The next Sentai, Space Sentai Kyuranger, has recently been unveiled to investors and merchandisers in Japan. While Bandai tries their best to keep things under wraps, leaks always manage to find their way to the fans. As usual, we get the toy catalogue listings first and some blurry photos.

The main motif is constellations while a secondary motif seems to be planets (in the form of spherical collectibles called Kyutama/Kyuball). There will be nine members of the team though there is speculation that there will be a main team of five with four auxiliary members (similar to Kyoryuger). 

  1. ShishiRed (LionRed) -> Leo
  2. SasoriOrange (ScorpionOrange) -> Scorpius
  3. OokamiBlue (WolfBlue) -> Lupus
  4. TenbinGold (BalanceGold) -> Libra
  5. OushiBlack (BullBlack) -> Taurus
  6. HebitsukaiSilver (Snake-CharmerSilver) -> Ophiuchus
  7. ChameleonGreen -> Chamaeleon
  8. WashiPink (EaglePink) -> Aquila
  9. KajikiYellow (SwordfishYellow) -> Dorado

They transform by inserting a Kyutama into the Seiza Blaster (Constellation Blaster), which is a gauntlet-like device. Each Ranger has a corresponding Kyutama that they use to transform with (i.e. Shishi Kyutama). They are also armed with a weapon, which can be formed from a combination of the KyuAxe and KyuSpear. ShishiRed uses the KyuSword, SasoriOrange uses the KyuSpear, OokamiBlue uses the KyuClaw, TenbinGold uses the KyuCrossbow, OushiBlack uses the KyuAxe, HebitsukaiSilver uses the KyuSickle, ChameleonGreen uses the KyuRapier, WashiPink uses the KyuShot, and KajikiYellow uses the KyuSlasher.

Other Kyutama include Kujira (Whale -> Cetus), Kenbikyou (Microscope -> Microscopius), Ryouken (Hunting dog -> Canes Venatici), Andromeda, and Perseus. Each Kyutama, when inserted into the Seiza Blaster, acts as a ‘joystick’.

The main mecha of the Kyurangers is called KyurenOh. It is formed from Shishi Voyager, Ookami Voyager, Oushi Voyager, Chameleon Voyager, and Kajiki Voyager. KyurenOh has a secondary combination formed using Shishi Voyager, Sasori Voyager, Tenbin Voyager, Hebitsukai Voyager, and Washi Voyager.

Credit to Dukemon22 and CraneJoe for these listings.


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anonymous asked:

Hi, do you have recommendations for manga with female leads who can fight and kickass? Such as Delinquent Cinderella, Kaichou wa Maid-Sama, Oresama Teacher and Otomen who are all physically strong? Thanks! :D

Hii! Try:

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