It has been a fun run with these guys! @glendrick_lamar @kildrum @88reasonstolive @jimmothy_bass Such a blast and I feel like I knew nothing about music until I had the privilege to play with these professionals around me. It’s crazy what we crammed in four years…We wrote over 60 songs and grew so much as musicians. Moving into 2015 we all have new projects and cannot wait to share them with the world. Stay tuned for some great music! #lionsiniron @lionsinironband

#lionsiniron Got the studio renovation done, now gotta put out our record, shoot a video, order merch, update our website, overload social media, get 50k downloads, reCharge our practice sessions, shop endorsements, gig and repeat. (at Laguna Hills, Ca)

@vinstylecalifornia well… I’m still kind of speechless. This was an amazingly thoughtful gift. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Most people who know me know that music has been a huge part of me since I was 15 and my love for it grows with each new project. This means so much to me, it may as well be a Grammy. #lionsiniron @lionsinironband