It had been about a week or so since Flynn had moved in. A week of almost perfectly sleep-filled nights, of looking at him across the kitchen table and sharing smiles as they went about their daily routines. Even though they hadn’t made love yet, that was oddly fine with Qhuinn, as she was enjoying their sweet intimacy and the slow, natural progression of they relationship. She was starting to let go of her fears, and open herself up to what they may have. Today they had decided to go for a run after breakfast, so Flynn could start helping and training her more. And since that couldn’t happen on an empty stomach, she had whipped up a hearty breakfast of skillet sausage, eggs, potatoes, peppers, and cheese. The scent filled the air, but his scent was even stronger, and she turned the moment he entered the small room. “Hey..hope you’re hungry” Qhuinn smiled softly at Flynn over her shoulder.



Puzzled, Legolas read the letter the servant had given him. Even before he opened it, he knew it was one of Edeneth - the vague smell of a salty air and of the horses of Bree always brought a smile on his face.

When he read the message, his mirth disappeared quickly though. She was asking him to accomodate a friend of hers - a dwarf and a king nonetheless! He was on a journey (apparently, Edeneth didn’t deem it important to provide further information), and she had directed him over the Elven Road through Eryn Lasgalen. Because of the length of the road, she had assured him he could find a bed and hot food under Legolas’ roof, giving him a letter tp hand over to the prince.

The dwarf, Fili, was now waiting outside while Legolas tried to figure out what Edeneth was up to. She knew he didn’t really like the naugrim -  but then again, he wouldn’t let his beloved down, nor would he let their hospitality be ashamed.

Folding the letter, he looked up to the servant. “It’s alright. Let him in.”

The Blood Slave [Closed RP]


The night grew darker as time went on, the lanterns burned bright within the city of Esgaroth. Tonight was different than most nights as most of it’s inhabitants were told to stay indoors for tonight was the first round of auctions that were to occur. These auctions were different than those held during the day, no, these were auctions for a different type of buyer. 

These were Blood Auctions.

Once every few years, these auctions would attract the attention of wealthy people; elves, dwarves, men, all sorts were found in Esgaroth for the auction. Though upon closer inspection of these particular buyers, they all had something in common besides their wealth: They all were cursed to be vampiric monsters. 

With the price of being a cursed creature, they needed blood to survive. This is where the Blood Auction came into play. They needed blood slaves to not only show their wealth and status to others, but also to feed from them and have a servant for the duration of their life.

Among these people was one in particular that wasn’t as adamant upon showing their status and wealth was an elf maiden from Imladris. She walked along the cages that held those who were up for auction, feeling sorrow for them that they would possibly go to a harsh master. Of course, she would possibly end up buying one of these poor people for her own survival, as much as she hated it.

As she walked, she avoided having any of them see her face until she noticed one in particular that she found… interesting. This one was a young dwarf with golden hair that was covered in mud and grime form being in the cages. Her heart sank deeper for him than anyone else she had seen. Her blue eyes scanned him over and she lifted a bit of her hood to get a better look at him, showing her face. 



The sound of Christmas tunes had been blaring through their flat. Kili had been busy with all of his decorating that he tried to do almost every year. And since it was going to be technically a whole year that he had spent with Flynn, he wanted this year to be extra special fro the both of them.

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Another hit. The bowman, fixed on the target in front of him (it was merely a red dot on a tree), reached for his quiver to pull yet another arrow to aim at the already pierced peace of wood. The footsteps behind him really didn’t help him focus, however, and he simply gave up on actually trying that much. Even though he was still in the position to let the arrow shoot forward, he let out a small sigh, not bothering to turn around and face whoever stood behind him. It was night - he’d snuck out to practice, which he was fairly certain the company wouldn’t deem any good, though he thought the exercise important anyway - so the distracting noise behind him only made focusing more of a challenge, leading him to resume his aim again.


“Me either love, but I know for a fact it will be amazing.” Flynn smiled before he began to get out of the bath, the water starting to have cooled too much. “How about that massage then?” He offered, grabbing up a bottle of oil from the shelf and looking back to Kili with a smile.

“Please.” he said with a childish voice and pecked him gently on the lips before he finally turned back around, his back to him again.


Dean saw the stranger throughout the afternoon, camera in one hand, coffee in the other. He watched him walk past the coffee shop several times, snapping away. He didn’t think he was staring, but guessed he had been when the stranger finally turned to frown at him mid-photo. “Sorry. Didn’t mean to stare at ya’.”

Rain - Fili and Bilbo

Bilbo didn’t mind the rain, but he did hate being soaked to the bone. The hobbit sat upon his pony trembling hard and trying his best to keep himself warm. All around him the dwarves had some kind of cloak or fur to keep them from being utterly drenched, but here the halfling had not thought it through. He had just bounded out of Bad End without thought of a cloak or even maybe a coat that would keep him warm. 

Letting out a small sigh, he watched Gandalf and Throin in the front hoping that they would find some kind of shelter for the night so he could dry his clothing. Bilbo shivered and trembled hoping to Eru above that he would not get a cold making himself useless in their eyes. 

lionofdurin is a very wonderful roleplayer. The mun is very kind, no matter what happened they’re there for their partners and try their best to cheer them up. As a roleplayer they have found a portray of their muse on a way they enjoy it and it’s a great thing to see that a person enjoys their own writing. That’s what makes it really easy to read and lot’s of fun to follow.