Oxford University Museum of Natural History, Oxford. The museum is small comparing to the Natural History Museum of London, big when compared to the Grant Museum of Zoology, which is what remained of the University of Zoology in London. The museum was not that exciting, there were big bones, small ones, stuffed animals, insect curations, minerals, etc. What was different was the anthropology section (last photo), which resembled the British Museum, things from all around the world were displayed neatly across the very compact space. 


Vibrant colours, street photography - leaning towards the arty side of the spectrum. Both photographs were shot on separate days, what shared was that the colours they instantaneously caught my eyes whist I was exploring. Red was taken in Petaling Street, situated at the heart of Kuala Lumpur, and Yellow was taken in Puchong, an industrial districted not far from Kuala Lumpur city. Learning to look out for visually appealing things all the time really make my semi-miserable life better - love photography, love the people that admires too. 


Undergroundners: The 2012 Olympics have made London extra crowded these days, an extra 30%, I reckon. Mass transport systems are obviously good, but I think it’s just us humans, the growing population will make everyone suffers… But I am positive things will change in a few decades time. 
#Original photographs are available on my Flickr: [1], [2].