lions tigers & bears oh my!

Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My

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Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My

You huffed walking up the trail, regretting your decision to pack so many clothes and toiletries for an overnight camping trip. “Oppa are we almost there yet?” you panted looking over to Swings.

“Five more kilometers before the camp ground”

“Yah Five!?” you slumped.

Daewoong dropped to the ground face first. “Hyung…go on without me…I’m done for…”

“I fucking quit” Siyoung tossed his bag on the ground and took a seat.

You’d admit you were the first one that was excited to hear that Swings wanted to bring everyone on a retreat. You’d only been a member of Just Music for a year, it was rare that you all got to spend time like this outside of the studio or a restaurant. You couldn’t even remember the last time you actually left the city for anything. Although you imagined something a little more glamorous, you were still looking forward to going camping.

However this little hike before the camp grounds was not something you signed up for.

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Feelings about each of the Magnificent Seven

Sam Chisolm - A GOD HAS RISEN

Joshua Faraday - save a horse, ride a cowboy ;)

Goodnight Robicheaux - someone protect this sad child

Billy Rocks - the name expresses my sentiments exactly!

Vasquez - don’t shoot his boyfriend, he will kill you dead, only he can shoot his boyfriend

Red Harvest - this clever little shit!

Jack Horne - bears, lions, and tigers, oh my!

anonymous asked:

Shigeru is so cute! I feel kind of bad for him though because he's a teeny tiny little mouse in a den of lions and tigers and bears and dragons [oh my!] Please tell me he has at least some friends who support him [and may tell off Genji if the crime boss starts to get overbearing.]

Lucky for Shigeru, he has friends and a life outside of the Shimada-gumi, so even though he can’t really talk about the work he does for them he does get to vent when he’s particularly stressed. 

Genji is also of the opinion that Shigeru is super cute, and is aware of how much of a mismatch he is for the criminal world, so he’s always very nice to him–the only place where he flubs interactions with Shigeru is when he’s whining about work and the complaints stray into talking about the nastier aspects of jobs (”You’d think the guy had never used a sword before! It shouldn’t take three tries to cut someone’s hand off, you know? Like, I thought these were professionals, but you see someone trying to use a katana like a buzzsaw and you have to wonder.)

Since Shigeru is in Genji’s presence pretty frequently, and therefore is in the presence of whoever Genji’s carting along with him, he actually gets along pretty well with Genji’s inner circle. He’s just. Ya know. Shaky.

20 questions 20 tags game

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In the scene where Kuzco and Pacha are searching through the various potions, Pacha says, “Lions, tigers, bears” then when they come upon the potion for humans, it is missing and Yzma says “Oh my.” Together this creates a line from The Wizard of Oz (1939). According to producer Randy Fullmer and director Mark Dindal, they were forced to use this joke, which they detested, by then-head of Feature Animation Thomas Schumacher.

Lions and Tigers and Bear (Oh My!)

Description: Dan and Phil get their kids ready for Halloween

Tags: Fluff; Parent!Phan; Halloween (Spooky scary skeletons plays in the distance)

A/N: Written for my basket of muffins winston-and-delilah

Dan’s yelling something through the door, his words muffled by the thick piece of wood.

“What is that?” I ask, swiping the final whisker over my ear.

“Do you know if tigers has whiskers or not?”

I think it over, I haven’t looked that close at a tiger before. “Maybe? I can Google it if you want.”

“Yeah I th- Winnie are you actually kidding me?”

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Clue Crew Directory Form!

Hey guys, sorry for getting this up a day later than I said I would, but here it is! As for replying, just copy and paste and then reply in your reblog please. I’ll keep track of everyone who answers that way! If you don’t want to be in it, feel in no way obliged - this is just for fun! 

*Edit - Also, to clarify things, you don’t have to use your real name unless you  want to - just a name that we can call you by. An alias. :D

Blog Name:




Favorite Game:

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A Random Fact:

I’ll do one to start!

Blog Name: nancydrewgirlsassmaster

Name/Nickname: Julie

Pronouns: She/her

Timezone: EST

Favorite Game: GTH

Favorite Character: Harper Thornton

A Random Fact: I worked for six months at an exotic cat refuge - lions, tigers, and bears, oh my!

Lions, Tigers, and Bears - Oh My!

Jurassic World

Summary: Owen Grady lives life through its motions. Taking each day before the next, six-year-old son by his side. That is, until he meets Claire Dearing. 

Part: 1/?

Words: 6,002


Okay, it’s here; Part One.

I didn’t want to post this fic until the whole thing was complete, but it was slowly killing me. I also needed to admit it is going to be way longer than I was/still am expecting. May as well fight the inevitable. 

A big thank you goes to @amelias-obsessions for putting up with me whining about this fic. Also for helping me settle on a name for Bear. 

Please feel free to harass me if I’ve not updated this in a couple of weeks. I have an issue with abandoning multi-chapter’d fics.


He didn’t know how he managed to end up there. It was becoming a bad habit every year without fail since his son was born. Last minute shopping was almost a ritual to their Christmas holidays. The frustration of missing out on hot items, and general rush of other last minute shoppers. They enjoyed it though, and although he promised for it to be different every year, they always wound up in the same place. He and Bear, wandering the aisles of their local mall, perusing shelves, picking special things for family.

Nat King Cole sang The Christmas Song over the speakers, a customer behind him hummed Jingle Bells. Ladies in festive jumpers argued over what they had picked for nieces and nephews, while little Bear Grady, age six, stared lovingly at the wall of LEGO. Owen always bought him something on these trips. Something the boy really wanted, something that he never knew about until Christmas day, but always something he pointed out on their Christmas Eve trips.

His father was unprepared, had been for years. He was the worst concerning Christmas, telling his boy that he never had time to come home for the holidays while he was in the Navy. It stopped being a family tradition, and instead, an estranged custom he stopped trying to understand. He did it for Bear. His was all they had, in terms of immediate family. There was Nan, and Pa, and Lorna, too. Even Uncle Travis and his new wife, but they lived overseas and never had much time. They existed over the holidays. But, Owen explained, they were adults, Christmas; although about family, was so much more important with little children in the house.

Owen was there somewhere, searching a seperate isle for something. Bear stuck to the LEGO, admiring the collection from a few steps away. His eyes kept wandering towards the large boxes on the bottom shelves. The big pieces. The expensive ones that took days to build and drove his father crazy. He could only obsessively covet some of those things, they were rare in his home - although spoiled - his father just could not afford them on a frequent, or repetitive basis.

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Quick Poll

Stephanie of GrumpySkunk (who makes the weighted crochet stressballs) is planning to do 3 small crochet animals for us for the holidays. Since it will only be 3 and they’ll be around $30ish, I wanted to do a poll to see what type of animals you all might be interested in. Here is a list of possiblities: 

  • Small Cat (Domestic)
  • Big Cat (lion’s and tigers and puma’s, oh my!)
  • Dog
  • Panda (Or any other type of bear)
  • Snake
  • Elephant
  • Horse (Includes unicorns)
  • Fish 
  • Birds
  • Insects 

If you could just reblog or answer with your favorite, that will help us narrow down the choices. So, which crochet animal would be your choice if you could only choose one? 

*puts tinfoil hat on*

The most popular use of “___ and ____ and ____, oh my!” is from Wizard of Oz, and the line goes “Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!”. Google auto-finished my sentence of “time to be a” with “unicorn”. Trevor is wearing an animal costume in their avatar. Pets cofirmed.

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Seeker Weekly Bundle, Feb. 23 - 27

We’re churning out so many of these that it helps me to think of them in weekly packages. To that end, I thought I’d do a round-up thingy at the end of each week to talk about that we did. There’s no thematic thru-line here (though we do have a lot of things about the arctic coming up, for some reason), just five stories and five big ideas from Lissette and I. 

MONDAY, The Kid Who Invented A Braille Printer Out of Legos: Ok, Shubhamb Banerjee is only 13 and he’s already way more of a badass than me (it’s a low bar). He used his Lego Mindstorms EV3 kit to build a printer that can turn any document into Braille. All I can build is a house. :(

TUESDAY, The Fight To Save New York Subway Dancers: If you live in New York City, you’ve seen the Litefeet Dancers. Last year, the NYPD decided to crack down on them big time, but this puts yet another NYC underground art movement at risk. Yeah, on bad days, when all I wanted was to shut the world out, the dancers could be annoying, but I’d be sad to see them go. Also, where do they practice? Some Oceans 11 subway car replica?

WEDNESDAY, The Child Prodigy That Time Forgot: I came across this story from a tweet by John Green, linking to a Lapham’s article about Barbara Newhall Follett, the 12-year-old novelist who wrote a few not-just-for-a-kid amazing books, then disappeared forever at 25. Spooky. Also, find her book, The House Without Windows, and read it. So good.

THURSDAY, The Hunt For Europe’s Great Lost Typeface: Disclosure: I’m fucking obsessed with fonts. I don’t know why, I just am. So this story about Cobden Sanderson (favorite name of the week) and Doves Press sucked me in right away. The dude dumped his font into the Thames river 100 years ago and it was lost…until now! This one’s for my typogra-freaks.

FRIDAY, What Makes Social Movements Work: Lissette’s only piece for the week, but a killer one. I think about this issue a lot, actually. How do we judge whether social movements are successful? Occupy Wall Street got so much flak for not knowing what it wanted, for not having a solid objectives. It’s still debatable whether that’s something you need to have, but One Billion Rising, the women’s rights movement Lissette talks about here, is very practical in its approach and makes a real difference for women in the world.

Yay! Overall, I think this is a good crop of stories and ideas. These are the stories we’d be reading about and discussing even if we didn’t have this show. We just like to think about stuff. We find that fun.