Well I am part of SeeD, but not really ya know? I usually help out Dr. Kadowaki. I like being able to help those who have been hurt in battle. I don’t really go on missions with everyone else because I’m not SeeD SeeD. If that makes since. I also help out with the magic courses! It’s a lot of fun, and I learn a lot as well!

And yes, I miss the Timber Owls all the time! Zone and Watts are the greatest. I don’t get to see them that much, but I always make sure to stop by every once in awhile. Plus, I have to stop by to make sure everything is going smoothly!

It was poor judgment that had lead them to this bloody, desolate place. Stench of death and the anger of the lost wafting low in the thick, guilt ridden and sorrow-felt atmosphere. It was his fault that the enemy had been given the upper hand. He should have halted the masses. He should have delayed their invasion, foreseen the ambush; protected his brethren.

That was why he could not allow his wounds to be healed, despite the many that pressed for it. Loss of blood already clouding his vision and lightening his step, he swayed with the premonition of losing conscious.

“Just let me heal you! Quit being so damn stubborn, Squall! We care, I care, you have to care, too.” She pressed, she always pressed, calling forth names he’d long since grown familiar with. Fortunately for him, he’d learned to perfect the ability of numbing his mind, body, and soul to such things, which was most unfortunately for her.

(You wouldn’t understand…Rinoa.)

Flexing his fingers around the hilt of his gun blade, he brings the weapon around so that he might use it as a crutch. With the sharp tip of the blade firmly lodged into the earth, his weight comes forth, “These cuts are as vital to me as my pulse. They remind me of what it is to be human. Men are made with skin so that they never forget their transgressions and failures.” It truly is a bother that he has to explain, but how can he expect anyone to understand him?

But Rinoa has always been determined. When her gaze has lifted, and the tears are made evident, balled fists shake at her sides. “So, you torment yourself because it’s a reminder that you’re human?” Bitterness, he knew that was coming.

Silence was his only response. A predictable action on his part, but this is something that she does understand.

As his heart falls, and with it, his body - it isn’t the gun blade that keeps him upright. The warmth of another is there, body molding to his, strong and supportive.