Banish the bowl!
Goldfish can’t thrive or survive in a bowl. Let’s spread the word and educate everyone.
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I love this pokemon subspecies meme to the moon and back

Goldeen Variations

Reef Goldeen - Goldeen that have moved from rivers and lakes to coral reefs such as those found in Hoenn and the Orange Islands. Their long and narrow horn is more movable than other subspecies which allow them to swiftly drill through rocks on the seafloor to make their nests which they sometimes share with reef-dwelling Huntail.  (Based on Sea Goldies)

Enteihead Goldeen - Goldeen bred carefully for centuries in the hot springs of Ecruteak City monks that sought to breed pokemon that resembled the legendary beast, Entei. The breed has large head growths and a jagged dorsal fin reminiscent of the legendary beast’s back spikes as well as the ability to create large amounts of scalding hot water for their attacks. (Based on Lionhead Goldfish and Oranda Goldfish)

Bubble-eye Goldeen - Goldeen bred to have extra fluid space for water-type attacks. However, at the expense of having more firepower, these fluid-filled sacs are very fragile and easy to attack as well as heavy on the body of the pokemon, slowing it down. Because of this, this breed is more commonly used in contests. (Based on Bubble Eye Goldfish)