White rose… you could blend in so easily with them and no one could tell the difference…

A little flattery could make him feel better. And what an odd elf! Liot, he said his name was. He’d learned so much of him in such a short amount of time because the questions rambled off quickly like the flames that licked across the paving stones when he cast his spell. Gentil had paused only a moment to sit before he headed off into the woods and hadn’t realized his thoughts had started to run away on him.

It was a lucky thing then, that Liot had interrupted him else he’d been there all night just thinking! In his own way, he had hoped he was at least helping the elf feel better with his own love woes. But he had asked Gentil if he was single in a flurry of questions…

It’s complicated and I’m not sure… had been his answers. Suddenly all Gentil wanted was ice cream, fluffy slippers and other tender hearts to spill his feelings to. Yep, Gentil needed a girls’ night.

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Tuna: Oh So You're Sir Liot?! AAH! IT'S GOOD TO SEE YOU THEN! *+*+*+*+*+* I-I'm your new V.C! I hope we get along together! *+*+*+*+

Liot: //sparkle sparkle//….oh, so you’re the new one I’ve heard about? hmmm…. what is the circumference of your neck? I need to custom make a new collar  

((AHGLSJFD SO TIRED NOW. AMGD It’s 2:52 am. I finished my little section of Liot at 2:45am. AHFSDf

We started semi-serious than fooling around and then really serious again. ahaha OTL amgd.

Watch the pchat replay here: 

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Alan: *he took a good look at it and then placed it down his desk*….((why am I drawing the captain?)) *sigh*

Liot Starter Skills

Just wanted to write out some of his skills that he may currently have. His skills will be divided into 3 Categories: Offensive Shadow, Offensive Water(Ice), and Magical Support. Passive skills being excluded. (Below is his Arcane/Magic Crest )

Beginner Skills:

(Offensive Shadow)

Rune of Oblivion- (Short-ranged, AoE): A shadow-based spell that conjures an  ominous dark void that eats away at a person’s mentality. This skill only affects Liot’s main surrounding area, so those who come into contact with him will be affected. Also inflicts “Blind” status. ( 3 Hit Combo )

Valhalla’s Calling- (Medium-ranged, AoE): A skill that summons an array of shadow-like arms known to be from those who had long deceased on the battlefield. The arms are said to cling desperately at a person’s soul until they are pulled down with them into the darkest depths of the abyss, and in turn, those who are unfortunate enough to cross paths are strangled by their burning desperation. (10 Hit Combo)

(Offensive Water)

Frozen Thorn- (Long-ranged, Single Target): A spell that conjures a vine-like row of ice shards to sprout from the ground, resulting in an end-strike where the concentration of mana at the end of the rows explode into a mass of frozen spikes. ( 5 Hit Combo )

Wrath of Sleipnir- (Large-ranged, AoE): A skill that summons a large snow storm within its mana-field, penetrating those with the frozen form of Sleipnir which stampedes towards its foes in a burst of blue flames. ( 8 Hit Combo )

(Magical Support)

Crown of Darkness-( Self-Support): An elemental support skill that temporarily gives a small boost in Magic Attack, as well as effectiveness on Shadow element skills. Cool-down time is also quickened slightly.

Shattered Night- (Self-Support): An elemental support skill that temporarily gives a small boost in Magic Critical Rates, as well as effectiveness on Water or Ice element skills. Cool-down time is also quickened slightly.

Subzero Vanguard - ( Ally-Support, All): A magical support skill in the form of a translucent shield that temporarily raises Magic Defense for all allies within range, as well as raises defense against elements pertaining to Darkness and Water/Ice. Also provides temporary protection or recovery against “Burn” status and “Poison”.

OK SO I GOT THIS WEIRD NUMBER CALLING ME? It looks like its from a different country. I didn’t answer, but I kept getting calls for a couple days but just missing it.

My mom Googled the number and found reports of people saying its a debt collector, or that they answer and its dead silence.

I finally caught the number just now and answered and said “thank you for calling jets pizza, will this be pickup or delivery?”

Theres a second of silence, then they hang up.


Evelynn is the master gunner aboard the Dreadsweeper. She’s remarkably expressive for a Fae (she says she was raised in a Fire clan by Ridgebacks and Spirals and knew nothing but hyper activity and tunneling). She is known to charge into any situation with her guns blazing, whether she judges that the circumstances require fast action or not. “More powder!” is a common expression of hers, namely because she believes there’s always need for an explosion of some sort.

Things I draw at midnight, when there’s so much stuff that should be done instead. *squints at Eli* y u so coot??

Also, today I discovered how to create brushes, and the one I created randomly has turned out to be the one I love most and will probably use from now on until eternity.