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I got 2 20rd Mec Gar magazines for Smith & Wesson 59 series from Cheaper than Dirt in the mail today. They are for my Lionheart LH9 MKII which is based on Korean K5 service pistol. The K5 is closely modeled at least internally on the S&W 59 so the magazines are compatible. So far they are functioning well. I’ll keep you posted.


A few months ago I picked up a well used Safariland 6285 for an S&W 5906. My Lionheart LH9 fits perfectly. I took a leg strap off of a SL6004 I had laying around using a tutorial from ITS Tactical’s how to forum. I did it to get rid of the “flip” I was getting on the draw. I’m curious if Safariland’s holster for a 5906tsw would allow me to run a light. I think there might be too much of a difference between the two platforms for me to get that lucky. I’m very happy with my LH9 so far and being able to use magazines and at least one holster for the S&W 59 series is an added benefit. #lionheartindustries #safarilandholster #mecgarmagazines #itstactical #s&w5906 #reuse #recycle