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RIGHT QUESTION. 6 years is a loooong time for them to be separated. I still believe in Bellarke, but I have to imagine dynamics will have changed by then, personalities, all that kind of stuff. Do you think they'll ever be the same towards each other? Do you think it hinders the story, shipper goggles or no? Curious to hear your thoughts!

Their dynamics (although probably not their personalities) will absolutely change, in fact it’s already begun. We see Bellamy stepping into Clarke’s shoes in the finale as more of the “head” than the “heart” that he normally is. 

When we see Clarke 6 years in the future, she has a child and she’s more emotionally open than we’ve ever seen her before (the confessions on the radio) we’ve never seen or heard Clarke be as emotionally vulnerable as she was in that moment. 

Taking care of a child, most likely on her own, for 5-6 years (meaning she found this girl when she was 7 or 8 years old, has softened Clarke. 

I wouldn’t be surprised if Clarke’s relationship with Madi is meant to…serve as a parallel for Bellamy’s relationship with Octavia (when they were on the Ark and Bellamy basically served as Octavia’s father.)

However, I don’t imagine that a child will cause serious issues between Bellamy and Clarke, in fact, this would be one more thing that they have in common!

Also, I’m going to be honest because I see a lot of people worrying about the length of time Bellarke will be apart (longer than they ever spent together) but, and maybe this is just me, I am closer to a group of women that I met in January of this year (I literally talk to them everyday) than I am to people I have known my entire life and even some of my family members. We’ve visited each other at our homes, send each other birthday gifts and our even planning a Disney World trip for May of next year and all because we originally had one thing in common (we love The 100). 

Bellamy and Clarke’s relationship was forged in fire. The experiences they’ve shared…those aren’t normal. You don’t led a group of people together, save each other’s lives multiple times, take lives together, etc et. al and then have that suddenly erased simply because you spent years believing the other to be dead.

In fact, put yourself in the position of believing someone you loved was dead. And then, unfathomably, after years, you find that they are alive and healthy. Do you think you wouldn’t be overjoyed? Wouldn’t want to spend time catching up on everything that you’d missed? Wouldn’t want to….surround yourself with them?

There is no way that Bellamy and Clarke, upon discovering that they are alive, won’t finally make a go of it. 

I don’t think this separation hinders Bellarke at all, I think they very clearly set up romantic Bellarke in 4x13 and they are going to shoot us to canon-dom in S5.


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Characters are:

Silverstream, Cinderpelt, Lionheart

Brightheart, Redtail

Whitestorm, Graystripe

Scourge, Longtail, Tigerclaw/star

yellowfang, Spottedleaf, Sandstorm,

Fireheart/star, Bluestar, Ravenpaw


these are purposely exaggerated because it’s funny

RWBY thing I thought about....

Ozpin, Ironwood, Lionheart

Wizard of Oz, Tin Man, Cowardly Lion


Edit: I’ve been having people think I’m dumb for things like putting Ozpin on this post (Ozpin = Wizard of Oz is obvious), leaving out Glynda, etc. The point was Lionheart as the Cowardly Lion. I just added Oz and Ironwood to the list as other examples. :)