can Bellarke fans please stop acting like any harm/injury/death of Bellamy or Clarke would affect Bellamy or Clarke more than anyone else?

Clarke’s mother is down there. As much as Bellamy loves Clarke, he does not love her more than Abby does. Clarke’s death would definitely be more devastating to Abby than to Bellamy, especially when you consider that Abby has also lost her husband and Clarke is her only child. 

As much as I’m not Octavia’s (ungrateful) biggest fan she does still love Bellamy. Bellamy has always been her constant. He was literally her everything (save Aurora) for 16 years of her life. If you think Bellamy’s death wouldn’t ruin her more than it would Clarke, you’re wrong.


#let’s take a moment or two to talk about this scene #here you can see baby fili #who’s unarmed, outnumbered and half the size of the orcs #thROWING HIMSELF AT THIS MOTHERFUCKER #the most foolish and bravest thing he’s done in the movies #he was gonna fight these assholes on his own #WHILST HIS BROTHER WAS DYING #he knows he has no chance #but he refuses to give up without putting up a fight #becAUSE HE HAS TO PROTECT HIS BROTHER



Early on I didn’t know where to put Asst. Mayor Belleweather’s desk. So I placed it right outside the mayor’s office in a very insignificant corner. Then it was decided to put her in her own office - the Maintenance Room :) Every now and then, I’ll plot my layout by building a simple mock up in Sketch Up.

Not a Princess and Her Knight

Ya’ll can stop with that whole “Brave Princess and her Loyal Knight” and even the “Rebel King and Brave Princess” (because a princess and a king are not equals) now.

This show has been demolishing that idea the whole season, giving Bellamy the opening voiceover, and making their separate hero’s journeys this season parallel each other to the extreme. 

They then verbalized it for us with Raven’s statement to Bellamy in Nevermore about him placing Clarke over Gina mockingly.

And then in the finale they threw a literal wrecking ball at it:

(credit to @sithkylor)

Clarke sat on the throne the entire episode, they made it seem as if Clarke was in the ultimate power position. But look who helped her up. It wasn’t Abby, who was sitting right next to her for the longest time, it wasn’t Murphy who she spoke to. They had Clarke wait for Bellamy to come over and help her stand (because sitting on the throne alone made her weak (metaphorically).

And then, they moved the itty bitty little pieces of that horrible “Princess and Knight” trope right into the trash where it always belonged with this wide shot:

(GIF credit @geckoskatie)

They are standing together. Side by side. Both of them in front of the throne. Because they lead together. Because they are equals. Because together is literally their catchphrase at this point.  Look how much stronger she looks standing together with Bellamy. 

There is no more “Princess and Knight”, no more “King and Princess”, “President and General”, no more “Enforcer” for Bellamy, there isn’t even any more “Clarke is actually the leader on this show and Bellamy just follows along.” 

They are equals and they will lead their people together and I am so ready!

i am so blinded by my love for thor that i basically spent all of aou waiting for him to say literally anything. he could have just said something like “tax benefits” and i would be like “yasssss son u so wise keep slayin !!!!! “


Free to use warrior cat icons I have created! I will do more. These are the first series only so far.

If you use it somewhere please credit me!

Characters are:

Silverstream, Cinderpelt, Lionheart

Brightheart, Redtail

Whitestorm, Graystripe

Scourge, Longtail, Tigerclaw/star

yellowfang, Spottedleaf, Sandstorm,

Fireheart/star, Bluestar, Ravenpaw


these are purposely exaggerated because it’s funny

So I watched Zootopia today and every time this guy was on screen 

I heard this guy

OK, but this is so relevant though:

All season we have seen our little core group of delinquents falling apart, sinking further into their depression, their PTSD, their grief. Running from their responsibilities, acting recklessly because of their trauma, taking (figurative and literal) drugs to forget. But what happens as soon as they are all back together? They begin to heal. 

It is shown to us both literally: Clarke and Bellamy bandaging each other’s wounds-both emotionally and physically, for example, Clarke setting Raven’s broken arm and re-wrapping her wrist, Raven being pulled out of the CoL by her friends, and figuratively: Jasper was broken at the beginning of this episode, angry and sad, but we see him beginning to forgive Clarke at the end of this episode. Octavia choosing to stay with the delinquents and looking to Monty and Bellamy (both people who she has told she was leaving, who don’t want her to) when she says the above line.

Clarke smiled this episode for the first time in a while and both she and Bellamy were snarking at each other just like old times. Monty killed his mother (and only remaining parent) and we will surely see some aftereffects of this, but he was strong because he knew he needed to help Raven and because he had his friends. 

“Love is weakness.” Sure to an AI it is, you could see ALIE watching with interest when Raven picked at exactly the right wounds and scabs to hurt her friends. And the biggest reactions always came after she mentioned someone they loved deeply (Clarke-her dad, Jasper-Maya, Bellamy-Gina (honorable mention Clarke).   Love is the key to ending ALIE. Love is the key to ending the CoL. Because computers can’t understand what it is to love and what humans will do for the people they love. 

Love is what broke Raven out of the CoL tonight. Because the delinquents are family. Because the delinquents love each other.  Love is the key. 

P.S. (Coincidentally-Kane has already told us this season Bellamy is the key. Foreshadowing?)