lionhearted lamb

Okay but I really actually like the idea that maybe Lionheart and Bellwhether grew up together? Like we’re friends since childhood and he’s always had a crush on her. But as they got older he became more popular and she despised how everyone always overlooked her in his favor, and she grew to have great disdain for him, even though he still was crushing on her.

And when they’re even older he’s just simply too busy and by that point she’s been bullied and pushed around by other predators so much, always his friends or his staff, and he’s just done nothing/never really noticed, so she thinks he doesn’t appreciate her either. And so when he finds out she was the mastermind behind everything he’s shocked, scared, impressed, but also upset because he still treasures her and she just has no idea and she loathes him.

But maybe like as kids she always used to encourage him when he was scared to try out for anything until he got too confident and just abused the privilege of her presence in their friendship….ya know?

But I think it’d be unrequited.