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"Also I thought the four lions flying up were Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow? Or have my eyes deceived me?" You might be right. When in the trailer are they flying up? or do you mean when they are flying by the yellow swirl? :)

I was referring to the yellow swirly thing when they were flying up. 

I had originally thought that it was the Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow lion because I had saw a someone make a post about it saying how ‘Shiro isn’t there!’ or something and I didn’t bother to double check.

But after I saw your post, I was like ‘Wait, hold up’ and I went back to watch the trailer in it’s glorious quality.

Yeah, that lion has wings, it’s the Black Lion.

And here is the Yellow Lion on the left. The Blue Lion on the top right and Green Lion on the bottom right.

The Red Lion isn’t there.

And logically speaking, if the Red Lion isn’t there, then Keith isn’t there. Which is not good. Then where is he and are they possibly rescuing him and Red on the yellow planet or are they escaping without him?

Unless Keith is driving the Black Lion for some reason, leading the other Lions out of there. That is also not good. Then where is the Red Lion and where is Shiro.

Any situation where one of the lions is not there is never good. As a Keith-lover, then this means something big for him.

Either way, good eyes, man. You are the one that’s right.

Man, realizing this is making me 10x more excited for Season 2, thanks bro.

The amazing lioness who has grown a mane proves animals can be gender fluid too
This amazing picture shows a lioness who has grown a mane and roars like a male lion. She shows having physical characteristics of both genders is very much a natural phenomenon. Now this lioness with her incredible adaptation has been filmed for the first time by the BBC.

Scientist discovered the lioness/lion, called Mmamoriri, on the plains of the Okavango Delta in Botswana, southern Africa. They believe evolution is helping the lionesses there grow manes so they fool invading prides into thinking they are males – helping their survival. Mmamoriri in particular not only has a mane but also a deeper and more masculine roar. If that’s enough to scare off other prides trying to invade her family’s territory, it will be a big genetic advantage – helping her pride’s cubs survive.

The scientists believe there are five other lions in the area with the same evolutionary adaptation, meaning they have higher male hormone levels.

While children are taught to believe all animals are either male or female and all are straight, the natural characteristics shared by LGBTIs in the human world are widespread beyond our species. Other examples include male deer which don’t grow antlers and are therefore able to ‘sneakily’ breed with females while the other males are fighting for access to the does.

Mmamoriri is one of the stars of the new documentary, The World’s Sneakiest Animals, which will be shown in Britain on BBC2 at 6.30pm on Christmas Day. The show, presented by Chris Packham, also shows cuttlefish that can change their color and skin texture to disguise themselves and the Californian Ground Squirrel, that rubs itself with the skin of rattlesnakes, its main predators, so they can’t sniff it out.


Photographer spots male lions mating in Botswana

World-renowned Belgian photographer Nicole Cambre was traveling through the lagoon area of a Botswana safari when she discovered two male lions having sex. In a statement, Cambre told the Huffington Post a lioness looked on as the two males began their affair, though they showed no interest in engaging with her. According to science, this isn’t an animal kingdom anomaly.

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