ian and says “Well of course your in mine, I dont want it with anyone else”
  • Mickey saying “I love you” for the first time
  • Mickey trying to kiss Ian and Ian says “ Try and kiss me and Ill rip your tongue out” which earns Ian a “Oh fuck you gallagher”
  • Mickey being amazing with Liam “Uncle Icky” 
  • Ian  thinking Mickey looks so handsome in his sleep
  • Having a few “Fag moments” Here and there
  • “Ian what you and I have makes me free”

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Keep It The F*ck Down ~Smutty September~

Prompt: Shameless (smut) request: Carl Gallagher or Lip Gallagher going down on you for the first time, his family is in the house so you have to be very quiet. Thank you!

Pairing: Carl x Reader

Word Count: 410

Warning: Two in the pink, one in the stink.

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