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I just bought The Legacy Collection: The Lion King CD from Amazon the other day, and all I can say is holy shit. Here’s the thing, the scant instrumental offerings from the OST were already fucking amazing (This Land is my favorite), but there were only 4 tracks and you had a total of maybe 15 minutes of music, if you’re being generous. But this new CD? Oh my gosh, you get like an hour of instrumentals; it’s pretty much the entire movie’s score, wrapped up neatly with the songs from the movie (they even included Timon and Pumbaa’s hula number). This song is my favorite at the moment. The Mufasa music, oh man it kills me.


Every blind bag has a code printed out on its back, right above the bar code (THEY’RE NOT THE SAME THING!). Unlike the bar code, this code may not be visible at all times, since it is quite faded.

Each figure has a number associated to it - the two last digits of this faded printed code are what identify the figure. Here is the list of numbers and the matching figure:

01 — Battle Kion
02 — (Regular) Kion
03 — Beshte
04 — Bunga
05 — Ono
06 — Fuli
07 — Janja
08 — Rare golden Kion

This guide was provided by Squeely, a member of the forum My Lion King, and shared, with her permission, in order to help collectors obtain the figure they desire. 
The picture used on this post is from eBay.

Have fun, everyone!


Disney Character figurines made by Mega Wcf.

This figurines are made by Mega WCF and they will start being released around August in Japan! They look adorable and I need all of them, specially Ariel with legs lol Thank you so much to @aimmynmermaid for the news and where to find the pictures!!! Pic credit goes to (Toy is money) facebook page.


A child’s interpretation of the Lion King. Starring Kittens and crayon colored props.

[via thepetcollective]

New ‘Legacy Collection’ coming from Disney! To celebrate the anniversaries of Disney classics Walt Disney Records is releasing a 2 disc set for each movie which will include original music from the movie, unreleased music, and documentaries showing you the magic behind the scenes.

The order of release is as follows
-The Lion King (20th anniversary)- June 24, 2014 
-Mary Poppins (50th anniversary)- August 26, 2014 
-Sleeping Beauty (55th anniversary)-October 7, 2014 
-The Little Mermaid (25th anniversary)- November 17, 2014 
-Fantasia (75th anniversary)- January 3, 2014 
-Pinocchio (75th anniversary)- February 3, 2015 
-Toy Story (20th anniversary)- March 17, 2014 
-Disneyland (60th anniversary)- April 7, 2015 
-Lady and the Tramp (60th anniversary)- May 12, 2015 
-Pocahontas (20th anniversary)- June 23, 2015 
-Aristocrats (45th anniversary)- August 14, 2015 
-Cinderella (65th anniversary)- August 14, 2015