lions pride


[1/6] songs | the lion king simba’s pride                                                                                                                                          “ he lives in you, he lives in me. he watches over, everything we see. into the water, into the truth. in your reflection, he lives in you. ”


“I will pay this debt with interest.”

Lion King II: Simba’s Pride


Everyone knows by unwritten law that most Disney sequels are crap, but this one isn’t, especially not this scene. Read into it deeper:

Look around at them, some are skinnier than others, but that’s only because they’re starving; they lack the proper nourishment from where they live! Give them some food and they’d all be identical!

It’s like out here, racism! African America, Caucasian, Hispanic, Native American, you name it! The only reason their skin is different is because of where their ancestors lived. They adapted to the sun on their skin to survive, much like all of us developed opposable thumbs. Is that so wrong? How could they control their history? No! 

The more important aspect: Should they be ashamed of how they are? NO! & yet people make them feel like they should, every day. How is that fair?

“Them? Us?" 


I found this SO  powerful because it’s so true, and in a children’s film!

Honestly, I think some adults these days should watch some of these older films, they might learn something!