lionhead lop


The Lionhead rabbit has a wool mane encircling the head, reminiscent of a male lion, hence the name. Other characteristic traits of the Lionhead include a high head mount, compact upright body type, short well-furred 2" - 3" ears, and weigh usually between 2 ½ pounds but no more than 3 ¾ pounds. Typically, the mane is thick, woolly and soft with evident “crimping”. Depending on the number of genes a Lionhead gets from each parent, it can have a double mane (two mane genes) or a single mane (one mane gene). Single mane Lionhead rabbits only have one copy of the mane gene. These Lionheads typically do not hold a mane for their entire lifetime. They have a mane that can be around its head, ears, chin and sometimes on the chest and rump. The mane may be wispy and thin and may disappear on some rabbits altogether as they mature. Double maned Lionheads have two copies of the mane gene. They typically have a thick mane of wool encircling the head and sometimes have wool on their flanks that some refer to as a “skirt.” Lionhead rabbits have outgoing personalities and are a popular pet in the United States.

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I decided to try get another line up picture………….

It was a bit of a fail i’m afraid but all the bunnies are in it at least :D

Too much space for them to escape from me. 

Chelsea’s Rabbit Warren


I’ve seen a lot of people doing Pokémon Variations and wanted to give it a shot… by taking it one step further.

I drew different “breeds” of Bunnelby, all based of real rabbit breeds (plus he original) But I also drew a collection of rabbit markings:3

All the markings are based of real rabbits, but I took some artistic liberty…for instance the “bottom color” on most of these should be white… I made them grey, since Bunnelby is grey. 

I also cannot guarantee that all these breeds come in these colors:p I know lop comes in most of them (I have yet to see Dutch rabbit that isn’t actually a purebred Dutch… Vienna markings do not count.) 

Breed notes:
- The rex Bunnelby has curled whiskers, their fur is also a lot softer than most. 
- Lionheads can come in both single maned (pictured) or double-maned which has a “skirt” of fur around its feet. 
- Being a popular breed the lop comes in many sizes and has been interbred with many other breeds, so they may also get a lionhead-mane, soft rex-fur or extremely long fur like the angora. 
- If broken looks random to you that’s because it is. Broken is a mismarked caped or checkered and may have just a few spots on the back or nearly a full cape. 
- Harlequin can be mixed with any of the other markings pictured above (except the pure white ones), resulting in a tricolored Bunnelby. 
- Breeding a blue-eyed white with any differently colored Bunnelby may create “vienna markings”. These come in the shape of random white spots on the body. It could be simply one spot on the nose or feet, or cover the Pokémon so much it resembles a dutch. Vienna marked rabbits may also have blue eyes, occasionally even one blue eye and one brown. 

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