Alrighty. So. Firstly, let’s ignore the cruddy picture. I obviously cannot make things for my life, so bear with me here. I just felt like I needed to do something, haha!

Secondly, I’ve been wanting to do a “Follow Forever” for a while now, however, I was waiting until I had 1,000 followers.

But, I realized that I loved these people too much to wait! 

…I felt as though I needed to make a list of some amazing people here on Tumblr. I honestly would not even bother coming on here if it weren’t for these people appearing on my Dashboard everyday, making me smile, cry, and laugh.

Warning: I’ll be using the words amazing, lovely, wonderful, incredible, adorable etc. a lot.  Because those are really the only words to describe these people as. ◕‿◕

 (And just to let you know, these are in alphabetical order!)

Official Tumblrs: {Following for obvious reasons!}

☯ addicted-to-anime: Gabi-chan is my best friend. She’s the one person I think I can trust the most in real life, and that’s saying a lot. ♥ EXCEPT IF SHE SAYS I LOOK LIKE WINRY ONE MORE TIME I WILL MURDER HER

alphonsing: Oh gosh…I love Hannah so much. I’m sorry if this is a little strange, but she is just so freaking adorable. She’s awesome to talk with, and absolutely hilarious. I love her blog to pieces, and I actually fell on the floor when she followed me. I was sitting on the ground curled up in a ball for a good ten minutes because I honestly did not deserve to be followed by her.

agnesaur: Sarah! She’s incredibly adorable, and a wonderful artist. I love her art to bits, and I wish I was as talented as her! She’s really sweet too; she’s just an all-around awesome person and I wish she believed that. ♥

berndor: BRENDA. Amazing cosplayer, member of Inner Mind Theater, and just an adorable person. I love her and her blog so much.

bladeburner01: Another amazing cosplayer and awesome person! I love everything he puts on his blog, and he’s absolutely hilarious.

bolinscupcake: Ahh I love this blog! Raye is a wonderful artist, and everything she posts is just perfect. ♥

brykespaisho-pro: I have been following Kristina for a while. I love her blog, and she seems like an all-around great person! 

burdge: Oh how I love Burdge~. Her art is absolutely flawless; I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love it. She’s extremely talented, that’s for sure.

cerezsis: Lauren is just adorable. I love her blog, she’s hilarious, and amazingly kind. ♥

chibichu2013: I love Lupe. A lot. She is an absolute sweetheart, and is the perfect person to talk to about absolutely nothing. She’s also one of the reasons I want to start watching Fairy Tale asjdsal’ Honestly, Lupe is adorable, a wonderful person, and I really wish we could talk more.

chongthenomad: Chong is amazing. She’s hilarious, and amazingly talented with music. She seems like an adorable person, and I don’t think the Avatar fandom would be the same without her!

cleverismyweapon: I’ve only talked to Caela once, but she is extremely friendly. I love her blog, and she seems like a wonderful person. 

colonelmustang: Oh my gosh I love Alex. She is cute as anything, funny, and I love everything about her blog. I’ve been to tinychats a few times with her, and I absolutely love her. I wish we could talk more because she is just an absolute awesome person. 

courtoonxiii: Oh Courtney. I think she already knows how much I adore her. She is funny, gorgeous, and an amazing cosplayer. …I don’t even know what else to say, because I’ll probably just end up rambling again about how amazing she is. 

dontpanicloveotters: Otter is hilarious. He’s really awesome to talk to, and I absolutely adore his blog!

-everdeen: Wow, this blog. She seems so dedicated to Tumblr and her fandoms and I absolutely love it. 

ebonynightwriter: Alice. I love her writing to bits, and her blog is lovely. Everything she posts is just…wonderful! ♥ 

embraceyourinnerblossom: Lia is adorable. I love her blog, and her gifs are always fantastic and quality. 

emdeme: I love Em and her writing like crazy. And she is absolutely adorable, too. 

fire-lady: Wow I love this blog. A lot. Kari is one of the first people I began following here on Tumblr, and her blog continues to get better and better! I can’t even begin to explain how talented she is at making gifs and AMVs, and how quality she really is.

fireferretfuzzies: I love Lauren and her writing! She is a wonderful writer, and seems like a wonderful person as well!

☯ flowintoabeat: Aasjkldh Kathleen is adorable! She’s hilarious, kind, and just plain…awesome, bwaha!

full-metal: One of the most quality FMA blogs here. I love it to pieces. 

☯ fullmetalavatars: Claudia. I love her and her blog, oh my gosh. She posts the best things, and she seems like such a wonderful person to get to know! ♥

fullmetalbenders: I love Victoria! She seems so cute, and I adore her and everything she posts.

headintheclouds-noseinabook: Lily is just adorable. She is overwhelmingly kind to me, and she seems like a wonderful person in general. I love her blog, and I hope we can talk more! Plus I’ve always been in love with her url

hythe: Nina is an amazing cosplayer and an amazing person. I’m in love with her opinions and cosplays like nothing else, and she is a lovely person to talk to. If we were to ever meet at a con, I’d probably scare her away with my fangirling over seeing her. 

ironinkpen: Oh Izzy. She knows I love her. Even though she probably hates me because I annoy her to death  She tortured helped me through the final episodes of Brotherhood, she’s an amazing writer, and an awesome person. ♥

jennyatsdcc: Jenny is adorable, funny, and very quality. I love everything about her blog!

kataanged: I love Jenna to bits. She is the cutest little thing, I love everything she posts, and her writing is phenomenal. Ajlkasd; 

korralations: Wow do I love Grace. Her writing is amazing, I’ve cried over it many times,  and she is extremely quality. Everything she posts is flawless. ♥

korraobssesed: Miira is absolutely adorable. She’s kind and amazing, and I can’t even begin to explain how much I love her blog. 

lieutenanthavoc: Oh gosh, I love Tristan. She’s hilarious, runs a quality blog, and is just an awesome person. ♥

lieutenant-riza: I love Luh’s blog to bits. Everything she posts is just wonderful, and she seems like such an awesome person, too!

lieutenantriza: Oh my god. Wow. Here we go. …I love Jess. I don’t even think she understands how much I admire her as a person. I can’t even begin to explain. We can relate to so many things, and she is really an inspiring person. She's gorgeous, adorable and talented…and I have literally cried over how wonderful she really is, and how far she’s come. She’s absolutely amazing.

lionhearted-hawk: Kas. I adore Kas. She is extremely friendly from what I’ve seen, and she’s a wonderful writer. She’s also awesome at making graphics, and I’m in absolute love with her other blog as well. She’s just…adja;‘dkas; 

makorrafanatics: Lelis is adorable. I’ve talked to her a few times, and she is very nice. I love her blog!

makos-lightningrod: Such a quality blog. I love every gif and AU, as well as every single other thing they post. ♥

masterarrowhead: I love Madi and her art. She has the most adorable art style, and she is very talented at that as well as singing. She’s adorable, and seems like such a kind person, too!

meggannn: Megan runs such a quality blog, and seems like a wonderful person. Everything she posts is just amazing really, and I come onto her blog literally all the time. 

oh-the-linsanity: Lynn is just…ajd’;l;ksa. She seems extremely friendly, and she is an extremely talented writer. ♥

omako: Oh Ryan. He is adorable, and a wonderful artist!

pandalove4realz: Oh my god, I love Sophia. She is too cute, and she is extremely friendly. ♥

pencilpaperpassion: Eqra is a sweetheart! I remember talking to her a bit when I first joined Tumblr, and she was just adorable. She’s an amazing artist, and I hope she continues drawing and improving. 

piinkuhimutsu: Oh Dea. She is absolutely wonderful and adorable. She’s an amazing cosplayer, hilarious, and just an awesome person. I’ve been meaning to send her an extremely long fanmail, which I’ll probably get around to when I’m not feeling so lazy >.<

☯ pinkaffinity: I love this blog. Their writing is just amazing, and they seem like such a hilarious and friendly person! ♥

pinkelastic: Jade is lovely. She’s kind, adorable, and an amazing roleplayer. I just love her. 

pumpkinpie89: Amy runs a beautiful blog, and she seems to be beautiful herself. She’s kind, has firm opinions, and is amazing at making AMVs. ♥

rizahawki: Vanessa. I’m in love with her and her blog. She’s adorable, posts literally the best things, and makes incredible graphics. She’s funny, and seems so friendly and…♥

rriza: Megan. She. She is too cute. She’s wonderful to talk to, and she’s extremely kind. We’re gonna become voice actors and meet each other one day ♥

sa-chi: Sachie is so freaking adorable. She’s a lovely person, amazing cosplayer, and she seems so nice too! 

sherbeeee: Oh gosh. Hayley is hilarious. She’s an amazing artist, and she seems like an awesome person to talk to, too. ♥

shiroshitsuji: Taylor is adorable. She is funny, pretty, and has an awesome sense of humor. I kind of admire her blog like a crazy person. 

sifuaang: Aang! If it wasn’t for him, I probably would have never made my Tumblr in the first place! He’s funny, caring, and has one of the most quality blogs. ♥

sifumakorra: I love Mia. She’s very friendly, and just hilarious. Asajkdl;’

solo-forever: Megan is just too cute. She’s funny, a wonderful cosplayer, and just a lovely person. ♥

stumblingphrases: Oh gosh, I love Kira. As much as she makes me sob with her extraordinary writing. She seems like a wonderful person to get to know, and has an extremely quality blog. ♥ 

team-avatar-legend: Tati is a little sweetie. She’s always so open and friendly and is just adorable!

tiggyloo: Phoebe! She’s adorable, kind, and a wonderful writer! ♥

tyrannosaurusexed: I love Laura. She is beautiful, inside and out, and sometimes I wish she would acknowledge that. She’s a lovely person and wonderful to talk to! 

unlimitedobsessions: Maggie is adorable. She seems like such an awesome person, and I love her blog to pieces. ♥

violettay: Ugh Taylor. She is gorgeous, talented, and very down to earth. I love talking to her; she is just wonderful.

viria: Oh gosh I love Viria. Her art is my favorite, she’s extremely talented, and she seems like a wonderful person! 

warriorofxing: I just started following Jen a few days ago, but I have been meaning to follow her for the longest time. She is just ajdls;ak'a, she seems so friendly, and runs a quality blog that I adore! ♥

water-tribe-korra: Zuzu is too cute. She’s funny, and an amazing Korra roleplayer! She’s just wonderful. 

wwinrys: Another blog I’ve been meaning to follow for a while, but just started to! She seems like such an amazing person to get to know, and she seems hilarious as well! I love everything she posts. ♥

yoruichigo: Olivia is lovely. She’s hilarious, and I adore everything she puts on her blog. Ajasd'lksal; I love her. 

Now although I may have repeated myself a lot, I hope you know how much I love each and every one of you. You are all very special to me, and I hope that doesn’t sound too creepy, because it’s true. I love you all.

…And even though I’m nothing special; I know I’m not quality, I know I sound annoying, but…I honestly would love to be friends with all of you. Or at least some of you. You’re all incredible. 

And I hope you continue being your awesome selves.

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1) What if I licked cookie off of your face?

I’m not sure you could, because I’m pretty sure I’d be licking cookie off my face if it was on there.

2) Did you understand question number one?

Was it a reference?

3) Would you like for someone to lick cookie off of your face?

I suppose it depends where on my face.

4) What if there was cookie on your booty that needed to be licked off?


5) What if there were no cookies ever anywhere?

I would resort to cupcakes and muffins.

6) Do you like cookies?

Yes, I do indeed.

7) Do cookies please you?

Yes, they do indeed.


you’re just another set of bones to lay to rest

9) Can I have a cookie?



10) Do you want a cookie?



1. Do you like Pierce the Veil?

2. What manga are you reading? 

3. What anime are you watching?

4. Name a few of your OTPs?

5. Have you played Mother 3 before?

6. Do you like to draw?

7. If you like to draw, what do you draw?

8. Alphonse Elric or Edward Elric?

9. Are you a nerdfighter?

10. Are you a beardlover?