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1. What is your first language?


2. Are you afraid to talk about your personal beliefs/thoughts/opinions on tumblr for fear of getting hate?

Nope. Not at all. I was thinking of making another text post about one soon, actually.

3. What was the last beverage you drank?

Root beer.

4. Are you satisfied with how you spent 2012?

I guess? It definitely could have been spent better but I read a ton of books and manga and consumed media and hung out with friends so I think for me, it was pretty well spent.

5. What do you want to do when you grow up?

I want to be a statistician. 

6. Do you speak with any sort of accent?

I speak with a Hoosier accent, because that’s where it’s from. Of course, I wouldn’t consider it an accent, because that’s what I’ve heard most of my life. I guess everyone thinks that way, be they British, Indian, something else.

7. Have you ever met anyone famous?

I met Bob Sanders from the Colts a few years ago. That’s it, really.

8. Are you a right-brained person or a left-brained person? (Left-brained meaning you’re a logical person, good at math and science and that sort of thing; Right-brained meaning you’re a creative person, good at art and whatnot).

Both, but probably leaning towards the left. I’m not really a good artist but I still draw and stuff but I’m pretty good at math and science, I think.

9. Right-handed or left-handed?

Right handed.

10. If you could be a plant, what would you be?


11. Who is your favorite voice actor?

I don’t really watch that much anime/tv anymore so the only ones I can name are Vic Mignogna and Dante Basco (I think I spelled Vic’s name wrong). So I guess Vic because of that one picture of him falling into Pride, and he’s a good VA in general.

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10. Reading Homestuck?

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