Day 7 of The Seven Days of Other-People’s-OCs Drawing!

This is Clarence, a character of Jamie/Lionettea (Tumblr at A long time ago this person gave me some great, detailed, hand-made advice, back when I was even more of a novice, and I still appreciate it now! Clarence has a wonderfully goofy design that I like a bunch - everything he does is really expressive. I made him look perhaps more sinister than usual, haha

And that wraps up that little week-long special. People seemed to enjoy their presents and I’m really happy for that! Trying to draw all these unique characters definitely pushed my comfort zone a bit, and while it was a challenge it was still worth it in the end, I think. Happy holidays, everyone!

somehow instead of doing anything i was supposed to do i accidentally started drawing myself from recent situations? 

i ordered a book on gemstones and i think i frightened my roommates by how excited i was when it got to my apartment

speaking of weirding people out i was at a rock show and there was this stand that sold “rock people” for 50 cents and i stood there for probably ten minutes deciding which rock people best represents my family and the guy selling them looked sooo done

(south dakota is next to tennessee, right?)


Hey everyone!! I’m opening up commissions again for the Holiday Season! Who doesn’t need some extra cash around the holidays? Treat yourself to a sweet commission done by me! Or even better, give a commission as a gift to someone else! Prices are as listed, but if there’s something you aren’t sure about, contact me and we can haggle. I always put lots of love and hours of my time into everything that I do, so I can guarantee it would be worth your while! (And I’d really appreciate it haha..) 

Thank you guys so much for everything! Even if you can’t buy one, signal boosting would be lovely!! Thanks so much my darling friends.

Contact me at if you are interesting!

anonymous asked:

I really like your mother 3 art like no really im obsessed it's the best do some more brotherly love and touchy-feely stuff keep up the great work have a nice day

awwww thank you so much, these kinds of notes totally make my day!!!!!!! i will definitely be drawing more in the future (they’re my go-to faces to doodle lately) plus i’m working on my pkzine entry so once that’s up expect a lot more mother 3!