african lion Wildlands Emmen BB2A6756 by safi kok
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the tail is a great toy for cubs to play with


african lion Wildlands JN6A0219 by safi kok


african lion Emmen BB2A2130 by safi kok


African male lion cub - Olmense Zoo by Mandenno Photography

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Y'know, the style of your sona reminds me of the art style they use in lion king. By any chance is that where you got the inspiration? Or is it just a coincidence?

Well, The Lion King was the first fandom I ever participated in, and Jass was the first OC I’ve made for RPing. They were originally a white lioncub, and the hair tuft comes from a bad attempt to use Simba as reference :D

I never did learn how to draw in TLK style well tho…

Well-met! LIKE OR REBLOG if you’re interested in interacting with a giant armored lioncub manchild known as King Arthur???? MAYBE??? Like, who gave this dude a sword? He eats with his hands and has poor taste in women. Looking at you, Lady of the Lake. Anyways, hit the heart and I’ll come check you out. Feel free to throw a turkey leg at his head also it will make me laugh

21+, multiverse and selective ship, crossover / AU / OC  friendly. My name is Mint! I swear I’m a real roleplayer and I have an actual promo happening.


My livestream-piece.

Brienne with a lioncub, because I am so fucking predictable ;P

Anyhoo, the first drawing is a result of this palette challenge which is too fun for words!

The second is the outline only (in case anybody wants to colour it) - I do wanna recolour it with more ‘correct’ colours, I just have to figure out which and how and etc.


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CUB ATTACK! New video here: #Savelions


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