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More Daddy Jacob Headcanon's

Requested by anonymous ! Hope you enjoy my lovely! -And unbelievably I had to cut this list down, so by all means if you guys would like some more daddy Jacob don’t hesitate to tell me ;) and don’t be afraid to be specific as I can do daughter, son, modern AU!, etc.. !!

  • The first time he shows his Rooks his baby he will hold up his newborn for all to see proudly like Simba from the lion king 
  • “Don’t tell mummy about this and daddy will buy you an ice cream." 
  • One ice cream turns into three ice creams 
  • Don’t get the wrong idea only one is for him 
  • His children are manipulative lil shits and you know exactly where they get that from 
  • There is a 100% chance his toddler is being dressed up as a French fry for Halloween 
  • He saw the opportunity and he took it 
  • And from then on Small Frye will forever become a childhood nickname pray for his poor children now 
  • Daughter = daddy’s little princess 
  • I don’t think you understand just how wrapped around her little finger he will be 
  • May God have mercy on any dates she brings home 
  • Jacob will low-key fiddle with his Assassin blade on purpose in front of him 
  • "Oh this old thing? Nothing compared to my other concealed weapons." 
  • Oh yeah and did I mention the not-so-subtle display of all his awards from fight club 
  • Or the evil side eye the poor sod will get the entire time 
  • "Remember! Have a safe time! “Or I will find you.”  
  • But let’s not forget his son alright I can’t even begin to tell you all the shit he would get into with his mini-me 
  • Homemade cherry bombs and fart noises. Everywhere
  • And what would the manchild husband do? Not deliver proper adult reprimanding n o p e 
  • He would retaliate with even better pranks and practical jokes 
  • And be sliding down the stairs with his kids
  • Fondly watching his toddler son try on his hat and pretend to be him
  • Only then for him to may or may not cry as he remembers such a thing the day he hands down his top hat to his young fine man of a son

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is katie a furry or a bird furry whatever the fuck theyre called

katie: listen they’re called avurries, i ran the poll on twitter. emily did you vote?

emily: i don’t think so

katie: where WERE you when i needed you most

emily: katie wants to hook up with the lion from lion king though


emily: also whenever we see a dog you make us stop to point it out


The Black Paladin

Because yesterday I posted it the first time and a friend pointed out–it was missing what some may say is a critical character feature–also the name of a Character in the Lion King… It took a second but after an “Oh SHIPFIZTS!” and twenty minutes of painting in Photoshop, I fixed it. 

Flexing my drawing skills properly for the first time in years really. Last time I did a random sketch page I was 15. Yikes.

Anyway, just trying to take my art more seriously.

In this mess we have two random warrior cats (Aka my childhood. Think the top one is Lionheart…), Rosa from Brooklyn 99, Cosette, Random lion, random leopard and a random coyote/dog…

I learnt to draw from The Lion King so it’s fun to draw like that again. Never forget your roots, kids. 

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OTP ask meme: Ardyn/Ravus? <3

OTP Ask Meme

Appealing my to love for the Ardyn/Ravus ship. You know me well, dear anon~

Which one sexts like a straight white boy?
Probably Ravus. The man doesn’t understand how to be sexy, intentionally at least. Probably doesn’t text much either, for that matter. Instead, Ardyn probably takes initiative, sends Ravus some extremely inappropriate messages and pictures until Ravus has to physically throw his phone aside and sit at his desk in silence as he covers his blushing face.

Which one cried during a fucking disney movie?
Depends on the movie, I think. Both of them try to be stoic, but they probably have that one movie where they just ended up shedding at least a single manly tear. For Ravus, I imagine it would be something like Wall-E or The Fox & The Hound. Those sort of really sad scenario movies. For Ardyn, I picture him probably tearing up a bit during Up or The Lion King. Up because it’s sad and tragic at the very beginning, something he wasn’t expecting, and The Lion King because he just really loves that movie.

Who put a goddamned fork in the microwave?
Okay, that was Ardyn’s fault that time. Ardyn tried to explain to Ravus that it was an accident and his lack of mindfulness of the situation, but Ravus always felt there was another reason behind it. There was. Ardyn just really wanted to see what would happen after Aranea mentioned it to him.

Who does the silly hands-over-the-eyes “Guess who” thing?
Forever and always Ardyn Izunia. It’s hard for Ravus to try that game considering that he has a metal arm and all. But it’s not like Ravus is immature enough to play that game as often as Ardyn does. But Ravus finds a small sense of amusement in Ardyn’s antics, secretly enjoying being greeted by the ‘Guess Who?’ gesture followed by a small kiss on the cheek. The one time Ardyn’s not an annoyance to deal with. Unless Ravus is working, of course.

Who puts their cold hands/feet on their partner?
They both would probably do this to each other equally. Ardyn sneaks into Ravus’s office, stealing an intimate moment with him and ultimately ruins it by sliding his hands up Ravus’s coat and shirt before he promptly presses his deathly cold hands against the high commander’s back. He just grins and holds Ravus closer despite Ravus’s struggling and cursing. Ravus gets him back whenever they share a bed together, calmly doing his thing until he suddenly turns and presses his cold feet again Ardyn’s back. Ardyn jolts and ends up rolling off the bed as he tried to escape from Ravus’s cold feet.

Who had that embarrassing Reality TV marathon?
Well, if Ardyn had one, it would hardly be embarrassing for him. But Ravus is guilty of having his own few Reality TV marathons, enjoying particularly watching the Bachelor and those types of romantic shows as his guilty pleasure after Lunafreya started watching it when Ravus was trying to do some of his work next to her. Ardyn caught Ravus in the middle of it, raising an eyebrow at him before he promptly takes a seat next to Ravus and watches. Ardyn had to admit, he liked those types of shows as well. The manipulation and the scandals were just too good to pass up.

Who laughs more during sex?
If you exclude Ardyn being amused at the fact that Ravus looks so cute when he’s trying to be stoic and grumpy… Yeah, it’s still Ardyn. Like hell Ravus would laugh. Especially not in front of Ardyn unless he gives a soft chuckle or a scoff followed by the faintest smirk. Ardyn’s alright with that though. He doesn’t need a smile or laugh from Ravus to know that he’s damn good at pleasing the high commander.

Ravus. Like hell he’d be the one to hug Ardyn first. But Ardyn doesn’t mind. Like hell that Ardyn would be subjected to being anyone’s little spoon. Because daemon kings shouldn’t have to be the little spoon for anyone!