lions vs australia

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One of the best tries I’ve seen.

Was a fantastic first test. 23-21 to the Lions.

A very, very poor refereeing performance. It was as if the ref had never seen a ruck before. Nonetheless, the game was superb. Australia have found a world star in Falou. The Lions have a game changer in George North.

Personally, my view was that The Lions should’ve won by a whole hell of a lot more than 2 points. Maybe 10 or 15. Watching at home, I felt comfortable other than the ref giving ridiculous decisions against the Lions (in particular O'Driscoll, who was mesmeric as usual). Australia were fairly dangerous in the loose, but Lions were better in most areas.

Phillips had a poor game. Everyone else stepped up and delivered.

Looking forward to next Saturday. Let’s make it 2-0.