Little Lion

Being himself, Alexander Hamilton was equally terrible at sleep, as he was at equally terrible at maintaining friendships with, well, pretty much anyone.

He found himself sound asleep at his desk, during break.

That’s when the soft white noise of passerbys was hushed by an intruding 6 foot tall asshole who had entered, completely smug.

Hours earlier, Thomas Jefferson was preening himself in front of Alexander, being entirely bothersome in the Puerto Rican’s eyes by throwing back his dark curls flush against his smooth lean skin, dark eyes slowly opening as he made eye contact, letting a cocky smile reach his lips.

Surely as he did, Alexander, briefly effected by such flirtatious mannerisms, rose from his chair, leaving the room as quickly as he had came, not bothering to pick up his fallen papers that were littered with messy cursive scrawls of thought.

Thomas slowly strided forward, the soft sunbeam rolling through the window- kissing his eyes and in a blinding worry, he covered his eyes, blinking rapidly, only to see Alexander was sound asleep. Disappointed in himself, he began to turn heel, till slowly a flashing light piqued his attention. Drawing close, he picked it up…

“Little lion,” The text began, an annoying mass of heart emojis added afterwards, “did you bother to rest last night?”

Thomas quickly recognized that manner of speaking. Gilbert.

His brows rose at the nickname, reading it over again and again until the phone darkened and fell asleep like its’- abrasive- owner. “Little lion, eh?” Thomas crowed, voice dripping with amusement, his hands slowly resting at his sides, Alexander’s phone in his pocket.

Thomas took a few steps forward, soft hands prodding against Alexander’s creased t-shirt, before pressing against his rough sun-kissed cheek, thumb languidly rolling circular designs. “Little lion,” He repeated, slower, breathier, slowly bending his knees, eyes hooded. “You deem yourself as such, but try not to flatter yourself too much and lie.”

Alexander’s face twitched in mild annoyance, eyebrows furrowing slightly as he began to frown in his sleep.

“Little kitten, more like…”


hogwarts sorting quiz

what’s your favorite color

A) red
B) blue
C) yellow
D) green

what’s your favorite animal

A) lion
B) eagle
C) badger
D) snake

what’s your favorite thing to do

A) be brave
B) school
C) idk
D) evil