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Mouse was nearly named “Ripper” instead, but as the scene played out Mouse made more sense. I also wanted something that would be a callback to her fathers, like her weapons.

She picked up on Roadhog saying, “Probably just a mouse,” when the junkers first found her. In stature she’s on the short side (now put her next to the junkers…very small) and just like rats, mice are strong, intelligent, resourceful, and adaptable.

In the next installment she’ll also have a companion, and more about Spitfire, the state of Australia, and some familiar characters will be revealed!

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This blog is incredible. Any chance you might look at the most recent redesigns Tamora Pierce's Song of Lioness series? I have Opinions on them, but they're also strongly tinged by outrage that they dared to change the design from the version I had growing up.


In some ways, this is a perfect follow-up post to my Earthsea tirade: another classic fantasy series that has been graced with some distinctly vintage #looks. In fact, it’s really worth going over some of the old designs before we get to the new one, so let’s explore.

FIRST UP we have some charming vintage covers! (i was too lazy to date all these so idk circa what year). These seem to have been pretty widespread, so it may be what you’re referring to re the style you grew up with, asker? Anyway, these are adorable. Do I take them seriously? Not really, the style is mad dated, but who cares. They’re super fun, and the illustrations are exciting and colorful and very specific to actual elements in the story. As a kid I would have eaten that shit up, and in the 90s, I’m sure this was the height of fantasy book design.

NEXT. (and I’m sorry they’ve been cropped on the sides, but I think we get the idea) (in case it was unclear I just rip these from google, I don’t compile all these images myself LMAO) I’m generally not a fan of ‘boxed in illustration w very simple type below/above it’: It’s boring, design-wise, though it’s also inoffensive and hard to fuck up. But the illustrations are really lovely and vivid; I love how scrappy Alanna looks and how we get a real sense of peril and drama and grit without literally making everything dark, or sapping it of its whimsy.

TIME FOR SOME TRULY HEINOUS ONES. These beauties below, where Alanna is being really chill about clearly having been set on fire and is also apparently living in a post apocalyptic wasteland, came out in 2010, aka the height of the paranormal YA romance craze.

You can’t tell at all, obviously.

Nope, no influence here. Bella Alanna looks totally normal with absurd photoshopped lighting/effects and her two brooding love interests who would never be mistaken for vampires. (fun fact, when you google image search “song of the lioness new covers” half the results are this single image, because the internet has devoted a LOT of blog space to going WTF at it over the years. but seriously, wtf is that shirt she’s wearing?)

And we have these, where they couldn’t be assed to do more than one illustration, or to…. put…. a shirt on her? even though she’s wearing a cloak? Where did the rest of her hair go? Shouldn’t we be seeing an indication of boobs, with that much of her chest exposed? It’s been a long time since I read these so correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t her Magic Necklace for contraceptive purposes? Is that the thing we want to devote an entire book cover to? Whatever its purpose, why does it look like that? At least the twilight covers still had alanna holding swords on them rather than inexplicable quasi-nudity.

Also, this is the collected edition that I read when I was like 13, and I am biased, but I think it’s the best:

it captures the bright, kitschy, vintage-illustration feeling of a lot of the old covers without actually being kitschy or vintage. It has the upbeat cool-lady-knight-on-an-fun-adventure vibe that the Twilight covers are missing. The type knows what’s up and is chilling, letting the illustration do its thing while still being integrated w it. 10/10.

There are tons of others, but I think that’s sufficient context, so let’s look at the new-new covers:


Usually I’m pro-abstraction and anti-putting the characters on the cover, because that tends to be the obvious, unimaginative solution. However, unlike my feelings about the Earthsea books, I think making the the Lioness series appeal to children is actually a worthwhile endeavor, and to that end, I think it’s kind of a shame to lose the imagery of Alanna herself swinging swords around, which really does have a unique appeal. Especially since the first book is literally ALANNA: THE FIRST ADVENTURE. You’re being sold on the character as much as the story.

But for what we have, I…. almost like it? All the text is really well-balanced, to harken again back to the Earthsea conversion on Series Title Vs Actual Title, and the intricate framed woodwork thing with different color schemes as an overarching structure is working for me. The detailing is worth looking at up-close:

But up close we also notice my Problem which is the fact that these objects are photomanips, instead of illustrations. It might be argued that this is a matter of taste/ preference, but here, I don’t think it is; I think illustration was a real opportunity to be stylistically interesting/integrated with the rest of the cover and it was wasted on…. this subpar photograph of a horse.

Publishers seem to shy away from illustration on YA fantasy covers. I’m not sure why: we get plenty of trendy (mostly simplified or abstracted) illustration on YA contemp, Illustration has always been a major mainstay of middle grade covers, and art a la Uprooted/any Gregory Maguire book or the ADSOM series is sort of a Thing for adult fantasy right now, but YA fantasy is having a moment with typographically-driven covers, and, eternally, an ugly affair with photomanip. I can’t say for sure that the designers of these Lioness covers were “aiming YA” but…. Subpar Photograph of a Horse is making me think they are, or are at least taking cues from that genre. Anyway, that’s kind of a tangent but it is A Bummer Generally.

Of the four images, the shield is working the best and the cat is working the worst. They’re not terrible by any means, but they’re awfully generic-feeling, and lack any particular sense of depth or dynamism. Overall, this is one of those times where my critiques leave the realm of Concrete Terms and Measurable Inadequacies into something more ephemeral, but I feel like Lioness series covers, at their best, encapsulate a whimsy and a warmth that these just…. lack, even though I don’t really have any major fights to pick with the design. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Rules: List my favorite characters from 10 different fandoms, and then tag 10 people.

this is gonna be difficult and ur gonna hear of some weird fandoms i used to be in but here we go.

1. Hiccup from HTTYD of course (always my number 1)
2. Rick from Rick and Morty (WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB)
3. Adrien from Miraculous Ladybug
4. Marco Diaz from SvtFoE
5. Tidus from Final Fantasy x
6. Spyro from The legend of Spyro games
7. Damon from The Vampire Diaries (Hotness overload)
8. Alanna from Song of the Lioness series by Tamora Pierce
9. Bloom from Winx Club (childhood fave forever in my heart)
10. Gwen from Total Drama Island

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Okay so, I’ve been watching the Kimba animated series (the 89 one) and I’ve watched the Jungle Emperor Leo movie like 300000 times in the past twenty four hours and I can’t help but notice that Lyra is the only lioness with these markings and fur on her face. It looks like she has extra fur on her head too, though not a lot, but more than the other lionesses in the series.

In lions it’s possible for a lioness to be born with the ability to grow a mane, like a male lion would. They often aren’t as big and impressive, but they’re still present.

So this got me thinking. What if Lyra is a maned lioness? Sure, she’s only got a bit of a mane, but it’s still there. It would explain the color and extra fur on her head, and it’s not like any of the other lionesses show this trait. It’s a rare condition after all. Looks like Kimba/Leo isn’t the only special lion out there.

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Rules: list 10 favorite characters from 10 fictional works and tag 10 people

1. Matt Boyd (aftg)
2 Nikolai lantsov (the Grisha trilogy)
3. Feyre ( acotar)
4. Juliette (shatter me)
5. Gansey (trc)
6. Shane Collins (morganville vampires)
7. Oliver wood ( Harry potter)
8. Neil Josten (aftg)
9. Allison Reynolds (aftg)
10. Alanna ( song of the lioness series)
+ George (song of the lioness)

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Ask meme: 13, 15, 20

13. inside or outdoors?

Inside, with a book and tasty food. I am a creature who appreciates comforts. Nature is rarely comfortable.

15. five most influential books over your lifetime.

  1. Prydain series by Lloyd Alexander (THAT COUNTS AS ONE) because it’s the one that got me interested in reading
  2. Song of the Lioness series by Tamora Pierce (SEE ABOVE) because it’s the one that got me interested in writing, or at least coming up with stories
  3. Night by Elie Wiesel (high school) because it was so unsentimental and made me think seriously about the use of writing at all
  4. The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera (college) shaped my ideas around relationships, for better or worse
  5. The Hours by Michael Cunningham (adult) Maybe the first book I read to deal intimately with suicidal ideation? Which was comforting because the people who lived and died weren’t always the ones you expected.

20. would you rather be in Middle Earth, Narnia, Hogwarts, or somewhere else?

Augh, none of these places! So much war and confusion I just want tea and hot showers and a cozy bed. If I had to stack rank them, Hogwarts first, hopefully not during Voldemort troubles; then Narnia, hopefully not during whatever goes on over there; and Middle Earth last because I’d end up eaten or stabbed or both and who knows in what order. 

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Do you have any teen fantasy book suggestions?


YA High Fantasy

Adult Fantasy

These books are adult, but are often enjoyed by YA readers, such as myself!

YA Paranormal/General Fantasy

Shout out to beckisbookshelf for naming me a Goddess of Fantasy xD